Friday, 17 August 2018

Top 5 Beauty Products I can't live without

I haven't wrote a beauty post in literally years. Like we're talking actual years here, probably because I'm the kind of girl that uses baby wipes to take my make-up off and would rather sleep an extra 10 minutes than do a full morning beauty routine

However that does mean that when I use a product it's because it's literally amazing, if I'm losing sleep time in favour of applying a moisturiser you know it comes on good recommendation (for those that don't know me too well my favourite hobby is and will always be sleeping). So here's my top 5 can't live without products right now

Top 5 Beauty Products

Literally the only moisturiser I'll ever use now, it's the best thing on my skin. I have really dry flaky skin and occasionally suffer from eczema and can't recommend the formula of this one enough it's really luxurious but not at all greasy 

I adore a good face mask and this one is my go to right now. It's a peel off blackhead mask and unlike many others I've tried on the market it's not excruciatingly painful to remove! Winner. I find my skin to be really smooth after application and it really easy to peel away

A completely natural treatment for rough and dry skin. It's in such cute packaging too, it's a nice creamy balm that hydrates dry skin and leaves a barrier of protection, this is such a useful product! It can be used anywhere at all, think vaseline but better. I've been using it on my feet to get them nice and smooth for the summer holidays

[4] Garnier Skinactive BB Light - £4.89 (currently reduced from £9.99 at Superdrug)
Boots recently stopped making the 17 range which made my holy grail BB cream *sob* however that did mean I had to discover a new product, this Garnier one is really great. It looks like a lotion, mixes like a foundation and literally adapts to your existing skintone to give you a healthy glow without making you look 'made up' it's become my go to product for every day wear

[5] Bourjois Volume Glam Ultra Curl - £8.99 (Spend £12 on Bourjois get a free gift at Boots)
I naturally have quite long lashes but I do love Bourjois for mascaras, my newest edition is the glam ultra curl, I love the curled wand and how clean it comes out this literally never gathers any gunk on the wand. It curls my lashes and makes them have a false lash effect without the hassle

What's the product you can't live without?

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Swimwear and Body Positivity

I recently wrote a post about what to wear to the beach, within that post I wrote about how stressful it is sorting an outfit and it got me thinking about why - what is it about the beach that gets me so worked up and stressed? 

I realised - it's other damn people.

Body positivity in swimwear

It's quite simple really it all stems back to being a 'bigger girl', we naturally don't take to showing our bodies off too well, if anything I spend the vast majority of my time trying to find ways of hiding my lumps and bumps not wearing Swimwear* to show it off. It's not necessarily how I feel either it's more the shit beauty standards placed on women, if you don't have a drop dead bikini body then people look at you like you don't belong, whispering and sneering at the beach whale who dares to flaunt their curves.

I adore swimming, I always have I just feel ultra calm floating around a gorgeous pool on holiday, but that's the only place I ever wear swimwear, and even then I normally have a kaftan covering me and then slide into the pool hidden away. Normally in an ill fitting costume or bikini because lets be fair girls finding swimwear that fits your boobs and all your other jiggly bits properly can be pretty difficult.

The crux of it all is I don't swim anywhere near enough, not because I don't want to but because I think as a plus size girl I shouldn't and that's complete crap. I SHOULD be swimming, I SHOULD be enjoying myself and my size should have nothing to do with it at all. If anything I'm quite comfortable, especially wearing Plus Size Swimwear* because it just fits in the right places. Made specifically to hold you in and flatter all the right places. What holds me back is others opinions but you know what? I've had it giving complete strangers any influence over my life

I'm going to Orlando this year, and I'll be spending at least 2 days in water parks and I'm beyond excited, I'm ordering lots of different styles of swimwear and I'm going to learn to love my body and I'm going to have as much fun as I can living my life, laughing and splashing around because at the end of the day life is for living not hiding away in the shade

Tell me your body positive stories

Friday, 10 August 2018

What to wear to the beach

Despite the fact that we've had endless sunshine for what feels like eternity, we're only just heading into prime holiday season. If you're heading away you're very likely to be visiting a beach for that ultimate relaxation (hopefully you didn't experience any airport delays but I've got destressing tips for that too) - what isn't relaxing is getting a outfit sorted for the beach.
What to wear to the beach

I always struggle putting together an outfit for a beach day while I'm away so I'm taking more time to plan, you guys can now use my wishlist to get the perfect outfit too!

Simply Be Beachwear

First up is a stylish beachwear cover up, this takes your swimsuit to a level where you can wear it all day - A kaftan that can be easily removed means you can take as many dips in the sea as you want. Next up is the swimwear itself, now this is crucial for feeling comfortable all day long, there's so many styles now from bikini's to one pieces to a range of swimdresses* all available from Simply Be. I personally feel most comfortable in a swim dress, but definitely try a few different styles and patterns out. Finally shoes! Make sure you pick open shoes like sliders so they can be easily removed to feel the sand in your toes

That's your core items, but the little accessories are what pull any outfit together
SimplyBe Accessories
A stylish beach bag with all your essentials such as a beach towel, kindle and sunglasses would make your beach trip even more relaxing. Perspex bag's are really popular at the minute and I'm loving this coral tone it's really summery. I love the idea of a huge floppy hat too, it helps protect you from the sun and keep you looking stylish

What are your beach essentials?

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

5 ways to beat the stress of airport delays

No one likes getting stuck in an airport for extended periods when delays are caused out there on the runway, in the air above us, or behind those strange partitions from where flight attendants look out at us so disapprovingly—we get it. The question is, though, what to do to fill that time besides glaring at the departure boards willing them desperately to reveal good news. Here are some suggestions that will keep you from heading for the nearest bar or overpriced restaurant to help make the time pass by.
Beat the stress of airport delays

Be prepared
Okay, it’s annoying to be told to know in advance that the airlines have let you down, but where is the harm in having something to do ready just in case? Why not use the time to listen to a podcast you've been meaning to or catch up on that Netflix series? You know, you could even feel productive while you wait and learn something! A language would be a good start to a trip, don't you think?

Try downloading MindSnacks or Memrise; for any bored passenger, these are really neat starting points because you can play games (and learn) while you wait! Alternatively, you might even be able to schedule an impromptu online class by going to* and you could actually practice with a native Spanish speaking teacher before your trip to Spain!—which has now been delayed by 5 more hours. Lastly, you could even dare to speak to a real-life person, like the one sitting next to you in the waiting lounge. That or just creepily listen in on the conversations around you and get your practice time in; how amazing would it be to find you can already understand them?

Comfort eat
Come on, indulge, you're about to go off and travel anyway, why not pass the time by filling your face with something delicious that catches your eye? This could be one of those meal deals there are always on offer in the generic stores every airport in the world seems to have, so you can chew angrily in the waiting area and not miss an announcement. Or, alternatively, you could indulge in one of those cafés or restaurants that are overpriced yet always seem to be serving something appetizing. What are a few extra calories when you're already burning off more of them in fury at being delayed?

Old faithful
If spending all your money on food doesn't feel like your ticket to happiness, you could always hit the shops! Take advantage of the slightly cheaper prices on all your favorite scents and alcohol, loading up your carry-on before you even start! And why not use this time to stock up on the essentials, like that sunscreen and shower gel stolen from you at security when you forgot you can only take 100ml on board?

Reading corner
Because delays happen, isn't this the perfect opportunity to work through a chapter or two of your current book? And if you haven't one with you, those stores twinkling at you with all their offerings will have a great selection of airport reads and magazines to keep you occupied. You never know, you might lose a few hours of your holiday but gain a favorite new author at the same time!

As a last resort
Most airports have at least a few minutes of free Wi-Fi for you to use on your phones and tablets. Why not use those few minutes for last minute goodbyes, app updates, or even to complain on Twitter about your delay to get yourself some media attention?

Though if all else fails… we'll see you at the bar. Start off your holiday making new friends! Drinks are always a great bonding experience. Happy holidays wherever you are traveling!

What's your fail safe tip for coping with delays?

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Wingz fashion arm coverage review

Hands up who's got body insecurities
Yep most of us right, don't get me wrong I think body positivity is amazing but applying this to every day situations can sometimes be harder than we think, especially feeling comfortable in what we look like or wear. 
Wingz Review

One of my main hang ups is my arms, no matter what I seem to do they just look really big to me, I'm pretty pale but my arms always seem to go red too which makes me really reluctant to wear certain clothing items, which I have to admit with the weather we've been having recently has been really annoying, I'm always working on my self confidence and feeling more confident but one thing that's helped me immeasurably is a product called Wingz*

If you haven't heard about them you're going to love it! Wingz is an arm coverage solution, it's basically a sleeved shrug which sits just under your bra and gives any item of clothing magic 'sleeves' it transforms any top and gives you that boost of confidence you wanted

Wingz before and after

As you can see from the pictures I've got a really nice khaki top which is sleevless, I really love the top but when I wear it I don't feel confident at all, the wingz makes it looks like a completely different top and you can't even tell it's a separate item of clothing, it fits seamlessly

What's more there's so many different kinds of wingz! There's a whole range of colours and fabrics to suit any of your sleeveless clothes. I'm definitely going to be buying more, I'm aiming to feel more confident in my own skin but for now I'm happy faking it and wearing my wingz

Have you heard of wingz? 


Friday, 27 July 2018

101 in 1001 goals update

A while ago now (approx 137 days if you're interested) I set myself 101 goals to complete in 1001 days . Well since then I've been working really hard to actually accomplish some of the goals or at least get them started so here's a little update on my progress

Day Zero 101 in 1001

[1] Explore Sheffield - I've been heading out visiting new attractions, restaurants etc. and tracking them all on Tripadvisor

[2] Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando - I can't believe this one is actually happening, I put it on as a complete wish and dream I recently booked my holiday to Orlando and I'm so excited

[7] Buy a house - I'm sat writing this in my own house, absolute madness! Not long after making the list I saw a house that I completely fell in love with and here I am

[8] Get an Alice in Wonderland tattoo - This one was a very easy one to complete and I still love my Alice tattoo now

[11] Decorate my new home - This one will be in progress for a while but I'm really pleased with how my home's turning out

[22] Get promoted to Senior Delivery Consultant at work - I've been doing really well at work, I've had a payrise and now have targets for a promotion so fingers cross this one will be soon

[25] 10k followers on social media - I'm only roughly about a thousand away from completing this one now, I've seen huge growth on social media which I'm really happy with

[28] Own a proper floor to ceiling bookcase - I have a gorgeous cube/bookcase that's as high to the ceiling as I'd like in my new bedroom

[29] Go to Thorpe Park - I can't begin to tell you how many years I've wanted to go here, not long after meeting my boyfriend we went for a weekend and it was absolutely amazing 

[30] Meet someone special - One of what I thought was a more unrealistic goals based on my previous experiences in relationships but this time I'm convinced I've met my forever boy

[42] 'Try' Pinterest Pins rather than just pinning and leaving - I'm doing this much more regularly, following blog advice or recipes etc.

[44] Huge tidy of my bedroom, go for a more minimalist approach - Well as I moved I made sure not to move all the rubbish I'd accumulated with me so my bedroom is beautifully minimalistic now

[48] Once moved out rescue a cat / dog - My auntie's cat wasn't living a nice life she was terrified of the dogs she lived with so she's come to live with me now, she absolutely adores having so much freedom

[53] Get a caricature made of me - Had one done in Thorpe Park with Connor

[57] Tell someone I love them and truly mean it - This is the first time I've genuinely felt it and seen a forever with someone

[69] Order from every takeaway that delivers to me on just eat - Now I have a new address I've started working my way through the takeaways list

[76] Complete my Harry Potter Jigsaw - I'd say I'm roughly 1/3 of the way here 

[86] Be a bridesmaid - My mum and dad are finally going to get married next summer so I get to be a bridesmaid

[91] Go on a murder mystery weekend - I did a murder mystery task in Sheffield which was really fun, it was all via an app called CluedUp and was really interactive

[94] Have a walk in closet - My spare room is slowly being transformed into a walk in wardrobe / dressing up area which I love

So there we go at least 20 of my 101 goals have had a serious dent made in them which I'm really pleased with

What goals are you working on at the minute?


Saturday, 21 July 2018

Why You Should Not Drive Before Making These 3 Checks

When the sun is out it is easy to make last-minute travel plans, to hop into the car and to hit the open road. Stop! Just for a moment consider whether or not your car is ready to make a longer than usual journey in blazing conditions. The higher temperatures found in a heatwave mean that all vehicles can suffer when they are being driven. Before you embark on any car journey you should always take steps to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive. In the summer's heat, this is even more important. What quick checks should you be making to ensure your car's occupants are safeguarded from potential problems on the road? 

3 checks to do before driving anywhere

Tyre Inspections 
Tyres don't take long to check over yourself. Firstly, it is child's play to look up the recommended pressure level for each tyre and to pump them up at the petrol station accordingly. Under-inflated tyres don't offer sufficient grip on the road and you can easily lose control when you approach a corner at speed unless they are correctly pressurised. Take a moment or two to check the sides of your tyres, as well. If you see things that look like semi-circular scratches in the sidewalls of any of your tyres, then it usually means that they have been exposed to ultraviolet light damage. UV light is more abundant during the long summer days and it can cause your tyres' rubber compound to come apart from itself. Replace any tyres that show this sort of degradation before you think about getting on the open road. Finally, use the rim of a twenty pence coin to check your tyres have enough tread. If the tread depth is sufficient, then the rim of the coin should disappear inside. Remember to do this all the way around the tyre to make sure they are street legal over their entire circumference. 

Confirm Your Air Conditioning Works 
You might not have used your air conditioning since last summer or the last time you took the car out in hot conditions. If so, then you might find that it has stopped working as well as it used to. This is perfectly normal in most cars because the gases inside the system tend to leak out over time. All that is needed is for the air conditioning system to be re-pressurised if you notice it is not coming through. Wakefield customers can now book car servicing from here* which will include a re-pressurisation of the air conditioning system if appropriate. The last thing you need as a driver is a car full of hot passengers which means it becomes incredibly difficult to concentrate on the road ahead. 

Check Your Oil 
Too many drivers wait until their warning light comes on before topping up with motor oil. Remember that this fluid keeps your engine cool and it will need to do its job on a long car journey in the heat. You should use your dipstick to confirm there is sufficient oil in the engine but only when the car's motor has not been running for a while and has cooled down. If you do it after you pull up, then you won't know if there is enough oil in the system.

Do you know how to check your car?

Monday, 16 July 2018

Festival Survival Guide - Packing Checklist

Are you heading to a festival this summer? 
With the UK enjoying glorious sunshine (no... seriously...this is happening...) I've got you covered for your festival packing with this festival survival guide. Whether you're looking for the best festival tents or ways to keep fresh and clean while you're away check out my essential guide below:

Girl at festival watching a band

Did you know that tents are the most abandoned items at festivals? Let's face it most people buy cheap and then don't want to mess with the fiddly thing trying to pack it away again. What you need is a festival friendly tent like a Eurohike tent*
Blue Eurohike Festival tent

I've been testing this Eurohike Cairns DLX 2 man tent, it's compact and rolls back into a neat little bag but it's also really spacious inside with quite a large porch and sleeping area making it a fab addition to any festival goers supplies as you can all gather round. Its super simple to put up too with only a 3 pole construction. This one's currently on offer at only £36 too, an absolute steal

If even that's too much fuss there's a huge range of tents* from pop up to inflatable ones to bigger berth if you're heading away with a big group available at both Blacks and Millets

Deal with this one now... you will not get the best nights sleep you've ever had in your life. Unless you're glamping you're sleeping in a tent in the middle of a field, sugar coat that however you want. BUT a good quality sleeping bag can seriously alter your festival experience, it can change a really unsettled sleep to quite a cosy one
This Berghaus* transition sleeping bag is honestly super comfortable it's a mummy style and has a double layer hollow fibre fill to keep you toasty warm (we're in England... the sun will go away eventually!) on offer at £24 you can essentially get a really good quality tent and sleeping bag for only £60!

Not your thing? There's a whole range of airbeds, camping beds and Berghaus sleeping bags* available on both Blacks and Millets

  • Wellies - a good waterproof and mud proof pair
  • Rain Mac / Poncho - just in case
  • Durable back pack - something big enough for your sleeping bag and tent
  • Quick drying legwear - leggings are your friend, avoid denim and jeans
  • Spare socks and underwear - nobody likes soggy socks

  • Portable Charger - in this switched on world you're bound to need this
  • Camera / Go Pro - Don't waste your phone battery
  • Torch - A stronger more powerful one than your phone's torch
  • Bluetooth speaker - for when you're chilling at your tent

  • Toilet Roll
  • Wet Wipes
  • Sun cream
  • Hand sanitiser 
  • Berocca (trust me)
  • Dry Shampoo
  • ID
  • Your ticket (yes I know obvious right?
What are your festival essentials?

Saturday, 14 July 2018

How to Use Lighting to Make a House a Home

After managing to save for a house deposit you'll finally be at a stage to start living in your new pad. When you move into a new house, you might struggle to make it feel homely. It can seem like a foreign land but with a few bits of decor and personalisation, your new house will feel like a home in no time at all. One of the best ways to do this is with lighting. It doesn’t have to cost a lot and it can really open up a room to make it feel more bright and spacious. Here’s everything you need to know about lighting by room.

How to use lighting to make a house a home

In the Living Room
The living room is the perfect place to relax after a long day at work. It’s where we watch TV, play board games and read books. With so many different activities, we need lighting that is flexible. The best option is LED lights with dimmer switches – you can turn them up to full when you are reading, and lower them when you are watching a film at night. A floor lamp is also a great addition to the living room as it provides a source of light in one area rather than in the whole room.

In the Kitchen
Kitchen lighting

In the kitchen, we need bright lights so we can prep food and read recipes. However, most of us also use our kitchen to entertain, as it’s nearly always where the party ends up. It’s ideal to create lighting zones in your kitchen. For instance, over the worktops, you would use undercabinet lights for a bright, focused light which doesn’t cast any shadows – this will help you when you’re cooking. Over your dining table, you might want to use a pendant light* with a dimmer switch. Not only does this make a style statement but it means that you can customise the lighting level depending on the occasion. If you have a contemporary kitchen and you want it to stand out, you can use plinth lights on the bottom of your units to give the illusion that they are floating.

In the Bedroom
Bedroom Lighting

Want to make dark mornings in winter easier? After all, there’s nothing worse than waking up and needing to switch the main light on to see. LED lights offer plenty of options for bedroom lighting and one of the best is wardrobe lighting. It can be activated via a sensor to come on when you open your wardrobe, so you don’t need to switch the main light on to get dressed. For your centre light, opt for a stylish pendant which hangs in the middle of your bed; just make sure that you position it so that you don’t hit your head when you sit up!

In the Bathroom
The bathroom is another area where strong, bright lighting is required. We’ve all been there when we’ve done our makeup only to discover that it isn’t blended properly or we’ve shaved and missed a spot. One way to stop this is to put strip lighting above your bathroom mirror. This form of lighting is totally unobtrusive and you’ll hardly notice it, but it will make a major difference to your makeup application or shave.

You can really make the most of your garden with lighting. If you’re looking for an intimate, boho feel, try hanging string lights from the trees. If you’d like to get more use out of your decking area when it’s dark, use recessed decking lights – they don’t cause a trip hazard and they can help you

continue the party after a long day in the sun. Worried about security? Sensor activated outdoor wall lights can deter burglars from your property.

What are your favourite types of lighting?

Monday, 9 July 2018

Top 5 Activities for a Fun Packed Day in Sheffield

If you’re spending a weekend in Sheffield, lucky you, you’re in for a treat. With so much to do throughout the day and night – including that deservedly massive nightlife reputation - you won’t have a minute to stop for a breather in Sheffield… not that you’d want to. Stag and hen party planners, Last Night of Freedom*, know the city like the backs of their hands, we have teamed up together to round up our top five recommended activities for a fun-packed day in the Yorkshire city.

It’s first for a reason; Sheffield nightlife will live up to the hype you’ve heard about and exceed all of your expectations. The centre of the city is largely pedestrianised and boasts well-populated bars, including the student-laden boozers on Ecclesall Road, the characterful, watering-hole lined streets of West Street, Carver Street and Division Street and plenty of minimalist bars on Glossop Road and Devonshire Street. If you’re after a good way to kick off any night, we can’t recommend a cocktail class enough; they break the ice and get everyone talking (and a bit tipsy) and will ensure that everyone leaves with a new skill under their belt. Bonus. There are plenty of venues which offer cocktail classes in Sheffield, but Las Iguanas and Revolution top the charts for us. As far as live music venues, you needn’t look any further than Leadmill, who has seen the likes of The Pogues, Coldplay, Muse, Snow Patrol, Arctic Monkeys, The Stone Roses, Kings of Leon, Kasabian and The Killers to name but a few, grace its famous stage.

A little bit of retail therapy is the perfect way to while away a few hours during the day on any fun-packed weekend – and when in Sheffield, you’ve got plenty of choice when it comes to places to splash the cash. Fargate and The Moor shopping precincts in the city centre are where you’ll find the biggest names in high street stores, as well as boutique and independent shops, and you’ve even got the whopping Meadowhall, with over 270 retail outlets, 37 restaurants and an 11 screen cinema – attracting over 30 million visitors annually. 

not get your sweet fix with a side of eye candy at the same time, on your Sheffield weekend? With this fabulous activity, you’ll have two sexy semi-naked chocolatiers at your beck and call, serving the drinks you’ve brought and helping you to pipe, dip and decorate your very own chocolate truffles. Drool…

Glow Sports 
You’ve got it glowin’ on… so why not try something totally unique on your weekend in Sheffield, like a glow sports session. We all love a bit of friendly competition but playing in the dark under UV lights really hikes the stakes up a notch. With this cool activity, you and your friends will have a choice of playing volleyball, dodgeball, netball, football or touch rugby, and will have all the neon clothing you could possibly need, all provided – making sure you shine out in the darkness. Plus, it’s a great way to work those hangovers off… 

Totally Wiped Out 
Whether you’re a massive fan of the classic BBC gameshow or you’re just up for a laugh with your mates – Totally Wiped Out is fast-paced and seriously competitive. This massive, outdoor, inflatable obstacle course has games that you’ve seen on TV, like weeper Arm, Tricky Trunks and Punch Wall – with the aim of the day quickly escalating into seeing how ridiculous you all look, slipping and sliding across the obstacle course. If you like the sound of this glorious city, or you just want to find out a little more about what it has to offer, check out LNOF Sheffield Weekends page for more information.

What's your favourite thing to do in Sheffield?

Monday, 2 July 2018

The perfect interview outfit — a graduate guide

Are you graduating this year? Super stressful right? I remember it well, juggling late nights at the library for revision, spending hours meeting that 10,000-word target for your dissertation, and trying to find a job to walk into after graduation can get a bit too much. Not to mention that part-time job and trying to have some sort of a social life. 

When you eventually get invited to an interview, they are often with short notice and come around quickly — leaving you with little time to decide what to wear never mind prep beyond that! CT shirts, retailers of menswear and suits*, gives us some advice on how to nail that interview look

Dress for the job you want is very important, if you're interviewing for charity work or bar work etc. then dressing super formally won't be the best representation. For these interviews, it is likely that they won’t expect you to be dressed very formally, and will be more concerned with your personality, including your punctuality. Of course, that doesn't mean turning up in a onesie but dressing for the occasion. The age old smart jeans and a 'nice top' will take you a long way

Business casual
Some interviews may specify business-casual attire on the invitation. This is fun because NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THAT MEANS
This may be because they have this dress code in the office or it may be for an assessment day where you are expected to be there all day and recruiters want you to feel comfortable. 
If you are unsure what to wear, it’s best to dress too formally rather than too casually to avoid giving off the wrong impression. Chinos, a nice shirt and brogues is smart and professional without overdoing it


For formal interviews, you should adopt a professional look. These interviews could be in front of directors of the company for a graduate job or an internship. You want to look your best here; your appearance certainly counts, and with the high level of competition at this stage, you don’t want to fall at any hurdles. Suited and booted is the way forward here 

While I completely believe that you should be allowed to dress however you like, unfortunately during interviews there's certain expectations. What's most important is you dress for your shape and what makes you feel comfortable, if it's a professional interview don't worry about dressing smart - suits don't have to be boring, shop around and try a few on to find the right cut and what suits your body shape.

If the interview is business casual then a trouser suit or even a skirt would be absolutely fine. I'd recommend tights with a smart dress and a smart ankle boot. 

When it comes to footwear, I can't stress how important it is to wear with confidence. If you're a heels girl then rock them but make sure you can walk in them, personally I have never and will never be a heels girl so I tend to opt for brogues or ballet flats, if you're comfortable your confidence will shine through

Professional interviews for men are fairly simple a smart tailored suit that best represents your style and shape, a slim leg is always flattering too. A dark sock will blend into your outfit, however a little personality isn't a bad thing! One thing I do think always looks really smart is a stylish watch to really complete the formal look

For your feet any kind of smart shoes or brogues should be fine, I recommend you make sure they're really clean before your interview

Once an interview is business casual its trickier for men, it's hard to hit this one without looking too underdressed. A smart shirt and chinos would work, or even dark jeans and a blazer, something a little more casual a suit but still reads that you're hear to impress

What to avoid
As we can see, the main thing to do is to make sure you feel comfortable in your outfit — it will show in the interview! However, there are a few things that you should avoid:
* Too much perfume or aftershave.
* Too much jewellery or makeup.
* Polo shirts, t-shirts, leggings, ripped jeans - if you'd be comfortable lounging around your home in the clothes then they're probably too casual for an interview

How do you prepare your style for an interview?

Friday, 29 June 2018

Best first cars for new & young drivers

Did you know I passed my driving test? Yes FINALLY. 
I'm now zipping around the roads in my little VW Up happily driving along - but it's so tricky to decide what kind of car to get when you're a new driver so here's a few ideas

Best first cars for new drivers

Buying your first car is no doubt a rite of passage for all drivers. You’ve waited so long to buy the perfect car and you’ve been dreaming of this moment since the first time you sat in a driver’s seat. But now the time has come to buy the first car you are undoubtedly overwhelmed with the options out there. Which is why I have rounded up a few of the best first cars for new & young drivers.

Skoda Citigo

Yes, I know, it’s not very flashy. It’s not completely bland, but it’s certainly not a dream sports car – but that doesn’t mean the Citigo is bad when you get behind the wheel. It’s cheap to run and easy to get the hang of, especially considering you can go for a three-door version if you’re not too confident with a bigger model. The electric version may be even better with many car lease deals* available on vehicles like the Citigo.

Hyundai i10

The i10 is like the Citigo – easy to use and large enough to do what it’s designed to do. It’s by no means the perfect car, but that’s kind of the point: it’s meant to be a stepping stone, a way to make sure you can ignore your bad habits and keep your car (and yourself) safe on the road.

There are a few different models, like any car, so it might be worth doing a bit of research. Having a car is important, but air conditioning and a GPS dashboard might be the extras that make your car the perfect option for you.

Volkswagen Polo

If you don’t mind paying a little more than you might have to, the Polo is extremely safe – if you struggle to get the hang of your brakes, or worry about thefts each time you’re away from your car, it may be the ideal choice for you!

It’s also really, really roomy! The boot’s huge, the seats are huge, the doors are huge: there’s no one situation where this is important, it’s just generally good, and most price-focused cars don’t have that sort of practical space.

The price doesn’t have to be that much of a problem, though – if you’re only going to keep it for a year or so, consider personal car leasing* instead of straight-up buying a vehicle. Trust me, it makes a difference.

Seat Ibiza

The Ibiza is cheap to buy and to finance. Like most of the cars on this list, it’s definitely not the world’s most perfect vehicle, but it’s got quite a lot of space and enough power to keep you going! You’ll barely feel bumps in the road, since it’s been designed mostly for comfort, and you shouldn’t have much trouble controlling it at any speed.

Kia Picanto

The Picanto is cheap, roomy and reliable, definitely worth getting if you’re able to! It’s a city car all over: it handles well, carries plenty of shopping or bags, and can work as either a family, personal or work car!

The only downside is that, obviously, it’s a city car. It’s not meant to tackle dirt roads or really steep hills, so it might not be as perfect as it first appears, depending on where you live.

What was your first car?

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Ultimate Guide to Streaming Services

As a resident couch potato if there's one thing I know and know really well it's my TV, whether that's a 4KTV Panasonic*, or streaming from my laptop while cosied up in bed snoozing (because after all us Brit's are a bunch of snoozers* ) TV is definitely my specialist subject. It's been transformed from only 3 channels to now having a whole plethora of channels and methods to watch your favourite shows - it makes it tricky to decide how to actually consume your entertainment. So I decided to write a guide of the best ways, the cheapest ways and the methods with the best content so sit back and get to reading my ultimate guide to streaming services 

Girl eating popcorn watching tv

For me Netflix is the daddy of streaming sites, it's most people's go to and for a very good reason! With over 5000 different titles and a huge selection of top quality netflix original shows it's more than worth the £5.99 a month - you can even get the first month for free to make sure you'll like it. With super clever algorithms to help you find more programmes based on your preferences, and new content dropping every month you'll never be stuck for something to watch again

Amazon Prime
With roughly 3 times the content of Netflix, amazon prime is quick on it's heels ready to steal the streaming crown, I personally find amazon prime better for films than tv show content but watch out and make sure what you want to watch is actually part of the service as theirs quite a few additional costs for certain films. £5.99 a month BUT if you're already an amazon prime member you get this for free which I think is absolutely worthwhile if you're an amazon addict like me. I watch mine on an amazon fire stick* which is super simple to plug into your tv and off you go

Now TV
Now TV is a streaming service owned by Sky, so you know it's content is quality - while it may not boast the quantity of Netflix or Prime it makes up for that with exclusives such as Game of Thrones and Westworld. The price of this one varies depending on your package so you need to decide if you're a box set lover, a film buff or wanting to watch every kick in the premier league
 (£7.99 / £9.99 / £39.99)

Iplayer / 4OD / ITV Player
Cheap as chips and full of content is the terrestrial TV's streaming services, perfect for playing catch up on all your favourites - you do need a television licence to stream!

The most expensive of the TVpackages / streaming services but there's a reason it demands such a price, you know what you're getting with a Sky TV package, top quality content, hundreds of channels and a top app to stream on the go with Sky Go - over 300 channels starting at £20 a month is perfect for the tv buff who likes to watch in real time

So there's a guide to the best streaming services in the UK - I personally use Freeview TV, along with catch up (Iplayer / 4OD / ITV Player) and adore Netflix - I find this is the best way to always have great content but without breaking the bank. Most services offer a free trial (excluding sky) so take your pick enjoy a free month and then figure out what best suits your chill out time

What's your favourite streaming service?

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2018 & Competition

We're very quickly approaching Father's Day - it's the 17th June for you forgetful folk so I thought I'd put together a little gift guide to help inspire you for those tricky men in your life. I don't know about you but buying for my dad is easily one of the hardest things to do but I've definitely nailed it this year:

Canvas Champ

With prices starting under £4 for these high quality canvas prints, canvas champ is certainly a fab idea for a gift this Fathers Day. They pride themselves on being the lowest price canvas company across the UK while never compromising on the quality of the items. The process was super quick and delivery took just 3 days from uploading the photo, my dad's going to adore this picture of his two favourite women

Avengers Infinity War Presents

So despite my dad being well into his 40s (soz dad!) he's an uber nerd, one thing I know I can always count on is him geeking out over marvel movies. He particularly really enjoyed Avengers: Infinity War so these goodies from Find Me A Gift will win me major daughter points. He's now replacing my mothers cute girly coasters with super hero ones and always finding something to use the multi tool on - definitely a winning present

Hotel Chocolat Sleekster

Let's face it who doesn't like chocolate? I'm definitely going to be making sure my dad shares these delicious Hotel Chocolat chocolates with me, they have such a wide range in for Fathers Day too so whatever your dad's favourites you're bound to find something. The sleekster range is amazing with 15 different chocolates it's a great way to try lots of them

Primark Pyjamas

Primark Star Wars Pyjamas
I love primark pyjamas like an absolutely stupid amount, I should be brand ambassador I buy that many of them! They always have a huge range of really current popular culture trends so I couldn't resist these star wars ones for my dad (I told you he was a nerd!) I know he'll love them

Fancy winning your dad a personalised canvas from Canvas Champ? Enter the competition below to win a 10x8 Canvas of a photo of your choice
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

How to make £1000 a month for a house deposit

The following is a guest post from the team over at The Money Shed - the largest community website dedicated to earning money online, so absolute experts in hustling and earning a little extra, so here's some fab tips on earning £1000 a month for a house deposit

Saving for a house deposit is hard… SHOCKER!!

But saving for a house deposit while paying rent can feel like climbing Kilimanjaro while juggling 3 bags of sugar!

The only thing you can ever do in that situation is earn more money however it’s always easy to change job to do that and so by far the easiest (and best) thing to do is to earn extra money from home!

With that in mind I wanted to show you 3 easy things you can do to bring in £1000+ a month
without any trouble.

1) Web Search Evaluator Work - £500+ a month

Ever wondered how Google get their results? There is a huge human element that makes sure when you search for Tennis you don’t get presented with results about Football and it’s actually a PAID job.

Companies like Leapforce and Lionbridge offer what is called Web Search Evaluator Work. This is extremely flexible work where you sign into their website and do a variety of tasks for them around rating results. So you would see a query such as ‘Manchester United’ and then you would rate the results that are coming up for that query. You are paid by the hour in this role at a rate about the UK minimum wage. I typically made around £500-£700 a month when I was doing this so it’s great earner and as there are no set hours you can just login whenever you want to work!

2) Risk Free Matched Betting - £800+ a month

Without doubt the highest paying work out there online is Risk Free Matched Betting. I’ve
personally made over £30,000+ from it so far and have had 3 trips to Florida, a new car and a new conservatory for our house so it’s truly LIFE CHANGING just how money you can make from this RISK FREE.

Lets get this out of the way - Matched Betting is NOT GAMBLING! Gambling involves RISK which is 100% not what this is about here. We are just using a clever calculator that does all the work for you so that you can take advantage of all those ‘Bet £10 get a £30 free bet!’ offers that you see endlessly however with Matched Betting you make GUARANTEED PROFIT on each offer.

Matched Betting services like Profit Accumulator offer a FREE TRIAL you can use that will make you up to £45 for just a few minutes work as you have your hand held throughout and you can see just how easy it is to do so there is nothing to lose even if you make the £45 and never do it again!!

3) Smartphone Task Apps - £200+ a month

Now normally my next recommendation would have been Mystery Shopping however in all
honestly as the years have gone by the pay for those has gone down as the length of the reports have gone up! It’s because of this that I recommend you look into using apps like BeMyEye / Roamler / StreetSpotr. These are apps that give you tasks to go and do such as ‘Go and take a photo of the Diet Coke Display in Tesco’ etc. There’s maybe a few questions to answer but with tasks paying £5-£15 and upwards for just a few minutes work they are FAR more lucrative, especially as you can grab a number of tasks all at once. Many a time I have earned £50-£80 a day just spending an hour doing this sort of work. In fact one guy over on The Money Shed forum earns £1000 a month just from these smartphone apps alone!

So in total there we are actually looking at a minimum of £1500 a month extra which hopefully should get quite a few of you off to a good start, heck you can start bringing home the giant
cardboard boxes from the supermarket for packing already!

Don’t forget if you would like any more ways of earning money from home then please come and and join in without huge community of UK parents over on The Money Shed and let’s get you
earning even more!

What's your favourite side hustle?

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Learning to Drive - I DID IT!

In January I made New Years Resolutions just like everyone else - but for once I actually completed some (gold star to me) and I thought I'd tell you guys how I did it. I finally passed my driving test and got my self a car 

Learning to drive

Now my journey to pass my test was a long old road, I stopped and started my lessons about 3 times and got through 3 separate instructors so I'd like to think I know a thing or two about the experience now - enough to give you guys some tips at least

Find an instructor you like
Most instructors will have an introductory offer or allow you to pay lesson by lesson, do this until you're 100% comfortable, learning to drive is a stressful process so it's really important you're learning with someone you're happy with. I had 3 different instructors, my lesson with my 3rd instructor I knew straight away, the other two made me feel on edge whereas she was completely at ease and didn't seem phased if I made a mistake

Theory over quickly
Do your theory test quickly, you get 2 years from completing to pass your test (don't do what I do and take longer than that because you keep taking 6 month breaks FYI) but by completing your theory and hazard perception you become much more comfortable on the road, you understand signs and just have a better understand of the rules of the road

Practice in your own time
If you have someone over 21 who's been passed for more than 3 years then have a practice between your lessons, it's really important you only practice what you've been taught and how you've been taught. People pick up bad habits whereas your instructor knows what examiners look for so they're the only person you should take advice from

I should tell you what not to do here! Don't hope and pray the one you don't like doesn't come up. Mine did. Luckily it didn't matter and I still passed but I was absolutely bricking it the whole time, the manoeuvres changed in December 2017 so make sure you're familiar with the new ones and comfortable with all of them at any point

You will make mistakes!
Seriously, I can be a complete perfectionist and I hated making mistakes I used to overthink them all - BUT you have to make mistakes, you have to do things a little bit wrong at first to learn how to actually do it right. So if you stall, or get in the wrong lane, or even do a manoeuvres wrong, laugh it off and learn what went wrong so it doesn't next time

Test day!
This can be really stressful but try and get as much sleep as possible the night before, go on a lesson beforehand and practice your manoeuvres and other things you feel you need a little extra on. Don't stress over the questions before you get in the car - this is one minor if you get it wrong which is minuscule in the grand scheme of things. Talk to your tester on the way to the car to break up the nerves and most importantly have fun - by this point you know you can drive, you're at test standard so just drive your best and good luck!

Tell me about when you passed your test

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

7 Deliciously Chocolatey Recipe Ideas

Apparently it's chocolate chip day today - like I need any excuse to eat chocolate! But if I'm going down I'm taking you all with me, so here's 7 deliciously chocolatey recipes for you to make to celebrate what is definitely a holiday - definitely - maybe not but who cares it's chocolate?

Choc Chip Recipe Round Up

Choc Chip Cookies

Chocolate Muffins

Gooey Flapjack

Banana Chocolate Biscuits

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Peanut Butter Stuffed Brownies

What's your favourite chocolate chip recipes?
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