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Monday, 19 September 2016

Holidays are great, but deciding what you are going to wear can be a real pain. I cannot tell you how often I have ended up packing multiple times because of my inability to decide what to take.
Fortunately, I am getting better at packing, and am far more decisive than I used to be. I am also less forgetful.

Suitcase for holiday

What are you going to be doing?

For me the key to successful packing is quickly jotting down what I am planning to do while I am on holiday. Doing this allows me to make a list of clothes I will need for each activity.
Next, I factor in the weather. If I think it is going to be hot, I take mainly lightweight clothes, but always make sure I have something to wear just in case the sun does not come out. Doing this reduces the risk of me forgetting anything important.

Packing simply

It is also a good idea to pack simply. At the end of the day, you are on holiday, so just relax. You really do not need to look flawless.
To look good and stay comfortable in a sunny climate all you really need is a couple of women's summer dresses*. Most are lightweight, which means you should not end up with overweight luggage.
Provided you fold them carefully then roll them up loosely, your dresses should not crease too badly. If they do, put them on a hanger and leave them on the back of the door when you take a hot shower. This usually makes the creases drop out.
I also pack a skirt and a pair of shorts as well, with a couple of my favourite tops. If I want more, I buy them at the resort.
Normally, I wear jeans to the airport, and a light jumper, so if it gets chilly I have something to wear. If the weather is bad for a few days, I might buy another pair of trousers, but normally this is not necessary.

Something for the beach

Another lesson I have learnt the hard way is to pack properly for the beach. In the past, I would just pack a couple of costumes and some sun cream. 
Straw Hat and Sunglasses
Now I always pack a hat and my own lightweight towel. Hotels do not like you taking their towels to the beach, and they will stop you doing it if they catch you, so it is better to take your own. Packing a hat and a light dress to shrug on when your skin has had enough of the sun will allow you to enjoy the beach for longer.

Use a packing list

I mentioned earlier that I was getting less forgetful. Unfortunately, this is not strictly true. The truth is that if I do not use a packing list, I still end up having to buy things at the resort. I guess that means I am actually just as forgetful as ever, but using a checklist ensures that I notice what I have missed before it is too late.
This site allows you to create a pack list that is tailored to the type of trip you are planning. It is easy to use, and a good way to make sure you do not forget anything. I hope that helps, and that you find packing for your next trip less of a hassle.

What's your top holiday packing tip?

Alice Megan


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