Saturday, 5 May 2018

Present Ideas for Foodies

Buying other people presents is both one of my favourite things to do and something I dread. Mainly because I really try to be thoughtful and find the perfect gift idea but sometimes it's tricky and I have to rack my brain for something new that they won't have had before. Across a year I find that a fair few of my friends and family lean towards foodie gifts so I've been doing a little bit of hunting around for some fab different present ideas so you don't have to

Present ideas for foodies

Prosecco O Clock Personalised Gummies - £15.49 - Personally Presented

Prosecco Gummies Jar

First up is a fab present from Personally Presented* these prosecco gummies taste delicious and really do have the taste of prosecco, they remind me of old fashioned beer bottles but much sweeter. The jar itself is jam packed with the gummies and the label can be completely personalised to the occasion and recipient which I think is a lovely idea. If that's not your thing then check out the site they have a whole host of gifts worth giving for any occasion with a vast amount of personalisation you're bound to find something suitable

Letterbox Cake - £14.99 - bakerdays

Bakerdays Unicorn Emoji cake
I absolutely love this idea from bakerdays* a personalised cake specifically made to fit through your letterbox. This is perfect for those people who you might not see too often but still want to be part of the birthday celebrations. With a huge range of potential designs and some scrummy flavours to boot it will certainly go down a treat. The cake itself arrives in a letterbox sized box with the cake in a secure tin to make sure it stays fresh and delicious and I highly approved!

Make your own chilli sauce - £29.99 - Firebox

Chilli sauce making kit ingredients picture

This is for the chef among your friends, or just the brave one! 
I adore hot sauces and chilli sauces so the idea of making my own and being able to make it as hot and spicy is possible is really appealing to me. With specialist recipes and all the ingredients needed to make 6 bottles you'll soon become a connoisseur of the chilli sauces

Body and Soul Collection - £20 - Adagio Teas 

3 different adagio teas

If you have a tea lover in your life then they'll love the collections on offer Adagio Tea* they have a huge range of artisan teas ranging from green teas, white teas, black teas and such a range of blends and gifts too. I've been trying out a few of their loose teas and the taste is amazing, completely unrivalled to any other teas I've tried. My particular favourite has been the Peach Bellini which just smells absolutely divine. With beatiful glass ware on offer too it's certainly a one stop shop for any of your tea needs (and many things you didn't think you needed but you definitely do!)

Slush Puppie Machine - £80 - Urban Outfitters

Slush Puppie Machine

This doesn't need an explanation does it? EVERYONE needs a slush puppie machine in their life.

What do you buy the foodies in your life?

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