Finishing touches with Enesco and Litecraft

Monday, 21 November 2016

Around two months ago I wrote a post about transforming my bedroom, I no longer liked what it had become and it was full of memories and I felt I needed a more grown up look that was more 'me' so here's how it turned out:

Monochrome Bedroom

I adore my new bedroom from the new carpet to the glittery stripy walls. I've gone for really muted tons with a definite monochrome edge, lots of greys, whites and blacks. Once I'd got all the bulky furniture in it was time to start on the finishing touches, everything from curtains to duvet covers. I think one of the most important features of any room is the lighting! I wanted something that fit in with my new style and made my room look cosy. I headed over to Litecraft* to see what they had to offer.

Litecraft have been at the forefront of lighting solutions for over 60 years so I knew I was in the right hands, with a great mix of traditional designs and new trending designs I knew I'd find something I'd like
Litecraft lamp shade
I picked a black dome shade, it's such great quality and lets a soft amount of light through creating a really cosy mood in my room, the ridges on th actual shade mean the reflections on the wall look like a starburst effect which I love. Delivery took 3 days and I'd definitely head to Litecraft again as I was very impressed

After getting all the furniture in I felt it needed a little personality and thankfully Enesco* were there to help out. Famed for their contemporary gift and home market they sell such a diverse range of products to add those little touches of personality to your home decor. I had the pleasure of ordering a few bits and bobs to give those finishing touches to my newly decorated room

Enesco gifts
First up I chose a globe, this one's so small and cute and the black and silver fits in perfectly with my room! I've been using it as a book end but occasionally just take a look at where I'd love to travel across the world - £28

Next up my love of Disney! Oh wow I was truly spoilt for choice on this one as Enesco have so many beautiful Disney goodies, I finally settled on a musical Belle - £37 who is truly beautiful she spins around to tale as old as time in her beautiful yellow ball gown. I adore beauty and the beast and feel this is such a special piece.

Continuing with my love is Disney is Marie from aristocats - £19 now if you read my blog regularly you'll know my love of cats is strong and I'd say aristocats is one of my most watched Disney movies, I love marie she's so classy and elegant and this cute figurine with the pink bow looks perfect on my dressing table

Finally I nearly squealed when I saw this! Grumpy cat Birthday - £12 is such a little cutie! It's so soft and furry and has pride of place on my windowsill.

I really feel with the disney, travel and cat injections my bedroom definitely reflects my personality better - Enesco is such a wonderful site and the perfect place for those special xmas presents this year

You can also check out unique gifts for the home on Look What's Cool's website.

What finishing touches do you go for?

Alice Megan



  1. I like anything that sparkles! Your bedroom looks great, and glad your pleased with it.

    1. Me too! No such thing as too much glitter haha


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