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Thursday, 6 October 2016

I'm 23 now, an actual adult (apparently) which means I have to do real grown up things such as work and clean and cook! Now don't get me wrong I've been working since I was 16 and believe me I've had an eclectic mix of jobs. But I've finally found something I love and it was completely unexpected.

I now work in recruitment and what I love most is that I feel like I'm constantly learning something new. I feel valued and the personal development I'm offered means I'm staying on top of my game the entire time. Working within recruitment I obviously spend the day talking to people about career options and the job market and I've seen the importance (especially after Brexit!) of recruiting the right people but also keeping a hold of the best staff for your company and there's one ridiculously obvious way to do his: Invest in personal development

Personal development at work

It's baffling how few companies in this employers market are actually investing in their new staff with training and development, Penna* believe it's the best way of retaining current staff

I mean think about it? You obviously saw something in the staff you recruited so why not support that talent with opportunities to grow and develop, all it can do is strengthen your company. Not only will it work with existing staff but word will get out about how supportive an organisation you are and what a great place it is to work therefore attracting even more talent to your pool.

If your staff are happy and feel valued you're more likely to retain them too! Meaning your investment in their development will continue rewarding you for years to come.

Do you feel you're company invests in you?
How do you invest in your staff?

Alice Megan


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