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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Why are you so depressed?

What are you so depressed about?

Alright so this one is going to be a little ranty but hey I’m sure my followers would expect nothing less. I’m very vocal about depression, I’ve had it since I was 13 in various forms - sometimes bad days, mostly good but that’s the point really isn’t it? Every day is different and it’s something that will always live with me and every day is a personal fight and battle. I particularly suffer in winter so I'm slowly feeling a little bit more cheery but I digress

So I got chatting to a guy, a guy who i was dated but had let him know it wasn’t going to work, not looking for a relationship ya see being single highly suits me right now. During this chat before it went very sour (lol rejection hurt hun? Diddums) we got talking about how I hadn’t been feeling good and was having a really bad day to which he asked ‘what are you so depressed about your life’s going great’

Well shit. I’m so glad you pointed that out because I was oblivious. Yeh my life’s fucking brilliant at the minute everything seems to be falling into place and larger goals are coming together. But does that mean depression doesn’t rear its ugly head? Quite the opposite actually. Everybody’s journeys different and everybody triggers differently but I find that if I’m on a crazy high of happiness I feel I don’t deserve it and I slump straight back to low

Don’t get me wrong I don’t want sympathy, I don’t need it. I control my depression in many ways I’ve learnt over the years that work for me, because in all honesty one solution doesn’t suit everyone but like hell I'm going to let some random guy question me or my mental health without some serious putting him back in his place (I got blocked - I call that a solid win)

I’ve recently been reviewing an app called Thrive* that aims to help people with depression and anxiety become a little more mindful, provide calming techniques and daily goals to keep on track. In concept I think a lovely idea, and the app is super easy to use with some great ways to make you think about what’s triggered you etc.

It combines lots of different aspects such as breathing techniques, meditation techniques and daily goals that are personalised to you depending on what your triggers are. The app is really user friendly and super pretty.

Personally I didn’t get on with it very well, I found it quite prescriptive and laborious checking in each day for goals etc. But I do think it could work for someone who needs that routine and order and could be really useful

 Depression is an ugly little beast but one I have to embrace with open arms because it’s the only way me and the black dog can become friends and live together in harmony. I’m usually also very understanding of people’s ignorance but hey he must’ve caught me on a bad day whoops!.

How do you cope with your mental health?

Monday, 2 April 2018

Hey it's ok!

While perusing a few blog's I came across a Hey it's ok post and just had to write my own because nostalgia! I remember reading these consistently in Glamour, the very last page and teenage me loving them - turns out adult me has very similar 'hey it's ok' moments so let's roll with it:

If  'spring cleaning' means chucking everything in a cupboard and closing the door

If you've eaten your body weight in chocolate over the easter break

If you'd rather be in bed watching netflix than out living it up over bank holiday

To choose Mcdonalds Monopoly over a bikini body

If you've already decided to start on 'Monday' every Monday of 2018

Clicking remind me tomorrow on all your app updates because you're not ready to commit to that

Saying 'oh we should definitely have a catch up' to a random acquaintance with zero intention of following it up

To talk to your cats - they 100% understand what you're saying

To get the ick when dating someone and every little thing annoys you

To feel like you want to punch a man when he tries to 'mansplain' everything to you GTFO

Leave your hey it's ok's in the comments


Monday, 12 March 2018

101 in 1001 goals

I'm a goal-setter, I always have been. I need the motivation of lists and challenges to keep me on track with goals, that's why I always set New Years Resolutions and do my best to stick to them, but recently while reading Becky Bedbug's blog I came across her posts on 101 in 1001 goals for the Day Zero Project and looking into is a little more - it's a great way of setting longer term goals and aims and seeing how different your life is in a whole 1001 days. It sounded like a bit of me and I've been working on my list and here we are!

I'm hoping to give regular updates on this one as my 1001 days progresses (maybe every hundred days would work!) So here are my 101 goals:

Day Zero 101 in 1001 goals

[1] Explore Sheffield
[2] Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando
[3] Go on a solo holiday
[4] Visit Disneyland Paris
[5] USA Roadtrip
[6] Stay in a 5* Hotel
[7] Buy a house
[8] Get an Alice in Wonderland tattoo
[9] Complete a reading challenge
[10] Learn another language
[11] Decorate my new home
[12] Do a boudoir photo shoot
[13] A-Z movie list
[14] Visit all premiership and EFL grounds
[15] Midnight movie premiere
[16] Visit a live screening of a tv show
[17] Go and see Harry Potter and the cursed child
[18] Go to Cadbury World
[19] Go to a zoo
[20] Go to a 'meet up'
[21] Meet a blogger IRL
[22] Get promoted to Senior Delivery Consultant at work
[23] Lost 5 stone 
[24] Learn how to apply make up properly
[25] 10k followers on social media
[26] Blog 3 times a week consistently
[27] Visit 10 new to me UK cities
[28] Own a proper floor to ceiling bookcase
[29] Go to Thorpe Park
[30] Meet someone special
[31] Be featured in the press
[32] Attend a blog event
[33] Go to Warner Bros Harry Potter Tour for Christmas
[34] Learn to play piano
[35] Say Yes to everything for a whole week
[36] Get my teeth whitened
[37] Win 101 competitions
[38] Go 'viral'
[39] Start an agony aunt series on my blog
[40] Go on a cruise
[41] Go to a movie drive in
[42] 'Try' Pinterest Pins rather than just pinning and leaving
[43] Work out my depression and don't allow it to catch me in the winter months
[44] Huge tidy of my bedroom, go for a more minimalist approach
[45] Have a full day at the cinema
[46] 10k steps daily on a regular basis
[47] Volunteer somewhere close to my heart
[48] Once moved out rescue a cat / dog
[49] Solve a strangers problem, pay it forward etc.
[50] Swim in an infinity pool
[51] Win 'something' at work
[52] Cook / Bake one new thing every week
[53] Get a caricature made of me
[54] Try a new to me food every 2 weeks
[55] Spend Christmas / New Year in another country
[56] Go speed dating
[57] Tell someone I love them and truly mean it
[58] Make my new home 'smart'
[59] Own an American fridge / freezer
[60] Pay off my car finance
[61] Make a new friend
[62] Get hair highlights
[63] Host a dinner party
[64] Learn to ride a bike
[65] Start budgeting properly
[66] Do something special for everyone in my family
[67] Collaborate with a brand I love on my blog
[68] Earn enough blog income on a monthly basis to cover bills
[69] Order from every takeaway that delivers to me on just eat
[70] Go to 10 concerts / shows
[71] Go dog sledding
[72] Write for a magazine
[73] Hold a guinness world record
[74] Get a manicure and pedicure
[75] Own a huge bath
[76] Complete my Harry Potter Jigsaw
[77] Weekend away with Sarah
[78] Plan a school reunion 
[79] Have a Harry Potter marathon
[80] Have a proper address / birthday book
[81] Clear the cupboard in my room
[82] Hold a car boot sale / visit one
[83] Visit a psychic or have my tarot cards read
[84] Buy everything I want from any website
[85] Do a food challenge
[86] Be a bridesmaid
[87] Get married
[88] Have a baby
[89] Watch a sunrise with someone special
[90] Attend a Euro's or World Cup Game
[91] Go on a murder mystery weekend
[92] Have a nice garden
[93] Learn how to braid and style my hair
[94] Have a walk in closet
[95] Spend a night in a tree house
[96] Go to an airport and get on the next flight
[97] Be vocal about mental health 
[98] Harry Potter tour in Edinburgh
[99] 10k monthly pageviews on a regular basis
[100] Get professional business cards for my blog
[101] Make a new list!

Phew! That was extensive, as you can see this list is very varied from huge dreams such as buying my own home to lots of littler things such as holding a car boot. I can't wait to get started

What would be on your list?

Monday, 26 February 2018

How to make your hair healthy

Now I'm not one for beauty, I'm terrible at applying make up and my skincare routine is basically non existent. But one thing I do actually put effort into is my hair! I have super thick curly hair which I straighten on a regular basis, because of this I have to make sure I keep my hair as healthy as possible. With a huge rise of hair transplants such as the FUE hair transplant at the Harley Street Hair Clinic* it's clear that hair confidence is a big thing, so here is my routine for protecting my hair and keeping it healthy and me smiling

Healthy Hair Tips


I don't wash my hair every day, with how thick it is it actually makes it much worse, I wash it twice a week, sometimes 3 times if I have a particular event. I try and stick to the same shampoo and conditioner targeted to either coloured hair (I dye my roots every 2 months) or frizz specific shampoo. My current choices are both from the frizz ease range 


In addition to my usual cleaning routine I also make specific hair masks or use a really rich deep conditioner like Aussie 3 minute miracle every 2 weeks. If I'm having a specific problem I often search pinterest for a lovely natural homemade hairmask - a particular favourite is yoghurt, egg and 2 tbsp of olive oil. Left on for an hour then washed off it leaves my hair particularly silky and remarkably frizz free so definitely give it a go if that's your hair problem


As I mentioned before I have super curly hair (like utter frizz bomb) and I'm not a lover of my natural locks so I have to straighten it often. Where possible I let my hair dry naturally to reduce the heat strain. I make sure I coat my hair with a good heat protection spray like the Garnier Ultimate Blends before straightening it, I also use a Toni & Guy finishing spray to smooth flyaways and complete my styling

So there we have it, my very simple haircare routine and the products I'm using to keep my hair thick and healthy

What products do you recommend?


Sunday, 25 February 2018

6 Things Every Blogger NEEDS to know about taxes

So you've been blogging a while, or maybe you're a new blogger on the scene? Eventually your thoughts will turn to monetising your blog. This could be through sponsored posts, affiliate links, selling items etc. - sound like you? Then you NEED to read these tips before you start to make sure you're all set on the tax front before you start earning

6 things every blogger needs to know about taxes

1) Register as self employed

Well this should be blatantly obvious right? But first thing you need to do is register as self-employed you'll get your own unique tax reference (UTR) through the post and then you're pretty much good to go. If you do have any questions before you register then definitely ring the self-assessment helpline* - they're super helpful and helped me figure out how it would affect my tax and NI in my full time job 

2) Keep accurate records

This is absolutely crucial to make it as simple as possible, as soon as you register as self employed you need to start tracking all your incomings and outgoings (these can be expensed). You could hire an accountant to help with this or make your own version on excel - I have a blogger taxes spreadsheet from Kona Seven who I highly recommend

3) Learn about expenses - what you can and can't expense

Blogging obviously incurs some expenses so it's important to keep a track of anything that's associated with your blog for example: blog theme, tool subscriptions (Tailwind, buffer, Hootsuite etc.), Paypal fees and a proportion of your electricty etc. However other things can't be such as client entertaining, items you'll use again such as clothes etc.  

4) Monetize your blog 

Now you have a handle on expenses it's time to kick ass and make lots of money! There are so many ways to monetize your blog so get out there and explore - my favourite ways are through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing and google adsense. But the possibilities are endless, You can make products, sell them, run courses let your imagination run wild

5) Organise your emails!

Once you've started monetizing it's crucial just like keeping accurate records that you have a good organisation system in place, this can save you a whole heap of time at assessment time. It mean's you'll have all your invoices, receipts and blog discussions saved by month making it easier to decipher and find things if needed 

6) Always pay attention

Taxes change a lot, allowances and what can be expensed etc. so keep up to date with current affairs and chat to other people in the blogging / self employed community you're all in the same boat so don't be scared to have a chat about taxes, they don't have to be confusing

What self employed tax questions do you have?
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