Dining Room Wishlist

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Where did you eat your last meal?
In fact when did you last eat a meal at the dining table together as a family?

It seems the practice of eating together and catching up on everyone's day has become a little redundant with busy work lives, tablets and mobiles taking over. Many people now opt to eat their meals in front of the TV while scrolling on their phones. Despite the fact that eating at the dining table can aid mental health and also weight loss as you're concentrating more on your food.

I've been thinking and when I get my dream home a dining room* will be one of the staple points - somewhere to spend time relaxing after a hard day eating good food.

Dining room wishlist

I have quite a minimalist taste preferring a classic look but with warm touches of decor in the form of lighting/candles

I think the understated style and clean lines of the crockery would work really well with the eclectic light pendant and candles for those cosier evenings spent drinking wine and having a catch up. Perfect for hosting friends for dinner parties

Do you have a dining room? 
How often do you use it? 

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Alice Megan


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