Sunday, 28 May 2017

Waterpik WP462UK Review

Everyone wants to look good right?
Some people spend hundreds on enhancing how they look, but many are let down by something very natural. There teeth.

Do you remember being told by your mom how you should be brushing twice a day? Flossing? Don't eat all that sugar? Yeh the older you get the more you wish you'd listened. HOWEVER it's never too late to start!

Big Smile teeth

There are some very basic tips to follow that you should already be doing! A good toothbrush, i personally recommend an electrical one, a tried and tested toothpaste and regular flossing

But flossing's a pain right? I know I hated it until I found out about the Waterpik water flossers

Waterpik WP462UK

I can't remember my oral hygiene routine without the waterpik now, it's lightweight and cordless, can be used with any mouthwash/ water you want to use and really helps you get to those tricky to reach places. There are many other benefits of using a waterpik and with only 5% of people in the UK flossing regularly can you really afford not to start using one?

  • The waterpik helps you build a quick and easy oral health routine without the troublesome floss and messing with pieces of string, its clinically proven to be more effective 
  • The speed of the waterpik means plaque doesn't stand a chance! It sprays water on two different settings with a variety of head attachments meaning that whether you have your own teeth, braces or fillings and crowns there's an attachment that will suit you and your mouth
  • Ever heard of gingivitus? That's what happens when the plaque is left and your gums become inflamed and bleed when brushing. The waterpik has been proven to completely reverse the signs of gingivitus if used on a daily basis

So if you love your smile and want to keep your teeth in tip top condition then a Waterpik is a very worthwhile investment 

What's your oral healthcare routine?


  1. The Waterpik sounds so useful. I must admit that I don't like flossing, but this gadget sounds really good!

    1. I hate flossing! This has made it much easier

  2. I have not seen one of these before but I do think it is a great idea and might be a useful gadget for the home to help keep our teeth good.

    1. It's definitely making my teeth feel much cleaner


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