Friday, 5 January 2018

Blogger Bullshit

So after a little break away from the blogging world I'm back and with a vengeance determined to stick to it and really make a go of it... however since returning and having a look in the blogosphere and on social media I really REALLY need to say something

Stop with the bullshit.

Palm tree image That's bullshit text

Seriously guys... In the past few weeks I've seen so much fakery it's horrendous, the sponsored and review posts stick out like a bear with a sore arse because you're being just so damn irritatingly happy during your exaggerations which may as well just read 'please Mr PR work with me again'

Oh my god this is the best product in the whole entire world, it was made by blind Belgian nuns who lost their sight to make it so fantastic. I'd give the blood of my first born to get more of this product I can't believe such magical mystery exists I must be in heaven -  Product review of toothpaste.
(If you got the blind belgian nun reference we should be F.R.I.E.N.D.S)

What happened to integrity and honest reviewing? What happened to the old British way of being mildly enthusiastic rather than gushing about every tiny little thing when really the product is good and quite handy. Did you all get a new thesaurus for Christmas or did I not get the 'shit rainbows' memo?

And while I'm ranting here's another one. I saw a lovely twitter conversation about blogger voice (no names mentioned because well I'm not a snake)

'Find your voice'
'Be yourself'

But for goodness sake make sure your grammar and spelling are absolutely sparkling because there's a whole army of pristine bloggers ready to jump on your misplaced apostrophe 

How can we be ourselves and find our voice if we're all forcing the Queens English, I understand not all our readers are from the British Isles, but what makes us unique is our accents and personalities. Stop trying to be the Queen, stop perfecting your every word and write for the love of writing. I haven't stopped since I starting typing this post, and I'll be damned if I'm going through it with a fine tooth comb after either.

I write as I speak and I hope my readers get my broad Yorkshire tones as they read, and really get a feel for me and my personality. Don't be a robot because YOU yes YOU are amazing, don't be anyone but yourself and definitely don't let the twitter armys have you perfecting every little part of posts and removing all signs of a personality.

So... January rant over and you know what? I feel AMAZING for it

Have a rant in the comments I'll join in!



  1. I'm guilty for working on sponsored post but I try to be honest about the products.

    I'm not sure maybe this year I can be more true to my audience than you for the insight

    1. I work on sponsored posts too! I think as long as it's true to yourself and your voice it's perfect


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