How to wear party dresses in Autumn

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The seasons have changed and the weather is cooler which means one thing - party season is just around the corner. Whether it's Halloween or Christmas or just a Saturday on the town the season change doesn't mean your party dresses* need hanging up they just need reworking!

Simplybe party dress

Take this gorgeous lace dress from Simplybe a month or so ago I could wear it all on it's own enjoying the summer sunshine in the beer gardens (If you are enjoying a late break in the sun check out my holiday dress ideas). Now instead of hiding it away till next year here's 3 top tips for wearing party dresses in Autumn

[1] Knitwear

If you need a day to night outfit then don't forget your knitwear, a cosy jumper with just the collar of the dress peeking through or a longline cardigan means you can party away till your hearts content as you'll be prepared for the evening chill - make sure your knitwear is cared for correctly there's tons of tips on the George blog*

[2] Tights

Ahhh the saviour of all women's legs everywhere. Haven't had the chance to quite prep your legs as much as you do in the summer? Problem solved hide the fuzz and keep your legs warm at the same time bonus! Definitely invest in some thick wooly tights and just because the seasons changed doesn't mean you can't bring a pop of colour to your outfit. For this dress any colour would work I particularly like a mustard colour very autumn themed

[3] Boots

Finally, top off your newly autumn outfit with a pair of kick ass boots. Ditch those flats and get a chic pair of ankle boots or even knee high leather boots. They're definitely worth the investment as they'll last for years

Following these three simple tips your summer dresses can be transformed to make you Autumn ready

What are you wearing this Autumn?

Alice Megan


Invest in personal development

Thursday, 6 October 2016

I'm 23 now, an actual adult (apparently) which means I have to do real grown up things such as work and clean and cook! Now don't get me wrong I've been working since I was 16 and believe me I've had an eclectic mix of jobs. But I've finally found something I love and it was completely unexpected.

I now work in recruitment and what I love most is that I feel like I'm constantly learning something new. I feel valued and the personal development I'm offered means I'm staying on top of my game the entire time. Working within recruitment I obviously spend the day talking to people about career options and the job market and I've seen the importance (especially after Brexit!) of recruiting the right people but also keeping a hold of the best staff for your company and there's one ridiculously obvious way to do his: Invest in personal development

Personal development at work

It's baffling how few companies in this employers market are actually investing in their new staff with training and development, Penna* believe it's the best way of retaining current staff

I mean think about it? You obviously saw something in the staff you recruited so why not support that talent with opportunities to grow and develop, all it can do is strengthen your company. Not only will it work with existing staff but word will get out about how supportive an organisation you are and what a great place it is to work therefore attracting even more talent to your pool.

If your staff are happy and feel valued you're more likely to retain them too! Meaning your investment in their development will continue rewarding you for years to come.

Do you feel you're company invests in you?
How do you invest in your staff?

Alice Megan


Dining Room Wishlist

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Where did you eat your last meal?
In fact when did you last eat a meal at the dining table together as a family?

It seems the practice of eating together and catching up on everyone's day has become a little redundant with busy work lives, tablets and mobiles taking over. Many people now opt to eat their meals in front of the TV while scrolling on their phones. Despite the fact that eating at the dining table can aid mental health and also weight loss as you're concentrating more on your food.

I've been thinking and when I get my dream home a dining room* will be one of the staple points - somewhere to spend time relaxing after a hard day eating good food.

Dining room wishlist

I have quite a minimalist taste preferring a classic look but with warm touches of decor in the form of lighting/candles

I think the understated style and clean lines of the crockery would work really well with the eclectic light pendant and candles for those cosier evenings spent drinking wine and having a catch up. Perfect for hosting friends for dinner parties

Do you have a dining room? 
How often do you use it? 

If you enjoyed this post why not check out my Bedroom transformation post!

Alice Megan


Enrol your feline into Kitten Kollege

Monday, 26 September 2016

Now I haven't got my title of crazy cat lady by accident. I adore cats and have three boys to prove it (Left to right: Domino, Leo, Casper). My boys were all rescue cats and I've had them all from kittens and spent my time making sure they're really well behaved and it was certainly testing at times

Alice Megan Cat Collage
See look at them! How angelic when they're sleeping right?

Now many people just buy a cat and assume it will be easy! We've all seen the adverts right? about pets being for life. Well it's a very serious decision to get a cat, with an average lifespan of 15-17 years it's a big commitment to make. There are many factors involved such as where to get your cat from and what breed down to more practical questions such as what food or how to litter train your cats. There are lots of cat care tips provided by the RSPCA* which should ensure you're fully kitted up and prepared for your new arrival.

Whiskas* have also just released a collection of Kitten Kollege videos which answer everything you could possibly need to know about getting a kitten and how to get them behaving their best

Plus even if you have cat's already and you think they don't need to enrol into kitty kollege you definitely need to watch the videos just to see all the adorable little pussycats sat in their lecture!

Have you got any cats?
Do they need to go to Kitten Kollege?

Alice Megan


Branston - Make it special!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Branston - it's basically an institution. The pickle is infamous and since 1922 it's been improving many a meal time from the basic cheese sandwich to much more intricate recipes. Everything can be improved with Branston*. What many people may not know is that beyond the original Branston pickle is a delicious range of condiments that can make any meal special

Branston Pickle Range

Branston Rich and Smoky BBQ Sauce

First up is the rich and smoky BBQ sauce, this is exactly what it says! It's a smooth rich BBQ sauce with a really tasty smokiness to it. I found it had less of a sharp bite to usual BBQ sauces and was a much richer alternative.
Recipe idea: BBQ Ribs 

Branston Original Pickle

Original is often best! It's not the nation's favourite by accident and this chunky pickle maintains all its yumminess from over the years from a great mix of pickled vegetables. Perfect accompaniment for a cheese sandwich or something a little more filling
Recipe idea: Cheese and Pickle Pie 

Branston Sweet Chilli Pickle

A delicious alternative to the original pickle is the yummy sweet chilli pickle! It has a similar taste to the original pickle but sweeter and then a real chilli kick
Recipe idea: Sweet chilli chicken salad

Branston Caramelised Onion Chutney 

Chutney as well as Pickle! Branston have you covered on all corners, this is definitely my favourite! It tastes amazing a really strong tangy taste and so versatile
Recipe idea: Bacon, cheese and onion burger

Branston Tomato and Red Pepper Hot Dog Relish

This is the perfect accompaniment for so so many meals! The combination of tomato and red pepper is delicious, it has a real depth of flavour and is very rich. The squeezy bottle makes it great for those social gatherings - sure we can all squeeze one last BBQ in before the weather turns right?
Recipe idea: Pizza hot dogs

What's your favourite?

Alice Megan