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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Branston - it's basically an institution. The pickle is infamous and since 1922 it's been improving many a meal time from the basic cheese sandwich to much more intricate recipes. Everything can be improved with Branston*. What many people may not know is that beyond the original Branston pickle is a delicious range of condiments that can make any meal special

Branston Pickle Range

Branston Rich and Smoky BBQ Sauce

First up is the rich and smoky BBQ sauce, this is exactly what it says! It's a smooth rich BBQ sauce with a really tasty smokiness to it. I found it had less of a sharp bite to usual BBQ sauces and was a much richer alternative.
Recipe idea: BBQ Ribs 

Branston Original Pickle

Original is often best! It's not the nation's favourite by accident and this chunky pickle maintains all its yumminess from over the years from a great mix of pickled vegetables. Perfect accompaniment for a cheese sandwich or something a little more filling
Recipe idea: Cheese and Pickle Pie 

Branston Sweet Chilli Pickle

A delicious alternative to the original pickle is the yummy sweet chilli pickle! It has a similar taste to the original pickle but sweeter and then a real chilli kick
Recipe idea: Sweet chilli chicken salad

Branston Caramelised Onion Chutney 

Chutney as well as Pickle! Branston have you covered on all corners, this is definitely my favourite! It tastes amazing a really strong tangy taste and so versatile
Recipe idea: Bacon, cheese and onion burger

Branston Tomato and Red Pepper Hot Dog Relish

This is the perfect accompaniment for so so many meals! The combination of tomato and red pepper is delicious, it has a real depth of flavour and is very rich. The squeezy bottle makes it great for those social gatherings - sure we can all squeeze one last BBQ in before the weather turns right?
Recipe idea: Pizza hot dogs

What's your favourite?

Alice Megan



  1. I think I have only ever tried the original one. I didn't even know the Sweet Chilli Pickle existed! Yum x

    1. It's delicious! And the range is definitely growing you'll have to have a look for it


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