Level 10 goals - Mid Year Update

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Clean Desk Lay

Way back in January I wrote a post about my level 10 goals, since that point I'm not going to lie I haven't even looked at them. I lost my way and spent a few months feeling very lost - still do to a point but I'm determined to keep calm and carry on so I thought I'd do a little goal check up and see how things are going

  1. Spend more time with family and friends - I'd say I don't do this enough still. I lock myself away in my room and become grumpy rather than getting out there enjoying myself. I'm definitely going to change this and make more of an effort to say 'YES'
  2. Become a senior resourcer - I'm actually really happy with my progress with this one, I feel accomplished as a resourcer and feel a promotion before the year is out is definitely within my grasp
  3. Explore Sheffield - Not nearly as much as I'd like but I have started visiting new places, this kind of goes hand in hand with the  spending time with family and friends. Both definitely need work
  4. Reach 10K Followers - This took a backwards turn! I managed to lock myself out of my pinterest account so I've had to start that all over again, couple that with my complete lack of blog presence and I've definitely made this one difficult but who knows!
  5. Save enough to buy a car - Between my savings for a house, car and my commissions from work I think this one may actually be achievable fingers crossed
  6. Pass my driving test - Took me far too long to find an instructor I like but I'm making really good progress with this one now! hopefully in the next few months I might see the results I want
  7. Fall in love - Oh hell I've given up on this!
  8. Lose weight - Kind of went backwards with this one, currently sitting around 5lbs heavier than I started in January. However right steps are being made. I've joined a gym, I'm back wearing my fitbit and tracking my food. Baby steps
  9. Empty cupboard and reinvent: LOL! I've filled it up even more #fail
  10. Win something money can't buy: I've really lost my love for comping I'm so crazy busy with work etc. that I just can't find the time anymore

So, a little hit and miss. I'm hopeful that in another six months I should have achieved at least half of these goals, and that would certainly be a fine achievement

How are your resolutions going?

Alice Megan


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