Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Ultimate Guide to Streaming Services

As a resident couch potato if there's one thing I know and know really well it's my TV, whether that's a 4KTV Panasonic*, or streaming from my laptop while cosied up in bed snoozing (because after all us Brit's are a bunch of snoozers* ) TV is definitely my specialist subject. It's been transformed from only 3 channels to now having a whole plethora of channels and methods to watch your favourite shows - it makes it tricky to decide how to actually consume your entertainment. So I decided to write a guide of the best ways, the cheapest ways and the methods with the best content so sit back and get to reading my ultimate guide to streaming services 

Girl eating popcorn watching tv

For me Netflix is the daddy of streaming sites, it's most people's go to and for a very good reason! With over 5000 different titles and a huge selection of top quality netflix original shows it's more than worth the £5.99 a month - you can even get the first month for free to make sure you'll like it. With super clever algorithms to help you find more programmes based on your preferences, and new content dropping every month you'll never be stuck for something to watch again

Amazon Prime
With roughly 3 times the content of Netflix, amazon prime is quick on it's heels ready to steal the streaming crown, I personally find amazon prime better for films than tv show content but watch out and make sure what you want to watch is actually part of the service as theirs quite a few additional costs for certain films. £5.99 a month BUT if you're already an amazon prime member you get this for free which I think is absolutely worthwhile if you're an amazon addict like me. I watch mine on an amazon fire stick* which is super simple to plug into your tv and off you go

Now TV
Now TV is a streaming service owned by Sky, so you know it's content is quality - while it may not boast the quantity of Netflix or Prime it makes up for that with exclusives such as Game of Thrones and Westworld. The price of this one varies depending on your package so you need to decide if you're a box set lover, a film buff or wanting to watch every kick in the premier league
 (£7.99 / £9.99 / £39.99)

Iplayer / 4OD / ITV Player
Cheap as chips and full of content is the terrestrial TV's streaming services, perfect for playing catch up on all your favourites - you do need a television licence to stream!

The most expensive of the TVpackages / streaming services but there's a reason it demands such a price, you know what you're getting with a Sky TV package, top quality content, hundreds of channels and a top app to stream on the go with Sky Go - over 300 channels starting at £20 a month is perfect for the tv buff who likes to watch in real time

So there's a guide to the best streaming services in the UK - I personally use Freeview TV, along with catch up (Iplayer / 4OD / ITV Player) and adore Netflix - I find this is the best way to always have great content but without breaking the bank. Most services offer a free trial (excluding sky) so take your pick enjoy a free month and then figure out what best suits your chill out time

What's your favourite streaming service?

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2018 & Competition

We're very quickly approaching Father's Day - it's the 17th June for you forgetful folk so I thought I'd put together a little gift guide to help inspire you for those tricky men in your life. I don't know about you but buying for my dad is easily one of the hardest things to do but I've definitely nailed it this year:

Canvas Champ

With prices starting under £4 for these high quality canvas prints, canvas champ is certainly a fab idea for a gift this Fathers Day. They pride themselves on being the lowest price canvas company across the UK while never compromising on the quality of the items. The process was super quick and delivery took just 3 days from uploading the photo, my dad's going to adore this picture of his two favourite women

Avengers Infinity War Presents

So despite my dad being well into his 40s (soz dad!) he's an uber nerd, one thing I know I can always count on is him geeking out over marvel movies. He particularly really enjoyed Avengers: Infinity War so these goodies from Find Me A Gift will win me major daughter points. He's now replacing my mothers cute girly coasters with super hero ones and always finding something to use the multi tool on - definitely a winning present

Hotel Chocolat Sleekster

Let's face it who doesn't like chocolate? I'm definitely going to be making sure my dad shares these delicious Hotel Chocolat chocolates with me, they have such a wide range in for Fathers Day too so whatever your dad's favourites you're bound to find something. The sleekster range is amazing with 15 different chocolates it's a great way to try lots of them

Primark Pyjamas

Primark Star Wars Pyjamas
I love primark pyjamas like an absolutely stupid amount, I should be brand ambassador I buy that many of them! They always have a huge range of really current popular culture trends so I couldn't resist these star wars ones for my dad (I told you he was a nerd!) I know he'll love them

Fancy winning your dad a personalised canvas from Canvas Champ? Enter the competition below to win a 10x8 Canvas of a photo of your choice
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