Monday, 2 April 2018

Hey it's ok!

While perusing a few blog's I came across a Hey it's ok post and just had to write my own because nostalgia! I remember reading these consistently in Glamour, the very last page and teenage me loving them - turns out adult me has very similar 'hey it's ok' moments so let's roll with it:

If  'spring cleaning' means chucking everything in a cupboard and closing the door

If you've eaten your body weight in chocolate over the easter break

If you'd rather be in bed watching netflix than out living it up over bank holiday

To choose Mcdonalds Monopoly over a bikini body

If you've already decided to start on 'Monday' every Monday of 2018

Clicking remind me tomorrow on all your app updates because you're not ready to commit to that

Saying 'oh we should definitely have a catch up' to a random acquaintance with zero intention of following it up

To talk to your cats - they 100% understand what you're saying

To get the ick when dating someone and every little thing annoys you

To feel like you want to punch a man when he tries to 'mansplain' everything to you GTFO

Leave your hey it's ok's in the comments



  1. Absolutely loving this! I am saying "hey! it's okay" to all of these very frequently, haha. Also, it's perfectly okay to rather spend your Friday evening curled up in a ball watching your fave tv show than going to a party or clubbing ;)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. I'm 100% the netflix girl not the party girl!


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