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How to make your hair healthy

Now I'm not one for beauty, I'm terrible at applying make up and my skincare routine is basically non existent. But one thing I do actually put effort into is my hair! I have super thick curly hair which I straighten on a regular basis, because of this I have to make sure I keep my hair as healthy as possible. With a huge rise of hair transplants such as the FUE hair transplant at the Harley Street Hair Clinic* it's clear that hair confidence is a big thing, so here is my routine for protecting my hair and keeping it healthy and me smiling

Healthy Hair Tips


I don't wash my hair every day, with how thick it is it actually makes it much worse, I wash it twice a week, sometimes 3 times if I have a particular event. I try and stick to the same shampoo and conditioner targeted to either coloured hair (I dye my roots every 2 months) or frizz specific shampoo. My current choices are both from the frizz ease range 


In addition to my usual cleaning routine I also make specific hair masks or use a really rich deep conditioner like Aussie 3 minute miracle every 2 weeks. If I'm having a specific problem I often search pinterest for a lovely natural homemade hairmask - a particular favourite is yoghurt, egg and 2 tbsp of olive oil. Left on for an hour then washed off it leaves my hair particularly silky and remarkably frizz free so definitely give it a go if that's your hair problem


As I mentioned before I have super curly hair (like utter frizz bomb) and I'm not a lover of my natural locks so I have to straighten it often. Where possible I let my hair dry naturally to reduce the heat strain. I make sure I coat my hair with a good heat protection spray like the Garnier Ultimate Blends before straightening it, I also use a Toni & Guy finishing spray to smooth flyaways and complete my styling

So there we have it, my very simple haircare routine and the products I'm using to keep my hair thick and healthy

What products do you recommend?



  1. This is a great advice! I’ve got some sort of oil to make my hair look healthy - it’s supposed to heal them at the same time. It’s been super lovely. I’ve also noticed that TBS & Lush shampoos & conditioners are best for my hair :-)

  2. I wash my hair once or twice a week. You have written some good advices, I don't straighten my hair very often. Only, in special occasions :)

  3. Great tips and suggestions! I wash my hair only twice per week, I believe washing them every day it's not the best for thin hair like mine. I use the Garnier Ultimate blends lately, actually the mask and I love it!.

  4. My hair is awful, it gets so flat and dry that I have no choice but to wash it every day. I’ve recently discovered the herbal essences daily detox range which helps a little. But the other issue I have is it keeps failing out ever since the birth of my daughter. I think the aussie 3 minute miracle might be good to help recover my hair a bit.

  5. I havent used heat on my hair for a good few months and I definitely notice a difference!

  6. I wish I could skip washing my hair for a day or two. However, I have super thin hair that's dry at the ends and gets oily at the scalp after about 24 hours. Even using dry shampoo does nothing for me. I do need to look into that deep conditioner, though. That would probably help my ends!

  7. I stick natural hair care shampoo and conditioner. And usually use natural stuff to keep it healthy and yes occasionally use hair masks. I have a thick hair too which I get thinned by hair dressers simply by getting hair cuts that decrease volume. I straighten my hair too actually. I too dont feel confident without a good head. And with a good head you feel like you dont need any makeup actually hehe

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  9. I have recently cut all my hair into a short Bob as peroxide had pretty much wrecked it. I love the Aussie range and the 3minute miracle has really helped my hair x

  10. I love the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle products, my hair always feels so refreshed and revived after using them. The whole Aussie range are great


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