Saturday, 13 January 2018

COMPETITION: Win £30 Amazon Voucher

I'm almost two weeks in to my blog relaunch and I'm absolutely loving it - I'm thoroughly enjoying connecting with all my readers again so I've decided to run you guys a little competition

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ends: 21/01/2017 at midnight

Good Luck!

Friday, 12 January 2018

11 FREE stock photo sites

If you're a blogger then you know how tricky it is to take the perfect picture, or maybe you really don't have the time so you search high and low for the best stock photos.


It's super important you only use photos that are royalty free or you can end up in hot water and end up in court over using someone elses picture - fear not, I've made a list of my favourite stock photo sites jam packed with free high quality images

Where do you get your stock photos?

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

5 top tips for getting organised

January 2018! New year, new month - and it actually started on a Monday which is perfect for everyone who 'starts on Monday' like me. I made 10 new years resolutions this year, one of which I thought I'd tackle today is getting my physical environment in order

Christmas has been and gone, and with it I've got lots of glorious new things that need a place to live in my room. I desperately need to get rid of a lot of stuff and stop hoarding too, so here are my 5 top tips if like me you need to start your spring clean very early

Top tips for getting organised

Inventory Everything
I don't know if it's just me, but whenever I decide to have a clear out I find things that I completely forgot I had! Fix this by using an inventory app on your phone like Sortly. As you're tidying your room take a picture, log where it is and you'll never forget again - this really helps me when I need to pack to stay anywhere I know what toiletries I've already got, I can easily pair outfit pictures together and know exactly where I've stored everything

Sell Sell Sell
One mans trash is another man's treasure! While you're decluttering make sure everything that can be sold is moved on to earn you a little bit of cash. There are ton's of places you can list items from Facebook's Marketplace to  Ebay, Gumtree to Music Magpie. List items and reward yourself for taking some organisational control

Konmari is a tidying method that is the baby of Marie Kondo. It's a book full of tips for organising your life, but most importantly helping you reassess what's important. If you're a hoarder like me this is definitely worth a read! It made me have a proper think about things I've been keeping, whether they spark joy and whether they bring happiness

Pomodoro Time Blocking
Do you put things off? Do you have an ever growing list of things you'll get around to? A messy cupboard you'll tidy eventually... Today is eventually no more excuses! As humans we try and do everything at once, multi-tasking is a skill we pride ourselves on when really we need to be more focused. The Pomodoro technique gives you 25 minutes to complete a task, dedicate you full focus and attention on one thing and get it completed

Daily Upkeep
You're at the end, your home resembles that of an absolute neat freak and you've worked incredibly hard organising everything but this is not the end! Daily upkeep is required so you never end of drowning in mess again, simple things like putting your shoes away when you come home, making sure items are put back where they belong and constantly keeping on top of the serenity you now have in your home

How do you stay organised?


Monday, 8 January 2018

Top 5 - Bubble Bath Wishlist

Apparently today is official bubble bath day?
I do not need to be told twice to go and take a long bubble filled soak and lose myself in relaxation, so I decided to put together a little wishlist of things to make your bubble bath extra special!

5 Bubble Bath items

What are you using for your bubble bath today?

Saturday, 6 January 2018

7 Tips to get started Comping

Hey did you know that in the UK there are thousands of competitions posted EVERY SINGLE DAY that have amazing prizes that anyone can enter and win? This isn't a scam I promise it's a legitimate hobby and a very rewarding one. I've been a 'comper' (comper = person who enters competitions as a hobby) for roughly 8 years on and off. Prizes I've won enter the thousands with the highlight being an all inclusive holiday to Turkey


So I love this hobby, and I'm always asked how do you do it? Oh you're so lucky etc etc. so I've decided to help you lovely lot actually get started in the crazy world that is comping 

1) Set up a new email address
With entering competitions comes spam, lots of it. Tons of newsletters and emails so it's super important you set up a brand new email address for comping, I suggest something that doesn't indicate it's a comping email so mine is simply first name, surname and a few numbers.

2) Set up email filters
Once your new email is set up make sure you create a new email folder called WEM (winning emails) go into the settings of your email account and create filters for certain keywords such as winner/congratulations/won etc. this should catch any winning emails you may receive and mean you can just skim the rest of the emails

3) Autofill tools
This saves absolutely mountains of time! Most browsers have an autofill function, but I wholeheartedly recommend Roboform - download it and give the free trial a go but it's excellent for autofilling information and also saving logins for the tons of websites you'll need to register on

4) Plan your strategy
There are many many different competition sites such as MSE, Prizefinder, Loquax, Competition Database etc. have a mooch around them all find which one suits you best and stick to it for a little while. There are 3 main ways of comping. Entering by post date (as competitions are posted entering straight away), entering by end date (entering all the competitions that end on that particular day) or entering by prize (searching for particular prizes and entering all those competitions) personally I've always comped by end date but have a play around and see what suits you

5) Look local
This is the best way to find really low entry competitions. Look on local facebook, twitter and instagram pages for restaurants and entertainment companies in your area. I'm Sheffield based so I normally search twitter for Sheffield and win and look through the list. They're normally lower entry and leads to lovely nights out

6) Keep your eyes out
There are literally competitions everywhere! When you're doing your normal weekly shop have a look for competitions on packaging - these are purchase required but if you're buying them anyway you may as well be entering! Usually much lower entry too

7) Stay Positive!
Most people try out comping as a hobby and give up really quickly because they're not seeing immediate results. This isn't a get rich quick scheme, you need to enjoy the full process and understand you won't win everything. Stay positive, keep on comping and you're bound to see results

Are you a comper?
Are you thinking of giving it a go?


Friday, 5 January 2018

Blogger Bullshit

So after a little break away from the blogging world I'm back and with a vengeance determined to stick to it and really make a go of it... however since returning and having a look in the blogosphere and on social media I really REALLY need to say something

Stop with the bullshit.

Palm tree image That's bullshit text

Seriously guys... In the past few weeks I've seen so much fakery it's horrendous, the sponsored and review posts stick out like a bear with a sore arse because you're being just so damn irritatingly happy during your exaggerations which may as well just read 'please Mr PR work with me again'

Oh my god this is the best product in the whole entire world, it was made by blind Belgian nuns who lost their sight to make it so fantastic. I'd give the blood of my first born to get more of this product I can't believe such magical mystery exists I must be in heaven -  Product review of toothpaste.
(If you got the blind belgian nun reference we should be F.R.I.E.N.D.S)

What happened to integrity and honest reviewing? What happened to the old British way of being mildly enthusiastic rather than gushing about every tiny little thing when really the product is good and quite handy. Did you all get a new thesaurus for Christmas or did I not get the 'shit rainbows' memo?

And while I'm ranting here's another one. I saw a lovely twitter conversation about blogger voice (no names mentioned because well I'm not a snake)

'Find your voice'
'Be yourself'

But for goodness sake make sure your grammar and spelling are absolutely sparkling because there's a whole army of pristine bloggers ready to jump on your misplaced apostrophe 

How can we be ourselves and find our voice if we're all forcing the Queens English, I understand not all our readers are from the British Isles, but what makes us unique is our accents and personalities. Stop trying to be the Queen, stop perfecting your every word and write for the love of writing. I haven't stopped since I starting typing this post, and I'll be damned if I'm going through it with a fine tooth comb after either.

I write as I speak and I hope my readers get my broad Yorkshire tones as they read, and really get a feel for me and my personality. Don't be a robot because YOU yes YOU are amazing, don't be anyone but yourself and definitely don't let the twitter armys have you perfecting every little part of posts and removing all signs of a personality.

So... January rant over and you know what? I feel AMAZING for it

Have a rant in the comments I'll join in!


Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Soap and Glory Speed Plump Miracle Moisture Mask Review

My very first beauty review ooooooooo. I'm not a massive girly girl so my reviews will be more of a practical nature not gushing over pretty shiny things but as I made a new years resolution to actually use stuff before buying more (Hi my name's Alice and I'm a compulsive hoarder.) here we go with round one a very lovely Soap and Glory sheet face mask, this one is the Speed Plump Miracle Moisture Mask Review

Soap And Glory Speed Plump Miracle Moisture Mask Pinterest Image

Soap And Glory Speed Plump Miracle Moisture Mask Packaging Front and Back

The Claims

  • Get super smooth hydrated skin fast
  • Comes in two parts to fit perfectly to your face
  • Soaked with super moisturisers and delicately scented with orange
  • Your skin will plump for joy

The Verdict

First impressions were really good - the mask comes in two parts and is more gel like than standard sheet masks, does it fit perfectly to your face? Well in a way yes, I had to fiddle around a little to make it sit right but once it was on properly it didn't move. It's also really saturated with product and has a really nice floral / orange smell to it. I relaxed for 30 minutes as stated and then removed the mask and massaged the remaining product into my face.

Did it work? Actually I think it did. I have really dry skin, like sahara desert dry, but after using the mask my face felt really smooth and had a dewy look to it

Soap And Glory Speed Plump Miracle Moisture Mask Before and After Selfies
Before                                                                                                   After

As you can see from the pictures my 'before' skin looks quite dull in comparison. I don't know if the plumping claims quite live up to it but then I am a chubster so I definitely don't need any more plumping (Anyone have products for anti plumping hit me up regards chubby cheeks)

Would I buy it again? Probably. It's £4 which is a little on the expensive side for a sheet mask but my skin did look and feel much smoother after application so I think maybe an occasional purchase when my skin's looking dull

Have you tried the Soap and Glory sheet masks?


Tuesday, 2 January 2018

9 Deliciously Healthy Recipe Ideas

Hands up who made a 'healthy eating / dieting' resolution' - (my new years resolutions can be found here and yes I'm guilty of this!)
Why oh why do we do this answers on a postcode please, as if January isn't miserable enough let's all starve ourselves and be mardy aswell

But fear not! Did you know that dieting and healthy eating doesn't have to resemble rabbit food? Yep me neither but I reached out to the lovely blogging community and boy did they deliver from delicious fake-aways to indulgent brownies here's a round up of some of the best (surprisingly!) healthy recipes from the blogosphere

Healthy recipe round up

Good Food = Good Mood

Gluten free mini calzone

Pistachio Oat Bars

Homemade KFC

Nut Bliss Balls

Slimming World Nacho Style Feast - Neon Rainbow Blog

Slimming World Nacho Feast

Hemsley & Hemsley Black Bean Brownie

Syn Free Sausage Rolls

Watermelon Pizza - Neon Rainbow Blog

Watermelon Pizza

Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken

Who knew that eating healthy could look and taste so damn delicious?
Leave me your favourite healthy recipes in the comments below

Monday, 1 January 2018

2018 New Years Resolutions

The best time for new beginnings is now

Happy New Year!!!
It's officially 2018 so it's time to make those resolutions that will be broken before the end of the month hurrah. If you're new around here then welcome welcome, if you're not then you may have noticed that things look a little different (I got a head start on one of my resolutions). Every year at  multiple points I'm drowning in work and decide I need 'goals', I do them for about a week then completely forget - this year will be different (I know *chortle* new year new me same old bullshit)

Anyway I digress. I'm actually going to try and take things a little more seriously because as of next month I'm going to officially be in my mid-twenties (gasp.) so I guess I better start doing that adulting thing people keep talking about

2018 New Years Resolutions

So let's do this. Some of my resolutions are typically common resolution choices but there's a few more obscure one's in there too. Here are the new years resolutions I'm going to attempt not to break this year

365 New Days - 365 New Chances
I once read a book called The Miracle Morning by Hal Alrod where he explains all about a concept called the level 10 success, he picks ten areas of life and grades them. The art of compartmentalising you life into 10 areas aids reflection and goal setting. Some of the areas weren't relevant to me so I changed them up a little and have my own little version of a level 10 life, my resolutions will be based around these key areas to try and improve my current satisfaction level

#1 Personal Development - Pass my driving test
Doh! This goal seems to continually be moved into the next year haha, so much so that I had to re-do my theory in December as it had run out, but I'm definitely on the right track and ready to pass now so have everything crossed for me

#2 Finances - Buy a car
Hopefully passing my test will happen really soon, I'm practising and fingers crossed before my birthday I may have passed (let's not bank on it haha) but of course I'll need a car so my main goal this year finance wise is to be in a position to buy a car! Or at least have a large enough deposit to be able to get a really good finance deal

#3 Family & Friends - Make friends and influence people

I'm rubbish at making friends, I'm rubbish at socialising and social anxiety is fun - not.
I really need to start taking action with this one so I'm making a goal of having at least one plan every week either with family or friends, getting my ass out there and living life instead of sitting worrying about living life. It may not be easy but I'll try my very best

#4  Career - Promotion!

I changed my career path drastically around 2 years ago, I chose a path completely unrelated to my degree and now find myself in recruitment which coincidentally I love! Anyway digression (I'm good at that have you noticed?) I've been in my current role around 1yr and a half, and I'm keen to take the next step up to Senior Resourcer hopefully in the first part of this year! 

#5 Fun - Oh Sheffield...

I'm a complete and utter home bird, and yet my wonderful city has so many hidden charms and places I haven't explored yet. I'm going to team this one with quite a few other goals (relationship, family & friends, health and fitness) and get out there and explore my world. Visiting somewhere new at least once a week

#6 Relationship - Take things slowly
My relationship history has a very chequered past. I settled down far too young, we grew apart and then I seemed to fall into things with people who really weren't right for me. I'm determined not to do that this time. There is a special someone in my life, he knows he's special and 4 months in I'm happy - I just need to carry on being patient and letting things happen naturally and enjoying whatever life throws at me. Funny goal right? But this is one I'm not entirely in control of so I have to just roll with it

#7 Competitions - Recapture my love

I used to adore comping! And did it religiously, because of that I won some absolutely wonderful prizes too, from all inclusive holidays to cameras to money - it's a really rewarding hobby that I let fall by the wayside when I got too busy at work. I'm determined this year to find a happy balance between work / life  / comping and blogging (I think I'll need more than luck on this one)

#8 Health and Fitness - Lose Weight

Yes, the age old resolution that everyone always makes for a new year. I've really slacked on this one, my last doctors visit was pretty embarrassing being told my BMI but I vowed then that I'd kick this in full gear in January. I'm incredibly determined this time around, I've got my fitbit all raring to go. I'm making my lunches instead of buying them. I'm aiming to lose around 2 stone this year so let's see how that goes!

#9 Blogging - Do it!

Quite a simple goal really! I completely stopped blogging for a while and fell out of love with it, but I've spent the last few months really getting to grips with it because I've missed it. I'm starting the year with a brand new design, lots of blogging tools to make it more sustainable around a full time job. I'm aiming to blog at least 3 times a week

#10 Physical Environment

Tidy up. Haha a little basic for a year long goal right? But for real. My bedroom is becoming an absolute dumping ground, I have so much stuff that needs selling, chucking and general downsizing. I want to get to a point where everything in my room is what I'd take with me when I've got enough money to move out so I need to up my happy space goals and make my environment one that inspires me and makes me smile

So there we have it - My level 10 life inspired new years resolutions. I'm trying to assess every area of my life and match up what I want the most this year - let's see how long I can stick to these goals, after quite a happy and successful 2017 I'm determined that 2018 follows in the same vain

What are your new years resolutions?
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