Alice in Tinderland PT.1

Monday, 28 November 2016

Earlier this year I found myself single for the first time as an adult - scary right! (read about my new chapter here) so after a little time soul searching I decided to take the plunge into online dating and that decision has led to the crazy ass world I now live in. Tinder tinder tinder - everyone who's singles on it right? or at least tried it!

Well my foray into the dating scene has been interesting to say the least and I thought I'd share my disasters with you guys because well if I don't laugh with someone I might cry from embarrassment with some of them so off we go down the rabbit hole into my adventures on Tinderland

Heart games

#1 - Mr Patronising

Ahh my first ever tinder date! It was never going to go well was it? Life's just not that simple. He seemed nice and normal enough he was definitely a gentleman taking me out for food and cocktails and paying, however if he reminded me once that he'd done that he reminded me a gazillion times. Oh and he also made a point of telling me that I'd put my knife and fork incorrectly on my plate after my meal. Needless to say my first date while pleasant enough definitely wasn't a keeper patronising does not get my heart racing. Oh and his shirt choice was enough to make me want to run for the door as soon as I got there

#2 - Mr BFF

I'm clearly not using Tinder right am I? Date number two was definitely an improvement on the first, he was more my kind of guy and our personalities bounced off of each other excellently. A few meetings more and football matches a plenty we realised that we're so far in that friend zone and I couldn't be happier! So I didn't find love but what I did find is truly one of the nicest boys I've ever met (when he's not being a sarcastic twat!) he's picked me up many a time brushed me off and sent me on my way. I know I can rely on him and I know we'll be friends for a very long time! I'm counting this one as a tinder success

#3 - Mr Cheat

Oh how naive I was. This guy was continually vague about everything from where he worked to where he lived, I thought he was mysterious - turns out he was making sure I didn't find out he had a girlfriend. I did find out and gave him absolute hell. Turns out a mutual friend knew him and his girlfriend found out about his antics not too long ago. Karmas a bitch guys and gals it will always find you

#4 - Mr Skaterboy

So one of the first things you do on Tinder is set an age limit, mine was set that I didn't get any babies (18 - 19) looking for fun yet after a drunken swiping sesh with one of my girlfriends I matched with skaterboy. He was 19 and we got on great lots of chatting into the night and cinema dates etc. ultimately our lives were at different stages and that's fine but I've got fond memories and we still chat occasionally. 

#5 - Mr Mummys Boy

Probably the closest I've come to an actual tinder relationship. I met Mummys Boy and everything moved really fast! Within a week or so I  was constantly at his flat. We spent a lot of time together and really got along well, I developed feelings for him and the feeling was mutual. Looking back god I was absolutely blinded by lust. He was a complete Mummys boy and simply looking for a replacement, he was inept at looking after himself and I genuinely have never met someone so utterly childish in my whole life not to mention manipulative. This guy actually held my coat ransom after I ended it for almost 2 weeks. I imagine he'll be back at home crying to mummy about why he can't find a girl to baby him.

TBC - part two of my tinderland stories will be live soon
Have you got any Tinder stories?

Alice Megan


Finishing touches with Enesco and Litecraft

Monday, 21 November 2016

Around two months ago I wrote a post about transforming my bedroom, I no longer liked what it had become and it was full of memories and I felt I needed a more grown up look that was more 'me' so here's how it turned out:

Monochrome Bedroom

I adore my new bedroom from the new carpet to the glittery stripy walls. I've gone for really muted tons with a definite monochrome edge, lots of greys, whites and blacks. Once I'd got all the bulky furniture in it was time to start on the finishing touches, everything from curtains to duvet covers. I think one of the most important features of any room is the lighting! I wanted something that fit in with my new style and made my room look cosy. I headed over to Litecraft* to see what they had to offer.

Litecraft have been at the forefront of lighting solutions for over 60 years so I knew I was in the right hands, with a great mix of traditional designs and new trending designs I knew I'd find something I'd like
Litecraft lamp shade
I picked a black dome shade, it's such great quality and lets a soft amount of light through creating a really cosy mood in my room, the ridges on th actual shade mean the reflections on the wall look like a starburst effect which I love. Delivery took 3 days and I'd definitely head to Litecraft again as I was very impressed

After getting all the furniture in I felt it needed a little personality and thankfully Enesco* were there to help out. Famed for their contemporary gift and home market they sell such a diverse range of products to add those little touches of personality to your home decor. I had the pleasure of ordering a few bits and bobs to give those finishing touches to my newly decorated room

Enesco gifts
First up I chose a globe, this one's so small and cute and the black and silver fits in perfectly with my room! I've been using it as a book end but occasionally just take a look at where I'd love to travel across the world - £28

Next up my love of Disney! Oh wow I was truly spoilt for choice on this one as Enesco have so many beautiful Disney goodies, I finally settled on a musical Belle - £37 who is truly beautiful she spins around to tale as old as time in her beautiful yellow ball gown. I adore beauty and the beast and feel this is such a special piece.

Continuing with my love is Disney is Marie from aristocats - £19 now if you read my blog regularly you'll know my love of cats is strong and I'd say aristocats is one of my most watched Disney movies, I love marie she's so classy and elegant and this cute figurine with the pink bow looks perfect on my dressing table

Finally I nearly squealed when I saw this! Grumpy cat Birthday - £12 is such a little cutie! It's so soft and furry and has pride of place on my windowsill.

I really feel with the disney, travel and cat injections my bedroom definitely reflects my personality better - Enesco is such a wonderful site and the perfect place for those special xmas presents this year

What finishing touches do you go for?

Alice Megan


Kitten Kollege yearbook

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Did you ever read about the Kitten Kollege?

Well it got me thinking - imagine if cats really had to go to college, do all the same lessons that humans do and of course with me being a crazy cat lady I just had to make that thought into reality and luckily I had three very willing participants

Sleeping cats

First thing's first no-one ever wants to get out of bed in a morning - pussycats are no different, here's Casper doing his morning stretches - he'd definitely use the snooze button more than once
Cat stretches

Once they've finally dragged themself out of bed and headed to college it's time to start the lessons, first up is English. Domino's favourite book is Harry Potter he loves reading about Crookshanks the cat and daydreaming about how he could be a magical pet
Cat reading Harry Potter

Next up is Geography, despite Leo never wanting to venture further than the back garden he is very interested about the world and where his ancestors live (but he still prefers home!)
Cat geography

Maths is Casper's favourite subject although he hasn't quite worked out the calculations on how to get more Whiskas cat food* than his brothers

Cat calculator

Next up is ICT and Domino spends his time googling how to get rid of his pesky brothers, a complete attention seeker he doesn't do well with sharing and definitely wants to be everyone's favourite
Cat glasses and Ipad

Final lesson of the day is Music! Leo is very tuneful spending his time listening to the Pussycat dolls and meowing along to 'What's new pussycat'
Cat wearing headphones

My boy's are so clever I'm convinced they'd do well at school! In fact Casper's already trying his graduation cap on he's that confident

Cat graduation

Which lesson would be your cat's favourite? 
Which of my boys do you like best!

This post is a collaboration with WHISKAS®, but all thoughts are my own. Check out their YouTube channel for fantastic Kitten Kollege videos

Alice Megan


How to wear party dresses in Autumn

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The seasons have changed and the weather is cooler which means one thing - party season is just around the corner. Whether it's Halloween or Christmas or just a Saturday on the town the season change doesn't mean your party dresses* need hanging up they just need reworking!

Simplybe party dress

Take this gorgeous lace dress from Simplybe a month or so ago I could wear it all on it's own enjoying the summer sunshine in the beer gardens (If you are enjoying a late break in the sun check out my holiday dress ideas). Now instead of hiding it away till next year here's 3 top tips for wearing party dresses in Autumn

[1] Knitwear

If you need a day to night outfit then don't forget your knitwear, a cosy jumper with just the collar of the dress peeking through or a longline cardigan means you can party away till your hearts content as you'll be prepared for the evening chill - make sure your knitwear is cared for correctly there's tons of tips on the George blog*

[2] Tights

Ahhh the saviour of all women's legs everywhere. Haven't had the chance to quite prep your legs as much as you do in the summer? Problem solved hide the fuzz and keep your legs warm at the same time bonus! Definitely invest in some thick wooly tights and just because the seasons changed doesn't mean you can't bring a pop of colour to your outfit. For this dress any colour would work I particularly like a mustard colour very autumn themed

[3] Boots

Finally, top off your newly autumn outfit with a pair of kick ass boots. Ditch those flats and get a chic pair of ankle boots or even knee high leather boots. They're definitely worth the investment as they'll last for years

Following these three simple tips your summer dresses can be transformed to make you Autumn ready

What are you wearing this Autumn?

Alice Megan


Invest in personal development

Thursday, 6 October 2016

I'm 23 now, an actual adult (apparently) which means I have to do real grown up things such as work and clean and cook! Now don't get me wrong I've been working since I was 16 and believe me I've had an eclectic mix of jobs. But I've finally found something I love and it was completely unexpected.

I now work in recruitment and what I love most is that I feel like I'm constantly learning something new. I feel valued and the personal development I'm offered means I'm staying on top of my game the entire time. Working within recruitment I obviously spend the day talking to people about career options and the job market and I've seen the importance (especially after Brexit!) of recruiting the right people but also keeping a hold of the best staff for your company and there's one ridiculously obvious way to do his: Invest in personal development

Personal development at work

It's baffling how few companies in this employers market are actually investing in their new staff with training and development, Penna* believe it's the best way of retaining current staff

I mean think about it? You obviously saw something in the staff you recruited so why not support that talent with opportunities to grow and develop, all it can do is strengthen your company. Not only will it work with existing staff but word will get out about how supportive an organisation you are and what a great place it is to work therefore attracting even more talent to your pool.

If your staff are happy and feel valued you're more likely to retain them too! Meaning your investment in their development will continue rewarding you for years to come.

Do you feel you're company invests in you?
How do you invest in your staff?

Alice Megan