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2018 New Years Resolutions

The best time for new beginnings is now

Happy New Year!!!
It's officially 2018 so it's time to make those resolutions that will be broken before the end of the month hurrah. If you're new around here then welcome welcome, if you're not then you may have noticed that things look a little different (I got a head start on one of my resolutions). Every year at  multiple points I'm drowning in work and decide I need 'goals', I do them for about a week then completely forget - this year will be different (I know *chortle* new year new me same old bullshit)

Anyway I digress. I'm actually going to try and take things a little more seriously because as of next month I'm going to officially be in my mid-twenties (gasp.) so I guess I better start doing that adulting thing people keep talking about

2018 New Years Resolutions

So let's do this. Some of my resolutions are typically common resolution choices but there's a few more obscure one's in there too. Here are the new years resolutions I'm going to attempt not to break this year

365 New Days - 365 New Chances
I once read a book called The Miracle Morning by Hal Alrod where he explains all about a concept called the level 10 success, he picks ten areas of life and grades them. The art of compartmentalising you life into 10 areas aids reflection and goal setting. Some of the areas weren't relevant to me so I changed them up a little and have my own little version of a level 10 life, my resolutions will be based around these key areas to try and improve my current satisfaction level

#1 Personal Development - Pass my driving test
Doh! This goal seems to continually be moved into the next year haha, so much so that I had to re-do my theory in December as it had run out, but I'm definitely on the right track and ready to pass now so have everything crossed for me

#2 Finances - Buy a car
Hopefully passing my test will happen really soon, I'm practising and fingers crossed before my birthday I may have passed (let's not bank on it haha) but of course I'll need a car so my main goal this year finance wise is to be in a position to buy a car! Or at least have a large enough deposit to be able to get a really good finance deal

#3 Family & Friends - Make friends and influence people

I'm rubbish at making friends, I'm rubbish at socialising and social anxiety is fun - not.
I really need to start taking action with this one so I'm making a goal of having at least one plan every week either with family or friends, getting my ass out there and living life instead of sitting worrying about living life. It may not be easy but I'll try my very best

#4  Career - Promotion!

I changed my career path drastically around 2 years ago, I chose a path completely unrelated to my degree and now find myself in recruitment which coincidentally I love! Anyway digression (I'm good at that have you noticed?) I've been in my current role around 1yr and a half, and I'm keen to take the next step up to Senior Resourcer hopefully in the first part of this year! 

#5 Fun - Oh Sheffield...

I'm a complete and utter home bird, and yet my wonderful city has so many hidden charms and places I haven't explored yet. I'm going to team this one with quite a few other goals (relationship, family & friends, health and fitness) and get out there and explore my world. Visiting somewhere new at least once a week

#6 Relationship - Take things slowly
My relationship history has a very chequered past. I settled down far too young, we grew apart and then I seemed to fall into things with people who really weren't right for me. I'm determined not to do that this time. There is a special someone in my life, he knows he's special and 4 months in I'm happy - I just need to carry on being patient and letting things happen naturally and enjoying whatever life throws at me. Funny goal right? But this is one I'm not entirely in control of so I have to just roll with it

#7 Competitions - Recapture my love

I used to adore comping! And did it religiously, because of that I won some absolutely wonderful prizes too, from all inclusive holidays to cameras to money - it's a really rewarding hobby that I let fall by the wayside when I got too busy at work. I'm determined this year to find a happy balance between work / life  / comping and blogging (I think I'll need more than luck on this one)

#8 Health and Fitness - Lose Weight

Yes, the age old resolution that everyone always makes for a new year. I've really slacked on this one, my last doctors visit was pretty embarrassing being told my BMI but I vowed then that I'd kick this in full gear in January. I'm incredibly determined this time around, I've got my fitbit all raring to go. I'm making my lunches instead of buying them. I'm aiming to lose around 2 stone this year so let's see how that goes!

#9 Blogging - Do it!

Quite a simple goal really! I completely stopped blogging for a while and fell out of love with it, but I've spent the last few months really getting to grips with it because I've missed it. I'm starting the year with a brand new design, lots of blogging tools to make it more sustainable around a full time job. I'm aiming to blog at least 3 times a week

#10 Physical Environment

Tidy up. Haha a little basic for a year long goal right? But for real. My bedroom is becoming an absolute dumping ground, I have so much stuff that needs selling, chucking and general downsizing. I want to get to a point where everything in my room is what I'd take with me when I've got enough money to move out so I need to up my happy space goals and make my environment one that inspires me and makes me smile

So there we have it - My level 10 life inspired new years resolutions. I'm trying to assess every area of my life and match up what I want the most this year - let's see how long I can stick to these goals, after quite a happy and successful 2017 I'm determined that 2018 follows in the same vain

What are your new years resolutions?

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