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Monday, 26 September 2016

Now I haven't got my title of crazy cat lady by accident. I adore cats and have three boys to prove it (Left to right: Domino, Leo, Casper). My boys were all rescue cats and I've had them all from kittens and spent my time making sure they're really well behaved and it was certainly testing at times

Alice Megan Cat Collage
See look at them! How angelic when they're sleeping right?

Now many people just buy a cat and assume it will be easy! We've all seen the adverts right? about pets being for life. Well it's a very serious decision to get a cat, with an average lifespan of 15-17 years it's a big commitment to make. There are many factors involved such as where to get your cat from and what breed down to more practical questions such as what food or how to litter train your cats. There are lots of cat care tips provided by the RSPCA* which should ensure you're fully kitted up and prepared for your new arrival.

Whiskas* have also just released a collection of Kitten Kollege videos which answer everything you could possibly need to know about getting a kitten and how to get them behaving their best

Plus even if you have cat's already and you think they don't need to enrol into kitty kollege you definitely need to watch the videos just to see all the adorable little pussycats sat in their lecture!

Have you got any cats?
Do they need to go to Kitten Kollege?

Alice Megan


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