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Friday, 14 April 2017

Log Cabin

It's the Easter weekend! And for most of us that means a nice 4 day break from whatever the mundane 9-5 is. Want to know how I've spent most of mine? Laid in bed just relaxing and recuperating. It's funny isn't it when we're at work we get up we go to work we live a life we sleep and repeat.

Today's the first day in around 3 months I've just switched off, and it got me thinking lots of abstract thoughts. We spend our lives running around at 100 miles an hour, constantly looking at screens and powering through this high tech computer run world - imagine what it would be like going 'offgrid' for a while? A fresh start, back to basic, no screens, no technology just pure survival tools

Flogas recently ran a survey to discover where Brits would go for a fresh start and 'off grid' peace and the results were quite surprising
  • 70% of us would leave our jobs tomorrow for an adventure
  • Over 50% of people say the weather would dictate their location choice
  • 80% think living in a remote area would suit them
  • Men have more of an urge than women to break away
  • Survival skills rank highly with 77% of people thinking they could change a gas canister like the lpg from Flogas*
  • Although over half would miss their smart phones within a week!
Me? I'm not sure I could survive. I love the idea of a log cabin somewhere and peace and quiet but I'm also a self confessed tech addict so I'd definitely get withdrawal from being connected

How do you think you'd cope going 'offgrid' ?

Alice Megan


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