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How to make £1000 a month for a house deposit

The following is a guest post from the team over at The Money Shed - the largest community website dedicated to earning money online, so absolute experts in hustling and earning a little extra, so here's some fab tips on earning £1000 a month for a house deposit

Saving for a house deposit is hard… SHOCKER!!

But saving for a house deposit while paying rent can feel like climbing Kilimanjaro while juggling 3 bags of sugar!

The only thing you can ever do in that situation is earn more money however it’s always easy to change job to do that and so by far the easiest (and best) thing to do is to earn extra money from home!

With that in mind I wanted to show you 3 easy things you can do to bring in £1000+ a month
without any trouble.

1) Web Search Evaluator Work - £500+ a month

Ever wondered how Google get their results? There is a huge human element that makes sure when you search for Tennis you don’t get presented with results about Football and it’s actually a PAID job.

Companies like Leapforce and Lionbridge offer what is called Web Search Evaluator Work. This is extremely flexible work where you sign into their website and do a variety of tasks for them around rating results. So you would see a query such as ‘Manchester United’ and then you would rate the results that are coming up for that query. You are paid by the hour in this role at a rate about the UK minimum wage. I typically made around £500-£700 a month when I was doing this so it’s great earner and as there are no set hours you can just login whenever you want to work!

2) Risk Free Matched Betting - £800+ a month

Without doubt the highest paying work out there online is Risk Free Matched Betting. I’ve
personally made over £30,000+ from it so far and have had 3 trips to Florida, a new car and a new conservatory for our house so it’s truly LIFE CHANGING just how money you can make from this RISK FREE.

Lets get this out of the way - Matched Betting is NOT GAMBLING! Gambling involves RISK which is 100% not what this is about here. We are just using a clever calculator that does all the work for you so that you can take advantage of all those ‘Bet £10 get a £30 free bet!’ offers that you see endlessly however with Matched Betting you make GUARANTEED PROFIT on each offer.

Matched Betting services like Profit Accumulator offer a FREE TRIAL you can use that will make you up to £45 for just a few minutes work as you have your hand held throughout and you can see just how easy it is to do so there is nothing to lose even if you make the £45 and never do it again!!

3) Smartphone Task Apps - £200+ a month

Now normally my next recommendation would have been Mystery Shopping however in all
honestly as the years have gone by the pay for those has gone down as the length of the reports have gone up! It’s because of this that I recommend you look into using apps like BeMyEye / Roamler / StreetSpotr. These are apps that give you tasks to go and do such as ‘Go and take a photo of the Diet Coke Display in Tesco’ etc. There’s maybe a few questions to answer but with tasks paying £5-£15 and upwards for just a few minutes work they are FAR more lucrative, especially as you can grab a number of tasks all at once. Many a time I have earned £50-£80 a day just spending an hour doing this sort of work. In fact one guy over on The Money Shed forum earns £1000 a month just from these smartphone apps alone!

So in total there we are actually looking at a minimum of £1500 a month extra which hopefully should get quite a few of you off to a good start, heck you can start bringing home the giant
cardboard boxes from the supermarket for packing already!

Don’t forget if you would like any more ways of earning money from home then please come and and join in without huge community of UK parents over on The Money Shed and let’s get you
earning even more!

What's your favourite side hustle?


  1. I keep seeing things about how matched betting is good for earning money - I really need to look into it!

  2. I've always read things about matched betting being a good earner but I just cannot get my head around it!

  3. Such great ideas - I could definitely do with a little more money!

  4. It's so nice to be able to save more and earn a couple of extras as well. Imagine how much that can help the household. Love all your suggestions and I'm sure a lot of parents can benefit from that!

  5. I have just downloaded those two apps but I really cannot get my head around matched betting! Nice post :)

  6. Great ways to make extra cash at home, we just don't have the time with full time work and blogging! need to save better x

  7. Some great ideas to make some extra cash - after all, don't we all want to? I keep considering giving matched betting a try

  8. Done top ideas. Match betting sounds fab, but just don't really understand it at all x

  9. We will forward this on to my daughter as she is in the process of buying her first house and she is finding it more expensive than she first thought

  10. Great money making ideas here. We should all have a few side hustles.

  11. Good ideas, I could definitely do with some extra each month!

  12. There are some good suggestions there for making extra money towards a deposit for a house. It always feels like a struggle to get to the point of having that deposit so earning something extra towards it would make a massive difference.

  13. These could come in handy as we are moving in a couple of months . Kira

  14. I tried Matched Betting with a little success. I need to look at your first suggestion - thank you. Kaz

  15. I think it's a great way to earn money without having to work all day, I'll give it a try thank you very much
    Rumah Liga


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