Kitten Kollege yearbook

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Did you ever read about the Kitten Kollege?

Well it got me thinking - imagine if cats really had to go to college, do all the same lessons that humans do and of course with me being a crazy cat lady I just had to make that thought into reality and luckily I had three very willing participants

Sleeping cats

First thing's first no-one ever wants to get out of bed in a morning - pussycats are no different, here's Casper doing his morning stretches - he'd definitely use the snooze button more than once
Cat stretches

Once they've finally dragged themself out of bed and headed to college it's time to start the lessons, first up is English. Domino's favourite book is Harry Potter he loves reading about Crookshanks the cat and daydreaming about how he could be a magical pet
Cat reading Harry Potter

Next up is Geography, despite Leo never wanting to venture further than the back garden he is very interested about the world and where his ancestors live (but he still prefers home!)
Cat geography

Maths is Casper's favourite subject although he hasn't quite worked out the calculations on how to get more Whiskas cat food* than his brothers

Cat calculator

Next up is ICT and Domino spends his time googling how to get rid of his pesky brothers, a complete attention seeker he doesn't do well with sharing and definitely wants to be everyone's favourite
Cat glasses and Ipad

Final lesson of the day is Music! Leo is very tuneful spending his time listening to the Pussycat dolls and meowing along to 'What's new pussycat'
Cat wearing headphones

My boy's are so clever I'm convinced they'd do well at school! In fact Casper's already trying his graduation cap on he's that confident

Cat graduation

Which lesson would be your cat's favourite? 
Which of my boys do you like best!

This post is a collaboration with WHISKAS®, but all thoughts are my own. Check out their YouTube channel for fantastic Kitten Kollege videos

Alice Megan


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