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Sunday, 19 June 2016

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Look in my letterbox is a weekly linky running on Saturdays. It's to showcase everything you've received through the letterbox that week. This could be competition wins, freebies, review products or even a rant about the bills all posts are welcome as long as the item was received that week:
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I've had a very quiet week this week and nothing through the post! I'm finding that now I'm working full time I'm not finding any time to enter competitions or hunt for freebies and as I'm awaiting my first payday I haven't been splurging on purchases either which means it's very quiet on the post front!

Hope you guys have had a busier week

6 Makeup Tricks You Need To Know About

Thursday, 16 June 2016

There are so many things that can be said about makeup and as a woman you probably have heard some or most of them and are wondering, is this all? Doubtlessly, it can be overwhelming; beating your brains out to achieve your best look is not a walk in the park. However, there are a couple of shortcuts that will let you shine bright effortlessly. If you want a dazzling appearance every day or just want to stand out in an event, sit back; we have some mind-boggling tricks that will work perfectly for all of you. It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran or it's your first time – just read on and you'll be sure to find out something new!

1. A Multi-Use Product

Your makeup routine can be a time consuming and costly affair at times. That's why it's so important to get a multi-use beauty products whenever possible. For instance, you don't really need two moisturising products for your face and body, if you can have two in one. Or, choose the right color for your blush and apply it to your lips – the effects will amaze you! Worried about your complexion? Look for a foundation that combines the masking effect with a day cream to nurture your skin at the same time.

2. A White Liner

If you would like to shore up your eye shadow, think no more. A white eyeliner pencil is what you need. Making your less pigmented eye shadow more colorful has never been this easy – just run the white eyeliner over the whole eyelid. This will intensify any eye shadow shade and make your eyes bulge outward quickly against your skin. Surely, it will not let you down!

3. Saline Solution

Even when away from the laboratory, saline solution can be of great help in your house! Usually you can keep mascara for up to three-four months, but it can disappoint you even before you decide to dispose of it. In case it dries up, you don't need to throw it away right away. Just try adding a couple of drops of saline solution to re-wet it. This way you have fresh mascara and get to save a couple of pennies, too! If you feel like it's high time to get a new one, though, remember to check out what Neiman Marcus has to offer. They're known not only thanks to their quality clothing and accessories, but also a wide variety of beauty products you're sure to love.

4. Creating a Winged Liner

Even away from the dining table, a spoon in your hand can work magic! While the stem of the spoon is held against your eye’s outer corner, draw a straight line. This is the first step for your cat-eye. Then, flip the spoon in such a manner that it will be hugging your eyelid. Finally, use its rounded outer edge to create a curved winged effect. No more uneven lines and crooked corners – this trick should be able to allow you to get that Cat Eye you've always longed for!

5. Avoiding Mascara Marks

Darkening or thickening your eye lashes can lead to unintended results. When mascara marks are left in your upper eye lid, things can get a little bit messy. So, to avoid that, we go back to the spoon. Hold it firmly such that it hugs your eyelid and then apply mascara as you usually do. This will prevent the color from leaving any mark since the remains coat the back of the spoon instead of your skin.

6. Avoiding the Tired Look

Everybody gets tired, but some people happen to look as though they are tired even when they haven’t lifted a finger. You certainly don’t like that, especially when you are out to impress. So, what is the trick? A shimmery white pencil when used on the water line brightens the whole eye area. You can do a little more by adding the same shade to the outer corner of the eye. It opens up the eyes and gives them an almond shape. Also, remember to use the right shade of corrector and foundation so as not to make the situation worse. In the summer use appropriate suncare to prevent ageing as this will make you look tired too

I hope you've learnt something new from the above tips, or maybe you know some that weren't mentioned yet but make a great change? Feel free to share them in a comment!

A new user’s guide to contact lens care

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

If you’ve recently starting wearing contact lenses, you’re probably excited at the prospect of being able to have clear vision without needing to wear your glasses. However, using lenses is a big responsibility and it’s crucial that you learn how to take care of them properly to ensure your eye health stays in check.

For advice on how you can fine tune your lens care routine, you should speak to your optician, or you can consult specialists such as Feel Good Contact Lenses online. So that you’re kept up to speed on the basics of contact lens care, take a look at this useful guide.

Always wash your hands

Making sure you have clean hands is one of the most important steps of your lens care routine. Every time you handle your lenses, whether you’re taking them out, putting them in or rinsing them, it’s essential that you wash your hands with warm, soapy water. This will help reduce the amount of bacteria being transferred from your hands to your contacts and your eyes, therefore lowering your chances of getting sore, irritated eyes as a result of an infection.

Be gentle

Since your lenses are soft, thin and delicate, it’s vital that you handle them with the utmost care and attention. Being rough or heavy-handed with your contacts could cause them rip or split, meaning you can no longer wear them. So, to keep your lenses intact, it pays to be extra careful, taking the time to handle each lens gently. When you’re cleaning your lenses, you should use the tip of your finger to softly rub each one in the palm of your hand, being careful to flip it over so that you can rinse both sides thoroughly. It also helps to use your fingertip when you’re inserting each lens, using your free hand to gently pull down your lower lid. To remove them, you should lightly pinch the lens and slowly peel it away from the eye’s surface. If you can, avoid using your nails as this will increase your chances of tearing the lens.

Make sure you store them correctly

Even though it’s the final step in your lens care routine, it’s crucial that you store your lenses correctly. This will help them stay fresh and lubricated for the next time you want to wear them. When you’re not using your lenses, they should be kept in a contact lens case. Usually, these are designed in a barrel style or a flat container with two separate sections where each lens can sit. Once you’ve finished cleaning your lenses, you should fill the container with a suitable amount of your solution before putting each one into the relevant section. Next, you should screw the cap on tightly. It also helps to keep the contact lens case on a flat surface.

By taking these tips into consideration, you should settle into a routine that ensures you’re able to look after your lenses properly.

Do you wear contact lenses? How Often?

Top 5 Furniture styles of 2016

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

I'm quite a way off buying a house but that doesn't stop me dreaming about making my perfect home, I've really got into interior design and home interior trends the last few months and I looked at the best interior design trends for 2016 a few months ago but today I've decided to focus in on furniture styles and how they can be incorporated in and change the whole dynamic of a room.

Mirrored Furniture

An element of the art deco style, mirrored furniture is breaking out on it's own. The streamlined lines and mirrored or chrome surfaces add a touch of class and style to any room. The reflective surfaces add a sense of space and light as well as being very glamourous. Best used to make a focal point of an area, I particularly like seeing really elegant dressing tables adorned with posh perfume bottles

Industrial Furniture

Perfect for adding a contemporary look to any home, often made up of natural wood surfaces paired with open ironwork and sparse but detailed ornamental features. Statement pieces with quirky styles provide great talking pieces. Reclaimed materials and aged fabrics are at the core of this style capturing the essence of industrial interiors that transcend all sectors and become a focal point of your home. Why not look for a brass finished edison style lightbulbs to light up the rest of your industrial choices

Retro Furniture

If you love quirky items then retro furniture is for you, with its whimsical style and kitschy harkback to the pop culture of the 1950s and 60s, it can either be bright pops of colour or a more dated retro style. Perfect for complimenting a more classic look by bringing a few quirky talking points in such as the retro garden lounge chairs bring them indoors and bring a funky look to your living area

Vintage Furniture

From elegant antiques to shabby chic, vintage furniture can truly fit into any kind of home. It's character building and high quality typified by muted colours, painted finishes and mid toned woods embrace the pastel and ditsy prints to create a boudoir fit for a princess. Built for practicality and adorned with dainty decorations this style is overtly feminine and screams Cath Kidston, cover your vintage furniture with this gorgeous Antique rose bedspread  

 Bohemian Furniture

Bright in nature but not as garish as the retro pops of colour, the bohemian style is typified by vibrant jewel toned palletes with beading and fringe detailing. Exotic fabrics such as silk and velvet are at home within this style with an air for creative expression there are really no limits within this style. Warm upholstered furniture such as the Marrakech swing chair teamed with rustic untouched wood pieces create a free spirit visual that the boho style is known for

There are aspects within each style I adore and they certainly don't have to work independently so why not team a few of your favourite elements together and create your own unique style for your home

Which is your favourite style? 

Geocaching with Hi-tec

Monday, 13 June 2016

The sun has well and truly got it's hat on and I'm loving the weather, it's given me the opportunity to get out into the country and start geocaching again. I wrote a post about getting started with geocaching so the last few weeks I've been getting all my geocaching gear together.

I've realised that when packing away for the winter I definitely didn't check everything was in good condition, and I need to invest in some weather appropriate clothing and a good sun cream. Luckily I've got my lovely polka dot raincoat for those random showery moments but the main part of my geocaching kit that needed attention was my footwear. I've been wearing a pair of Nike running trainers which are fab but don't offer the best support for the unsteady ground in the peak district especially as they're not waterproof either so any boggy ground and my feet are wet.

Step forward Hi-tec to answer all my prayers

These little beauties are the Jura Waterproof Women's Hiking Boot and they are beyond amazing. I can't believe how I've struggled on with my trainers when these marvels were available. These lightweight fully waterproof walking boots look amazing with their brown detailing and are jam packed with technology to be the best walking boots possible.

With a nuback leather upper and waterproof seam sealed construction they're perfect for any weather, the soft padded synthetic collar also increases comfort while the fully gusseted tongue keeps out debris. The hardware is rustproof and the Vibram rubber outsole provides excellent traction and durability. With a removable contoured sock liner included they've got everything covered for your walking needs. They're also currently on sale at only £34.99 which is less than half price so snap them up while you can

I've been out in various terrains with them, most recently walking up very steep mud paths in the peak district and they certainly lived up to all their claims. They're ridiculously comfy and durable and they look just as good as when I first received them - I can't imagine geocaching without them now!

What footwear do you wear for geocaching?

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