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How to prevent a holiday hazard

Holiday Road Trip

Holidays - it's what we all spend our time daydreaming about while doing the 9-5. Those dream destinations, All the fun, sun and relaxation you could dream of you'd do anything to stop it being ruined. So whether you're jet setting somewhere hot, planning a ski trip, or even hopping in the car for a UK break there's a few things you should be doing to prevent holiday hazards.

  • Insurance - This is pretty crucial if you're flying out of the country - if the worst happens and your holiday gets cancelled, or you have an accident while abroad your insurance is your lifeline so make sure you properly research the type you get. Especially if your holiday may involve winter sports etc.
  • First aid kit - Now I don't want to be the boring mummy type (I'm 24 for christ sake) however there's nothing worse than being somewhere you're not familiar with and not having the simplest of medication. Make a first aid kit before you go with typical items such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, plasters, heart burn tablets etc etc. This could save you huge headaches quite literally
  • Suncream - Prevention is absolutely better than dealing with the burns and sunstroke afterwards. A quick google of your holiday destination and average temperatures will help you figure out what to take. Don't be fooled by 'dull' or 'windy' days and remember the parts most people forget such as your ears (girls you can buy scalp suncream for your parting it's an absolute lifesaver)
  • Food - Be sensible! All you can eat and all inclusive are a wonderful idea but I'd always recommend being careful of choices, hygiene levels are not the same as the UK. Avoid the dreaded delhi belly by being careful on choices, making sure meat is cooked through etc etc. Also be careful on the water you consume. Always go for bottled water. If you unfortunately do experience food poisoning be sure to check out solicitor when you're home as your holiday food poisoning claim* could actually get you a little money back
  • Sex - If you're single and away have the time of your life! Just be safe about it. Nobody want's to be coming home with an unexpected STI or even pregnancy. 

Simple enough right?
But these tips are all you need to stop a holiday turning into a nightmare

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