Tuesday, 29 May 2018

How to make £1000 a month for a house deposit

The following is a guest post from the team over at The Money Shed - the largest community website dedicated to earning money online, so absolute experts in hustling and earning a little extra, so here's some fab tips on earning £1000 a month for a house deposit

Saving for a house deposit is hard… SHOCKER!!

But saving for a house deposit while paying rent can feel like climbing Kilimanjaro while juggling 3 bags of sugar!

The only thing you can ever do in that situation is earn more money however it’s always easy to change job to do that and so by far the easiest (and best) thing to do is to earn extra money from home!

With that in mind I wanted to show you 3 easy things you can do to bring in £1000+ a month
without any trouble.

1) Web Search Evaluator Work - £500+ a month

Ever wondered how Google get their results? There is a huge human element that makes sure when you search for Tennis you don’t get presented with results about Football and it’s actually a PAID job.

Companies like Leapforce and Lionbridge offer what is called Web Search Evaluator Work. This is extremely flexible work where you sign into their website and do a variety of tasks for them around rating results. So you would see a query such as ‘Manchester United’ and then you would rate the results that are coming up for that query. You are paid by the hour in this role at a rate about the UK minimum wage. I typically made around £500-£700 a month when I was doing this so it’s great earner and as there are no set hours you can just login whenever you want to work!

2) Risk Free Matched Betting - £800+ a month

Without doubt the highest paying work out there online is Risk Free Matched Betting. I’ve
personally made over £30,000+ from it so far and have had 3 trips to Florida, a new car and a new conservatory for our house so it’s truly LIFE CHANGING just how money you can make from this RISK FREE.

Lets get this out of the way - Matched Betting is NOT GAMBLING! Gambling involves RISK which is 100% not what this is about here. We are just using a clever calculator that does all the work for you so that you can take advantage of all those ‘Bet £10 get a £30 free bet!’ offers that you see endlessly however with Matched Betting you make GUARANTEED PROFIT on each offer.

Matched Betting services like Profit Accumulator offer a FREE TRIAL you can use that will make you up to £45 for just a few minutes work as you have your hand held throughout and you can see just how easy it is to do so there is nothing to lose even if you make the £45 and never do it again!!

3) Smartphone Task Apps - £200+ a month

Now normally my next recommendation would have been Mystery Shopping however in all
honestly as the years have gone by the pay for those has gone down as the length of the reports have gone up! It’s because of this that I recommend you look into using apps like BeMyEye / Roamler / StreetSpotr. These are apps that give you tasks to go and do such as ‘Go and take a photo of the Diet Coke Display in Tesco’ etc. There’s maybe a few questions to answer but with tasks paying £5-£15 and upwards for just a few minutes work they are FAR more lucrative, especially as you can grab a number of tasks all at once. Many a time I have earned £50-£80 a day just spending an hour doing this sort of work. In fact one guy over on The Money Shed forum earns £1000 a month just from these smartphone apps alone!

So in total there we are actually looking at a minimum of £1500 a month extra which hopefully should get quite a few of you off to a good start, heck you can start bringing home the giant
cardboard boxes from the supermarket for packing already!

Don’t forget if you would like any more ways of earning money from home then please come and and join in without huge community of UK parents over on The Money Shed and let’s get you
earning even more!

What's your favourite side hustle?

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Learning to Drive - I DID IT!

In January I made New Years Resolutions just like everyone else - but for once I actually completed some (gold star to me) and I thought I'd tell you guys how I did it. I finally passed my driving test and got my self a car 

Learning to drive

Now my journey to pass my test was a long old road, I stopped and started my lessons about 3 times and got through 3 separate instructors so I'd like to think I know a thing or two about the experience now - enough to give you guys some tips at least

Find an instructor you like
Most instructors will have an introductory offer or allow you to pay lesson by lesson, do this until you're 100% comfortable, learning to drive is a stressful process so it's really important you're learning with someone you're happy with. I had 3 different instructors, my lesson with my 3rd instructor I knew straight away, the other two made me feel on edge whereas she was completely at ease and didn't seem phased if I made a mistake

Theory over quickly
Do your theory test quickly, you get 2 years from completing to pass your test (don't do what I do and take longer than that because you keep taking 6 month breaks FYI) but by completing your theory and hazard perception you become much more comfortable on the road, you understand signs and just have a better understand of the rules of the road

Practice in your own time
If you have someone over 21 who's been passed for more than 3 years then have a practice between your lessons, it's really important you only practice what you've been taught and how you've been taught. People pick up bad habits whereas your instructor knows what examiners look for so they're the only person you should take advice from

I should tell you what not to do here! Don't hope and pray the one you don't like doesn't come up. Mine did. Luckily it didn't matter and I still passed but I was absolutely bricking it the whole time, the manoeuvres changed in December 2017 so make sure you're familiar with the new ones and comfortable with all of them at any point

You will make mistakes!
Seriously, I can be a complete perfectionist and I hated making mistakes I used to overthink them all - BUT you have to make mistakes, you have to do things a little bit wrong at first to learn how to actually do it right. So if you stall, or get in the wrong lane, or even do a manoeuvres wrong, laugh it off and learn what went wrong so it doesn't next time

Test day!
This can be really stressful but try and get as much sleep as possible the night before, go on a lesson beforehand and practice your manoeuvres and other things you feel you need a little extra on. Don't stress over the questions before you get in the car - this is one minor if you get it wrong which is minuscule in the grand scheme of things. Talk to your tester on the way to the car to break up the nerves and most importantly have fun - by this point you know you can drive, you're at test standard so just drive your best and good luck!

Tell me about when you passed your test

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

7 Deliciously Chocolatey Recipe Ideas

Apparently it's chocolate chip day today - like I need any excuse to eat chocolate! But if I'm going down I'm taking you all with me, so here's 7 deliciously chocolatey recipes for you to make to celebrate what is definitely a holiday - definitely - maybe not but who cares it's chocolate?

Choc Chip Recipe Round Up

Choc Chip Cookies

Chocolate Muffins

Gooey Flapjack

Banana Chocolate Biscuits

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Peanut Butter Stuffed Brownies

What's your favourite chocolate chip recipes?

Sunday, 13 May 2018

5 reasons it's great to be from Yorkshire

Yorkshire. Gods own county in the simplest of terms. If you've ever met me or heard me speak you'll know I'm a proper Yorkshire lass, I drop my letters and say words you'll have never heard of unless you're from these parts and you know what? It's reet good. It even won awards from Lonely Planet once upon a time

I absolutely LOVE where I live, Sheffield specifically but Yorkshire as a whole is ridiculously amazing and here's why:

We eat and drink like kings and queens
Now I could go on here about all the Michelin starred restaurants in Yorkshire - more than anywhere else in Britain besides London! But posh nosh aside, people come to yorkshire for the down to earth food. I present you - a Yorkshire Pudding. If you've only ever had them made by southerners give me a bell and I'll make you a real one. We're innovative folk too, we made the yorkshire pudding which is a masterpiece already and then the folk at York Roast Co. saw that and bettered it and made the Yorkshire Pudding wrap, all the goodness of a sunday roast in a wrap.

Also if you're drinking anything other than Yorkshire Tea then it's absolute sacrilege - it's the only way forward, ask James Milner - some say it's the Yorkshire brew that's powering him forward in the Champions League 

Also - Hendersons relish is life that is all.

Alright cock. 
 We're a friendly bunch in Yorkshire, everyone is a friend waiting to happen, whether that's the crazy guy at the bus stop or the woman serving you in your local Morrisons ,  Now I try and not venture out of Yorkshire that often but on the occasions I have gone darrrn sarrf the people just don't seem as friendly, everyone's rushing, there's some unwritten eye contact rules for the tube that I didn't understand and a lost art of small talk.

If you call anyone out of Yorkshire a Cock or Duck or Love or Mi' old Mucka they're going to look at you with a rather confused face but here in Yorkshire these are ALL terms of endearment. I work a sales job on a weekend at my local football ground and I slip into my most Yorkshire of yorkshireness and every fan that buys a programme will hear a Thanks Luv or something similar. Because we're just nice. We pride ourselves on being friendly and you will never be alone in a pub. And if you don't want to make friends with strangers well you're just being a mardy arse

Have you SEEN it?

Like seriously? THIS is a real place. And there are hundreds of other breathtaking places too. With the boundaries of Yorkshire containing the vast majority of the peak district you will 100% find lots to explore. Away from the beautiful greenery there are also tons of historical sites and castles to take your fancy maybe take a trip to York Minster or Whitby Abbey - if you find yourself in Sheffield (my home city) then definitely make a trip to the Winter Gardens and Botanical Gardens 

We're hard as nails ups north
Yorkshire Grit is a real thing, we're tough as old boots up north we're determined people - look back at history and you'll find dogged fight from Yorkshire people the miners strike and Battle of Orgreave are testament to the fight. Away from that you only need to look at our sportspeople - in the 2012 Olympics Yorkshire would have come 12th all on their own! Riding high with Jessica Ennis Hill, The Brownlee Brothers and Lizzie Armitstead are just a few that proudly fly their Yorkshire flag and show that it ain't that grim up north

Soundtracks to life
While you're walking around in the peaks, chowing down on some proper Yorkshire grub being friendly to folk you will have an absolutely banging soundtrack ringing in your ears. Whether you're old school and listening to Joe Cocker, Pulp and Human League or maybe you're mellowing out the Arctic Monkeys new Tranquility Base album the dulcet tones of an indie revival that's seen the music scene in Yorkshire catapulted into the charts

Have you ever been to Yorkshire?
Where's your favourite place?


Monday, 7 May 2018

20 under £20 from Urban Outfitters

Have I told you that I love shopping?
Like a stupid amount love shopping. Don't get me wrong shopping centres on a weekend can be likened to hell on earth, but online shopping is my jam so I've decided to make my shopping obsession into a nice little blog series (this being the first instalment) apologies for being an enabler but you seriously need all of the things.

20 under £20 @ Urban Outfitters

Gold ditsy rose necklace

Cheap Monday Grey T-Shirt

CK Shoe Liner Socks

Rose gold sheet face mask

Kitten claw hair clip

Llama trinket dish

Cactus Dome Umbrella

Adidas Trefoil cap

Peaches Weekly Planner

Friends Central Perk Mug

Flamingo Mermaid Shack Candle

No regrets duvet set

Unicorn cookbook

Ban.Do Pizza Water Bottle

Minnie Mouse Flash Drive

Cat Print Notebook

Tinder nopes book

Aquarius Book

Millennial Problems Book

Catfulness book

What would you buy?

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Present Ideas for Foodies

Buying other people presents is both one of my favourite things to do and something I dread. Mainly because I really try to be thoughtful and find the perfect gift idea but sometimes it's tricky and I have to rack my brain for something new that they won't have had before. Across a year I find that a fair few of my friends and family lean towards foodie gifts so I've been doing a little bit of hunting around for some fab different present ideas so you don't have to

Present ideas for foodies

Prosecco O Clock Personalised Gummies - £15.49 - Personally Presented

Prosecco Gummies Jar

First up is a fab present from Personally Presented* these prosecco gummies taste delicious and really do have the taste of prosecco, they remind me of old fashioned beer bottles but much sweeter. The jar itself is jam packed with the gummies and the label can be completely personalised to the occasion and recipient which I think is a lovely idea. If that's not your thing then check out the site they have a whole host of gifts worth giving for any occasion with a vast amount of personalisation you're bound to find something suitable

Letterbox Cake - £14.99 - bakerdays

Bakerdays Unicorn Emoji cake
I absolutely love this idea from bakerdays* a personalised cake specifically made to fit through your letterbox. This is perfect for those people who you might not see too often but still want to be part of the birthday celebrations. With a huge range of potential designs and some scrummy flavours to boot it will certainly go down a treat. The cake itself arrives in a letterbox sized box with the cake in a secure tin to make sure it stays fresh and delicious and I highly approved!

Make your own chilli sauce - £29.99 - Firebox

Chilli sauce making kit ingredients picture

This is for the chef among your friends, or just the brave one! 
I adore hot sauces and chilli sauces so the idea of making my own and being able to make it as hot and spicy is possible is really appealing to me. With specialist recipes and all the ingredients needed to make 6 bottles you'll soon become a connoisseur of the chilli sauces

Body and Soul Collection - £20 - Adagio Teas 

3 different adagio teas

If you have a tea lover in your life then they'll love the collections on offer Adagio Tea* they have a huge range of artisan teas ranging from green teas, white teas, black teas and such a range of blends and gifts too. I've been trying out a few of their loose teas and the taste is amazing, completely unrivalled to any other teas I've tried. My particular favourite has been the Peach Bellini which just smells absolutely divine. With beatiful glass ware on offer too it's certainly a one stop shop for any of your tea needs (and many things you didn't think you needed but you definitely do!)

Slush Puppie Machine - £80 - Urban Outfitters

Slush Puppie Machine

This doesn't need an explanation does it? EVERYONE needs a slush puppie machine in their life.

What do you buy the foodies in your life?
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