Level 10 Goals: 2017

Friday, 6 January 2017

2017 Fireworks

It's 2017! Yahhhh New year new me and all that crap - because let's face it that's what it is. I used to do it every single year, make the same damn resolutions and then be miserable by 3 weeks in because I broke every single one (again.) well this year is different. I no longer make resolutions, I made real life attainable goals based upon the concept of a level 10 life

If you don't know what the level 10 life is, it's the concept of scoring each area of your life out of 10 and working hard to achieve perfect 10s because figuratively that would mean a perfect life! 10/10 in every area of your life is absolutely impossible but constantly striving for better is the best way forward so here's my 10 goals for the years in the 10 different areas of my life:

Family and Friends: Make time for them! Should be easy right? But life sometimes gets in the way and people get taken for granted so I'm going to make a conscious effort to spend time with them and have fun

Career: Become a senior resourcer. This is pretty ambitious actually, I'll have only been in the job a year come June time but I'm thinking by the turn of 2018 I could definitely be in a position where I can successfully be promoted

Fun: Explore Sheffield! I adore my city it's so beautiful and there's so much I've still not learnt and so many places I haven't visited so my fun for the year is to really get to know the city I call home

Blogging: Reach 10K total followers! I've been quite slack on the blog in the past year and I have so many lovely followers but I aim to grow from my current number of roughly 8600 to 10K over the year on combined social media. I think that's quite a modest jump so let's see if I can achieve it

Finances: Save enough money to buy a car. This goes hand in hand with one of my other goals, I'm not looking for a super flash car, just a cute little second hand car perfect for my first

Personal Development: Pass my driving test - I need to pass this year so I don't have to do my theory again! Nothing like a little pressure as motivation right?

Love: Fall in love - This is more a hope than an actual goal, there's nothing I can really do to make this happen other than keep dating and see what life has in store for me

Health and Wellbeing: Lose weight. I lost just over a stone last year which I was really pleased with. This year I'm hoping to lose even more, a stone would be good but more would be amazing

Physical Environment: Empty Cupboard and reinvent it. I have a cupboard in the wall that's pretty huge and I think it could make a perfect reading nook or similar, however it's full of stuff. It's basically a dumping ground so this year I need to finally get round to working through it

Comping: Win something money can't buy. I used to adore Comping but I've really lost the love for it, I think I need to win something money can't buy to recapture that love

What are your goals for the year?

Alice Megan


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