Saturday, 30 September 2017

Autumn/Winter Beauty Trends

Brrrr Autumn is certainly here!
The weather's turned and the jumpers and boots are out and I'm THRILLED. Give me comfy cardigans and tights over flimsy summer clothing every day of the week.

One thing that does change with the change in seasons is Beauty Trends, while on a standard day the only change I make is to use a more luxurious moisturiser (yuck to dry skin and coldness) I do have a lot of occasions and parties to be attending this year which means paying much closer attention to make sure my beauty style is on point

One of the biggest occasions I have coming up is my Auntie's wedding so I've been paying a lot of attention to professionals and wholesalers and styles I can go and let some one else do because I want to look extra special so here's what I've decided on!


Side partings are such a subtle change and are going to be big this Autumn/Winter, my usual style is centre parted straight and long. However I do have curly hair naturally.
Big bouncy curls
The wedding is going to have a really elegant feel to it so I've decided to go with a side parting and big bouncy curls, I love how Jessica Alba looks in this photo and think it looks really sophisticated 

Make Up

Make ups tricky for a wedding, it needs to look quite understated for the day but be brought to life for the evening
Red poppy lips

Red lips never go out of fashion at all and it looks very classy, this season it's being updated as a very bright poppy red, covered with a clear gloss to make it really stand out.

I'm going to pair it with quite a neutral toned down eye and then lashings of mascara for the evening


This is definitely something I need help with! I'm absolutely terrible at doing my nails and see so many pretty designs!
Gold dipped nails

I think going to a nail technician and letting them use one of their professional nail art kits* will give me the best results.

I'm thinking a navy base and dipped gold nails for that midas touch look

What do you think will be the top trends this Autumn / Winter?

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