How to survive a shopping trip in 5 easy steps

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Ahhh shopping, every girl loves it right?
Wrong. Like I don't know I've never really fit into girly stereotypes anyway but my idea of hell is being dragged around a shopping mall on a Saturday (give me football anyday) but it's not the process of shopping because hell my bank card can attest I have a serious online shopping addiction it's just the absolute chore that a high street / shopping mall can provide when seeking to buy things

But good news for you guys is that I of course do have to go shopping so I've managed to make the ultimate shopping experience that little bit more bearable with 5 easy tips

1) Location, Location, Location
If you're in for the long haul of a full day of shopping you need somewhere where everything is under one roof - shopping, food and other activities can all be found at Liverpool 1* making it the perfect choice. Plus it's spacious and these kind of shopping malls are literally designed to make shoppers happy. Side point - rain can't get you inside (#winning)

2) Timing
Hey let's go shopping on a Saturday lunch time with the rest of the people in the country, yeh nope never happening #sorrynotsorry . If you want to actually enjoy a shopping trip weekdays are you friend, weekday evenings are even better. A trip shopping after work on a weekday is bound to be far more enjoyable than visiting on a weekend when it's packed to the rafters

3) Snackages 
Hangry is a thing, like legit a real thing - if you don't know what it is then you're a lucky person. Being hunger causes anger and thus Hangry, if you're planning a shopping trip make sure you have snacks/drinks for stamina (I advocate cocktail stops mid-way through but don't judge your purchases after!) For the more sensible of you I'd say cereal bars, nuts and water in your handbag are the perfect way to stop Hanger before you get to a scheduled food pit - stop 

4) Plan ahead
In the super switched on world we live on we have technology at our finger tips 24/7. Use it to your advantage and plan ahead, plan your route around, plan your food pit-stops. Plan which shops are unmissable and make sure you use money-saving apps such as voucher cloud to get discounts as you shop because even the grumpiest shopper (me always) will crack a smile at saving money

5) Cheat's way to shop
So on the days I desperately don't want to go shopping but also can't justify delivery costs I order all my purchases online, get them delivered to store and voila! Shopping completed in the quickest time in each shop because your purchases are all ready for you to pick up giving you more time to enjoy a nice meal and cocktails (TGI Friday's if you're offering to take me)

And there we go, even the most unsociable little bee can master a shopping trip - thank me later!

Alice Megan


Family - Where would I be without it?

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Family - It means something different to everyone, and everyone's family has a slightly different make up. Some people make their own tight knit circle of friends they'd consider family and other's are an eclectic mix of different families coming together under one roof due to marriages/divorces etc.* recently commissioned a little survey to look into the modern family and how dynamics have changed 

My family is pretty big and all super close!
My immediate family's pretty simple: Me, Momma and my Stepdad. I'm so close with my parents it's crazy, I have friends that are like woah how can you still live at home at 24 but it's super simple when my parents are so chill and allow me the freedom they do

My extended family is made up of the best people! It's an old saying that you can't choose your family, well I'm glad I don't need to because the one's I've ended up with are the best

While I'm an only child I never feel alone! I've got 4 aunties and uncles and of course lots of cousins to go with and we regularly all catch up at my nans (surely everyone has a family hub? Where everyone gravitates)

We have so much fun and all get along incredibly well and all have the same crazy sense of humour, whenever there are new people (boyfriends / girlfriends etc.) to be introduced it's definitely a baptism of fire but I've never met a family like us. Family to me - is the most fantastic feeling of belonging and happiness there is

What does family mean to you?

Alice Megan


Launching HPFinds

Monday, 26 June 2017

"Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much. They were the last people you'd expect to be involved in anything strange or mysterious, because they just didn't hold with such nonsense"

That single line changed everything. I can't even begin to tell you how hooked I got on the Harry Potter books, they were my saving grace through my teen years and many a time when I had the darkness inside me I ventured into the wizarding world for an escape. Now at 24, I still turn to these books and films and the Pottermore community and Harry Potter will always be a permanent fixture in my life (literally! I have a lumos tattoo dontcha know)

Some people do the whole 'Alice you're an adult now' and I'm still struggling to find any fucks given on that front. Harry Potter transcends ages and I'll never grow out of it - anyway I'm massively digressing you're hear to find out what the hell HPFinds is right?

Well it's officially 20 years since the launch of this wonderful series and whilst I adore my lifestyle blog it can sometimes feel a tad tedious, I wanted to start something I adore and feel passionate about that can be just a little fun too! So I've decided to launch social media channels for HP Finds. Ultimately it's going to be a place to completely enable you and make you spend money!

It's basically a collection of everything Harry Potter I can possibly find! From official merchandise, to travel trips to more unique handmade original pieces - It's basically Potter Heaven and a way for me to justify all my splurges

So come along, join the HP journey and let's make the magic live forever

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Alice Megan


Unique decor from Uncommon Goods

Sunday, 11 June 2017

I'm constantly updating and renovating little parts of my house, I love collecting little unique trinkets and something that's unique and makes people ask me where I got it from

When I came across Uncommon Goods I was in absolute heaven! So so many beautiful pieces that I adore that can go across the whole house and give it a little touch of 'you' so here's a collection of my favourite pieces

Summer is right around the corner so it seems only right to begin the focus in the garden my favourite garden decor and accessories* are:

Zen cat garden sculpture

Anyone who knows me will know my love for cats (I have three real ones!) so I absolutely fell in love with these felines. They look like little budhas absolutely adorable

Bee oasis

Bees are actually incredibly important! They help sustain the eco-world we have and without them pollunating we could be in a bit of a mess. For me, the bee has taken a much stronger significance especially the worker bee being the symbol of Manchester so I'd love to encourage them to be buzzing around my garden

Moving back inside the house I often think it's the little touches which really make a house a home, the distinguishing features and little marks of personality and decorative pieces 

Wishing Wall

I think the idea of this wishing wall is so darn cute! it can be personalised too, It's a lovely way of remembering the little things that made you smile every day and then looking back over the happy thoughts further down the line

Kinetic Gear Key Holder
Hands up who loses their keys? I have a mini meltdown every single morning searching through pockets and bags and every other surface that I could have put my keys on the night before. I definitely want to invest in this gorgeous key holder. I love the steampunk style it looks so modern while harking back to a day gone by

It's important as well to remember the little things that you use every day but doesn't get any attention such as the door mat you walk on every day

Amp doormat

Instant cool points for anyone entering your home! Like seriously how cool is this? I love that it can be personalised and I love that it looks almost 3D

So for a few tweaks and changes and new items you can really put a unique stamp on your home and with 1/3 of the items incorporating recycled or upcycled materials you can be happy in the knowledge that your items are sourced responsible by the most creative artists and designers around

What's your favourite item on Uncommon Goods?

Alice Megan


What I've been watching #1

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

What to watch on TV

Some people like to live life at 100 miles an hour. Me? After a day at work there's nothing I want more than to crash out in front of the tv and relax. As such it means I'm constantly running out of new things to watch so all recommendations are very very welcome!

Right now onto some of my faves right now:

  1. Better Call Saul - I've loved this series of BCS, it's finally all coming full circle and we're learning how Jimmy Mcgill became Saul Goodman. Definitely one of my favourite spin off shows
  2. Peaky Blinders - How am I only just getting into this?!? It's absolutely epic I've only watched the first season and I'm completely hooked - Cillian Murphy is absolutely mesmerising
  3. Love Island - Oh who doesn't love a bit of trashy reality? I got completely suckered into love island yet again it's such a guilty pleasure. It's absolutely terrible TV it's undeniable but I'm compelled to watch it
  4. American Crime Story - I'm absolutely fascinated with all things crime and I can often be found watching crime documentaries so I definitely had to watch this docu-series about the OJ Simpson trials which had quite a stellar cast! many recognisable faces - I loved it!
  5. 13 reasons why - Netflix smash it again with another cracking original, this was such a good series, playing with really dark themes of being a teenager and how everything has an impact on someones life. Really difficult to watch at times but incredibly well made
What have you been watching?

Alice Megan


June Wishlist

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

June Wishlist

Every month I have a little splurge around payday on items I've been coveting, I try to be sensible spending so save items on a wishlist at the beginning of the month and if I still want them by payday then I'll buy!

Here's this months wishlist:

What are you wishing for this month?

Alice Megan


WWI #1

Monday, 5 June 2017


My name's Alice and I'm utterly addicted to food

Ok,so that might be a slight exaggeration but I just have zero self control, I'm officially obese and need to do something about that and fast - I have six months to make one of my resolutions a success. Don't get me wrong I don't want to become a size 6 model or anything like that I just want my 'bigger' frame to look a little more toned and less flab

I've officially joined a gym, now I just have to take the plunge and actually turn up! I've charged my fitbit and I've downloaded myfitnesspal. This time I'm adamant I'll stick to it.

So first up is a weigh in right? Yuck. I'm officially 6lbs heavier than 6 months ago, now 1lb a month isn't that bad right? I'm hoping to shift it much faster than that though

So any hints / tips / advice or general support would be most appreciated

Let's do this!

Alice Megan


Level 10 goals - Mid Year Update

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Clean Desk Lay

Way back in January I wrote a post about my level 10 goals, since that point I'm not going to lie I haven't even looked at them. I lost my way and spent a few months feeling very lost - still do to a point but I'm determined to keep calm and carry on so I thought I'd do a little goal check up and see how things are going

  1. Spend more time with family and friends - I'd say I don't do this enough still. I lock myself away in my room and become grumpy rather than getting out there enjoying myself. I'm definitely going to change this and make more of an effort to say 'YES'
  2. Become a senior resourcer - I'm actually really happy with my progress with this one, I feel accomplished as a resourcer and feel a promotion before the year is out is definitely within my grasp
  3. Explore Sheffield - Not nearly as much as I'd like but I have started visiting new places, this kind of goes hand in hand with the  spending time with family and friends. Both definitely need work
  4. Reach 10K Followers - This took a backwards turn! I managed to lock myself out of my pinterest account so I've had to start that all over again, couple that with my complete lack of blog presence and I've definitely made this one difficult but who knows!
  5. Save enough to buy a car - Between my savings for a house, car and my commissions from work I think this one may actually be achievable fingers crossed
  6. Pass my driving test - Took me far too long to find an instructor I like but I'm making really good progress with this one now! hopefully in the next few months I might see the results I want
  7. Fall in love - Oh hell I've given up on this!
  8. Lose weight - Kind of went backwards with this one, currently sitting around 5lbs heavier than I started in January. However right steps are being made. I've joined a gym, I'm back wearing my fitbit and tracking my food. Baby steps
  9. Empty cupboard and reinvent: LOL! I've filled it up even more #fail
  10. Win something money can't buy: I've really lost my love for comping I'm so crazy busy with work etc. that I just can't find the time anymore

So, a little hit and miss. I'm hopeful that in another six months I should have achieved at least half of these goals, and that would certainly be a fine achievement

How are your resolutions going?

Alice Megan


Waterpik WP462UK Review

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Everyone wants to look good right?
Some people spend hundreds on enhancing how they look, but many are let down by something very natural. There teeth.

Do you remember being told by your mom how you should be brushing twice a day? Flossing? Don't eat all that sugar? Yeh the older you get the more you wish you'd listened. HOWEVER it's never too late to start!

Big Smile teeth

There are some very basic tips to follow that you should already be doing! A good toothbrush, i personally recommend an electrical one, a tried and tested toothpaste and regular flossing

But flossing's a pain right? I know I hated it until I found out about the Waterpik water flossers

Waterpik WP462UK

I can't remember my oral hygiene routine without the waterpik now, it's lightweight and cordless, can be used with any mouthwash/ water you want to use and really helps you get to those tricky to reach places. There are many other benefits of using a waterpik and with only 5% of people in the UK flossing regularly can you really afford not to start using one?

  • The waterpik helps you build a quick and easy oral health routine without the troublesome floss and messing with pieces of string, its clinically proven to be more effective 
  • The speed of the waterpik means plaque doesn't stand a chance! It sprays water on two different settings with a variety of head attachments meaning that whether you have your own teeth, braces or fillings and crowns there's an attachment that will suit you and your mouth
  • Ever heard of gingivitus? That's what happens when the plaque is left and your gums become inflamed and bleed when brushing. The waterpik has been proven to completely reverse the signs of gingivitus if used on a daily basis

So if you love your smile and want to keep your teeth in tip top condition then a Waterpik is a very worthwhile investment 

What's your oral healthcare routine?

Alice Megan


How to prevent a holiday hazard

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Holiday Road Trip

Holidays - it's what we all spend our time daydreaming about while doing the 9-5. Those dream destinations, All the fun, sun and relaxation you could dream of you'd do anything to stop it being ruined. So whether you're jet setting somewhere hot, planning a ski trip, or even hopping in the car for a UK break there's a few things you should be doing to prevent holiday hazards.

  • Insurance - This is pretty crucial if you're flying out of the country - if the worst happens and your holiday gets cancelled, or you have an accident while abroad your insurance is your lifeline so make sure you properly research the type you get. Especially if your holiday may involve winter sports etc.
  • First aid kit - Now I don't want to be the boring mummy type (I'm 24 for christ sake) however there's nothing worse than being somewhere you're not familiar with and not having the simplest of medication. Make a first aid kit before you go with typical items such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, plasters, heart burn tablets etc etc. This could save you huge headaches quite literally
  • Suncream - Prevention is absolutely better than dealing with the burns and sunstroke afterwards. A quick google of your holiday destination and average temperatures will help you figure out what to take. Don't be fooled by 'dull' or 'windy' days and remember the parts most people forget such as your ears (girls you can buy scalp suncream for your parting it's an absolute lifesaver)
  • Food - Be sensible! All you can eat and all inclusive are a wonderful idea but I'd always recommend being careful of choices, hygiene levels are not the same as the UK. Avoid the dreaded delhi belly by being careful on choices, making sure meat is cooked through etc etc. Also be careful on the water you consume. Always go for bottled water. If you unfortunately do experience food poisoning be sure to check out solicitor when you're home as your holiday food poisoning claim* could actually get you a little money back
  • Sex - If you're single and away have the time of your life! Just be safe about it. Nobody want's to be coming home with an unexpected STI or even pregnancy. 

Simple enough right?
But these tips are all you need to stop a holiday turning into a nightmare

Alice Megan



Wednesday, 3 May 2017

I've been here before. 
I know the old familiar feeling so well, yet every time feels slightly different and slightly more desperate. I guess it's because I get to grips with it, so when it comes back it has to be worse for it to affect me

Drowning in depression

So here I am again. Lost. sinking. drowning. I'm here but I'm not. I smile and laugh but I don't 'feel' anymore I'm just cold. I feel like I'm a passenger in my own story, I can see my life happening and I'm going through the motions with it but I feel like I'm in a bubble and no-one can hear me screaming and no-one even notices.

I've been staring at my screen for hours, literal hours. How do I put into words what's happening in my head when I don't even understand myself? I used to have safety mechanisms, methods in place to bring me back and yet they were associated with people that don't exist in my world anymore

What do you do when the only way you know back doesn't exist anymore?

So I just keep plodding on, sinking deeper. I don't know when this happened. My life is drastically different than this time a year ago but all in all I'm happy with it and yet I'm back in this black hole. I know it's stupid trying to pinpoint things or assign a reason, because there is no reason. 
Depression doesn't need a reason, the darkness descends at any given moment and envelops everything about you.

I'm lost, dazed, confused and really don't know how to claw my way back. I will. I have before and I will again it's just right now I can't see that. I need a light at the end of the tunnel, I need something to drag me back and stop the tears. They're happening a lot lately, and I've noticed myself coming up with stupid reasons to not do the things I love. I'm becoming withdrawn and I hate myself for letting it win and letting it affect me

I've stopped it for so long sometimes I just don't want to fight any more and don't know how to - I guess this is me

Alice Megan


Improve or move?

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

When it comes to your home it's important to get it right - this is the place you're going to spend the majority of your time, your safe place, the place your family will grow up and the place you'll make tons of memories so it's crucial it's the right one for you.

I've lived in the same home since I was 2 with my mother, I'm truly a home bird but over the last few years I've considered flying the nest. Due to a few changes within my circumstances I decided to make the best of what I currently had and redecorated my bedroom from top to bottom.

I adore my little corner of the house now it has everything I could ever need right down to my not so mini fridge!

However I know in a few years I'm going to be looking to move out and that decision's a long-term investment so it's important I make the right choice.

Slater & Gordon Solicitors* have contemplated this and have made a infographic based on the survey results on whether to move home or improve where you currently live
Move or Improve Infographic

I think you can agree that covers absolutely everything you can think of in making that decision on what's right for you, while also giving hints and tips on the best way to improve your home

Me? I think I'm a little way off taking the plunge yet to move out but improving my little corner of the house certainly made me happier so I'd say if you've fallen out of love with any aspect of your home - change it! What have you got to lose?

How many different homes did you have before 'the one' ?

Alice Megan


A fresh start

Friday, 14 April 2017

Log Cabin

It's the Easter weekend! And for most of us that means a nice 4 day break from whatever the mundane 9-5 is. Want to know how I've spent most of mine? Laid in bed just relaxing and recuperating. It's funny isn't it when we're at work we get up we go to work we live a life we sleep and repeat.

Today's the first day in around 3 months I've just switched off, and it got me thinking lots of abstract thoughts. We spend our lives running around at 100 miles an hour, constantly looking at screens and powering through this high tech computer run world - imagine what it would be like going 'offgrid' for a while? A fresh start, back to basic, no screens, no technology just pure survival tools

Flogas recently ran a survey to discover where Brits would go for a fresh start and 'off grid' peace and the results were quite surprising
  • 70% of us would leave our jobs tomorrow for an adventure
  • Over 50% of people say the weather would dictate their location choice
  • 80% think living in a remote area would suit them
  • Men have more of an urge than women to break away
  • Survival skills rank highly with 77% of people thinking they could change a gas canister like the lpg from Flogas*
  • Although over half would miss their smart phones within a week!
Me? I'm not sure I could survive. I love the idea of a log cabin somewhere and peace and quiet but I'm also a self confessed tech addict so I'd definitely get withdrawal from being connected

How do you think you'd cope going 'offgrid' ?

Alice Megan


Budget spring outfit wishlist

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Spring has sprung and it's time to switch up those wardrobes, I've just cleansed mine so now I have room for brand new additions so here's my wishlist:

Spring budget wishlist
[1] Rose Bush Summer Dress - £15 - Zalando
[2] Relaxed Pocket Blazer - £15 - Boohoo
[3] Feather Necklace - £5 - Bon Marche
[4] Diamond Pattern tights - £2.99 - Forever 21
[5] Grey Suedette heeled boots - £5 - New Look
Total - £42.99

An entire spring outfit for less than £50 including accessories! I've picked a really cute bright dress as the staple piece and complimented with really simple but effective accessories that can be worn for multi occasions such as the relaxed blazer. By shopping around it's really easy to stay within a budget. I always use Lovethesales when looking for new clothes - this fab site searches all the online sales and brings them in one place so you don't have to. This way you'll never miss a bargain again

What's your top tips for budgeting in a new season?
Liked this? You may also like my Autumn dress post*

Alice Megan


5 awesome tips to keep your skin fresh and healthy

Monday, 27 March 2017

Fresh and healthy skin can be the secret to looking younger and feeling great but often half the battle to achieve this is finding out where to start. To get the clear, radiant skin you’ve always hoped for, try changing your lifestyle to incorporate these tips. 

Exfoliate your skin

As we age, our skin’s natural enzymes are less effective at removing dead skin cells that can block your pores and prevent your skin from reflecting light. This means that not only are you more prone to pimples and blemishes but your skin is left looking ashy and grey. To speed up the cellular turnover in your skin, introduce exfoliation into your natural skincare* routine. This will nourish and restore your skin as well as making the way for moisturising products to penetrate more deeply. Limit your exfoliation to one or two days per week as over-exfoliating can sometimes leave your skin dry and damaged. 

Hit the hay

Something as simple as getting the right amount of sleep every night can vastly improve your skin’s appearance. Not enough quality sleep will make your skin look tired and therefore older, especially for those who suffer from puffy eyes. Make sure you have a regular routine at bedtime so that you are fully relaxed before you nod off. If you have trouble sleeping at night, why not try exercise to tire you out? Avoiding caffeine in the evenings and avoiding eating after a certain time can also improve your overall sleep quality. 

Don’t neglect h2o

Cucumber water

Water helps to get rid of the toxins that cause blemishes and inflammation and also assists in transporting nutrients and oxygen to skin cells to prevent dehydration. If you’re dehydrated, premature ageing can occur. It is recommended that you drink at least 8 glasses of water per day and more if you live in a hot climate or if you’re particularly active. 

Go green

Green vegetables such as kale and broccoli contain mass amounts of vitamin C which have been known to get rid of the free radicals that can cause wrinkles and sagging. It has also been found that vitamin C can help to treat sun damaged skin that is notorious for causing fine lines and discolouration. Another green thing that will benefit your skin is green tea which is high in anti oxidants and therefore said to improve redness and inflammation altogether making your skin look a lot younger and fresher.  

Protect your skin from harm 

Suncream heart

Protecting your skin from harm can include anything from UV rays, hot water and even bacteria that lurk on your smartphone. Wearing sunscreen has been proven to reduce wrinkles as 90% of wrinkles are caused by sun exposure.  In terms of hot water, a steamy shower may feel great after a long day but the heat strips essential oils and creates a mild burn. Skin reacts to this by dilating blood vessels in an effort to cool down and this causes flushing and ruddiness. As we age, our skin loses its ability to shrink back to its original state meaning that we can appear ruddy all of the time

Alice Megan


Level 10 Goals: 2017

Friday, 6 January 2017

2017 Fireworks

It's 2017! Yahhhh New year new me and all that crap - because let's face it that's what it is. I used to do it every single year, make the same damn resolutions and then be miserable by 3 weeks in because I broke every single one (again.) well this year is different. I no longer make resolutions, I made real life attainable goals based upon the concept of a level 10 life

If you don't know what the level 10 life is, it's the concept of scoring each area of your life out of 10 and working hard to achieve perfect 10s because figuratively that would mean a perfect life! 10/10 in every area of your life is absolutely impossible but constantly striving for better is the best way forward so here's my 10 goals for the years in the 10 different areas of my life:

Family and Friends: Make time for them! Should be easy right? But life sometimes gets in the way and people get taken for granted so I'm going to make a conscious effort to spend time with them and have fun

Career: Become a senior resourcer. This is pretty ambitious actually, I'll have only been in the job a year come June time but I'm thinking by the turn of 2018 I could definitely be in a position where I can successfully be promoted

Fun: Explore Sheffield! I adore my city it's so beautiful and there's so much I've still not learnt and so many places I haven't visited so my fun for the year is to really get to know the city I call home

Blogging: Reach 10K total followers! I've been quite slack on the blog in the past year and I have so many lovely followers but I aim to grow from my current number of roughly 8600 to 10K over the year on combined social media. I think that's quite a modest jump so let's see if I can achieve it

Finances: Save enough money to buy a car. This goes hand in hand with one of my other goals, I'm not looking for a super flash car, just a cute little second hand car perfect for my first

Personal Development: Pass my driving test - I need to pass this year so I don't have to do my theory again! Nothing like a little pressure as motivation right?

Love: Fall in love - This is more a hope than an actual goal, there's nothing I can really do to make this happen other than keep dating and see what life has in store for me

Health and Wellbeing: Lose weight. I lost just over a stone last year which I was really pleased with. This year I'm hoping to lose even more, a stone would be good but more would be amazing

Physical Environment: Empty Cupboard and reinvent it. I have a cupboard in the wall that's pretty huge and I think it could make a perfect reading nook or similar, however it's full of stuff. It's basically a dumping ground so this year I need to finally get round to working through it

Comping: Win something money can't buy. I used to adore Comping but I've really lost the love for it, I think I need to win something money can't buy to recapture that love

What are your goals for the year?

Alice Megan