How to make the kitchen the heart of Christmas

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Kitchen Counter

If you were to ask what the heart of the home is, the kitchen would be right up there; alongside the living room and a subscription to Neflix perhaps; either way, the kitchen is no longer just a place where you prepare a quick meal, or in most cases, scramble for snacks; no matter the hour.

The humble kitchen is where life happens, and with Christmas tomorrow (arrrrrgghhh!), I know how much time I will be spending there, and like many of you, how much fun/panic stations/arguments over the best way to make fluffy spuds etc will be done in one room.

So when it comes to making the kitchen the beating heart & soul of the home this Christmas, here are just a few tips some

1) Create your space

One of the top tips I’ve seen is from the kitchen company SDB Kitchensit all has to do with space. “One of the biggest things people complain about is space; whether that is cooking the Christmas meal or entertaining afterwards. There is little you can do about re-designing your kitchen now, but what you can do is give yourselves a head start by clearing up your worktops from clutter. Pack away cookbooks (keep the one you need for your Christmas meal, naturally), put utensils in a big jar or draw, or even box them and put to the side, and keep all of your working areas free. That will create a grand illusion of space and costs 10 minutes of your time!”

2) Decorations to a minimum

We all love Christmas decorations, they can make rooms look and feel festive. Go to a Christmas fete and stall and you can pick up some beautiful pieces. The trick is to not go OTT but to bring about the warm look and feel of Christmas to the kitchen. Small Christmas wreaths to hanging decorations work best, especially if you’re trying to save space on worktops and counter areas. Use contrasting colours to bring out the different looks and feel to the living space.

3) Create a drinks area!

Drinks Station

Another great tip from Stefano and his team is “create a drinks area.” I was dubious at first but this sounds like one of the better ideas I’ve seen. “If you’re trying to get friends and family together, a little drinks area which has a selection of wines, spirits of even soft drinks that people can go to and mingle around, especially after the meal, can be one of the best things you can do. Plus, if you’re hosting, it stops you from having to get up all the time to see if someone wanted a drink It’s a great centrepiece for fun and laughter!”

4) Get your playlist right!

Finally, if you really want to bring the spirit of Christmas into the home this year, then you’d need look no further than a good playlist to accompany you through the day. From Christmas spirited tunes whilst you’re cooking and chatting away to more sedate music for food, this could be the start of getting a yearly tradition in with playlists and requests before your Christmas hosting duties arrive.

Are you ready for the festivities?
PS - Make sure you're dining rooms fit for the festivities with my dining room wishlist!

Alice Megan


Look in my letterbox #1

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Look in my letterbox is back boys and girls! Before I relaunched my blog I think this was definitely my favourite feature, I thoroughly enjoyed hosting this linky and the group of people that linked up were beyond amazing so I'm surprised it's taken me so long to get around to starting the Linky again!

If you've not been here before here's a brief overview of the linky:

  • Look in my letterbox (#LIML) is a linky to showcase what you've had through the post this week, whether that is purchases, competition wins, blog review items or bills etc.
  • Linky runs Saturday to Friday each week
  • Mention me on twitter with @alicemegan1993 and #LIML to receive a retweet
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  • Alice Megan
So what have I got to show you for my first week back? Well time may have passed but the fact I'm an amazon addict has certainly not changed


[1] Superman Bath Duck £4.97 [Purchase]
[2] Happy Jackson Notebook £8.95 [Purchase]
[3] BIC Colour Pencils £2 [ Purchase]

These are the last little bits of Xmas presents! I'm well pleased with myself that I've managed to complete my xmas shopping pretty early this year, now onto the mammoth task of wrapping

What have you had through the post this week?

Alice Megan