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Best first cars for new & young drivers

Did you know I passed my driving test? Yes FINALLY. 
I'm now zipping around the roads in my little VW Up happily driving along - but it's so tricky to decide what kind of car to get when you're a new driver so here's a few ideas

Best first cars for new drivers

Buying your first car is no doubt a rite of passage for all drivers. You’ve waited so long to buy the perfect car and you’ve been dreaming of this moment since the first time you sat in a driver’s seat. But now the time has come to buy the first car you are undoubtedly overwhelmed with the options out there. Which is why I have rounded up a few of the best first cars for new & young drivers.

Skoda Citigo

Yes, I know, it’s not very flashy. It’s not completely bland, but it’s certainly not a dream sports car – but that doesn’t mean the Citigo is bad when you get behind the wheel. It’s cheap to run and easy to get the hang of, especially considering you can go for a three-door version if you’re not too confident with a bigger model. The electric version may be even better with many car lease deals* available on vehicles like the Citigo.

Hyundai i10

The i10 is like the Citigo – easy to use and large enough to do what it’s designed to do. It’s by no means the perfect car, but that’s kind of the point: it’s meant to be a stepping stone, a way to make sure you can ignore your bad habits and keep your car (and yourself) safe on the road.

There are a few different models, like any car, so it might be worth doing a bit of research. Having a car is important, but air conditioning and a GPS dashboard might be the extras that make your car the perfect option for you.

Volkswagen Polo

If you don’t mind paying a little more than you might have to, the Polo is extremely safe – if you struggle to get the hang of your brakes, or worry about thefts each time you’re away from your car, it may be the ideal choice for you!

It’s also really, really roomy! The boot’s huge, the seats are huge, the doors are huge: there’s no one situation where this is important, it’s just generally good, and most price-focused cars don’t have that sort of practical space.

The price doesn’t have to be that much of a problem, though – if you’re only going to keep it for a year or so, consider personal car leasing* instead of straight-up buying a vehicle. Trust me, it makes a difference.

Seat Ibiza

The Ibiza is cheap to buy and to finance. Like most of the cars on this list, it’s definitely not the world’s most perfect vehicle, but it’s got quite a lot of space and enough power to keep you going! You’ll barely feel bumps in the road, since it’s been designed mostly for comfort, and you shouldn’t have much trouble controlling it at any speed.

Kia Picanto

The Picanto is cheap, roomy and reliable, definitely worth getting if you’re able to! It’s a city car all over: it handles well, carries plenty of shopping or bags, and can work as either a family, personal or work car!

The only downside is that, obviously, it’s a city car. It’s not meant to tackle dirt roads or really steep hills, so it might not be as perfect as it first appears, depending on where you live.

What was your first car?

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