Saturday, 6 January 2018

7 Tips to get started Comping

Hey did you know that in the UK there are thousands of competitions posted EVERY SINGLE DAY that have amazing prizes that anyone can enter and win? This isn't a scam I promise it's a legitimate hobby and a very rewarding one. I've been a 'comper' (comper = person who enters competitions as a hobby) for roughly 8 years on and off. Prizes I've won enter the thousands with the highlight being an all inclusive holiday to Turkey


So I love this hobby, and I'm always asked how do you do it? Oh you're so lucky etc etc. so I've decided to help you lovely lot actually get started in the crazy world that is comping 

1) Set up a new email address
With entering competitions comes spam, lots of it. Tons of newsletters and emails so it's super important you set up a brand new email address for comping, I suggest something that doesn't indicate it's a comping email so mine is simply first name, surname and a few numbers.

2) Set up email filters
Once your new email is set up make sure you create a new email folder called WEM (winning emails) go into the settings of your email account and create filters for certain keywords such as winner/congratulations/won etc. this should catch any winning emails you may receive and mean you can just skim the rest of the emails

3) Autofill tools
This saves absolutely mountains of time! Most browsers have an autofill function, but I wholeheartedly recommend Roboform - download it and give the free trial a go but it's excellent for autofilling information and also saving logins for the tons of websites you'll need to register on

4) Plan your strategy
There are many many different competition sites such as MSE, Prizefinder, Loquax, Competition Database etc. have a mooch around them all find which one suits you best and stick to it for a little while. There are 3 main ways of comping. Entering by post date (as competitions are posted entering straight away), entering by end date (entering all the competitions that end on that particular day) or entering by prize (searching for particular prizes and entering all those competitions) personally I've always comped by end date but have a play around and see what suits you

5) Look local
This is the best way to find really low entry competitions. Look on local facebook, twitter and instagram pages for restaurants and entertainment companies in your area. I'm Sheffield based so I normally search twitter for Sheffield and win and look through the list. They're normally lower entry and leads to lovely nights out

6) Keep your eyes out
There are literally competitions everywhere! When you're doing your normal weekly shop have a look for competitions on packaging - these are purchase required but if you're buying them anyway you may as well be entering! Usually much lower entry too

7) Stay Positive!
Most people try out comping as a hobby and give up really quickly because they're not seeing immediate results. This isn't a get rich quick scheme, you need to enjoy the full process and understand you won't win everything. Stay positive, keep on comping and you're bound to see results

Are you a comper?
Are you thinking of giving it a go?



  1. I have been comping for about 10 years off and on...
    I love entering competitions and the wins really do help out with birthdays and Christmas. x

    1. Me too! I've been around 8 years on and off and I'm really keen to get back into the groove this year


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