Friday, 27 July 2018

101 in 1001 goals update

A while ago now (approx 137 days if you're interested) I set myself 101 goals to complete in 1001 days . Well since then I've been working really hard to actually accomplish some of the goals or at least get them started so here's a little update on my progress

Day Zero 101 in 1001

[1] Explore Sheffield - I've been heading out visiting new attractions, restaurants etc. and tracking them all on Tripadvisor

[2] Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando - I can't believe this one is actually happening, I put it on as a complete wish and dream I recently booked my holiday to Orlando and I'm so excited

[7] Buy a house - I'm sat writing this in my own house, absolute madness! Not long after making the list I saw a house that I completely fell in love with and here I am

[8] Get an Alice in Wonderland tattoo - This one was a very easy one to complete and I still love my Alice tattoo now

[11] Decorate my new home - This one will be in progress for a while but I'm really pleased with how my home's turning out

[22] Get promoted to Senior Delivery Consultant at work - I've been doing really well at work, I've had a payrise and now have targets for a promotion so fingers cross this one will be soon

[25] 10k followers on social media - I'm only roughly about a thousand away from completing this one now, I've seen huge growth on social media which I'm really happy with

[28] Own a proper floor to ceiling bookcase - I have a gorgeous cube/bookcase that's as high to the ceiling as I'd like in my new bedroom

[29] Go to Thorpe Park - I can't begin to tell you how many years I've wanted to go here, not long after meeting my boyfriend we went for a weekend and it was absolutely amazing 

[30] Meet someone special - One of what I thought was a more unrealistic goals based on my previous experiences in relationships but this time I'm convinced I've met my forever boy

[42] 'Try' Pinterest Pins rather than just pinning and leaving - I'm doing this much more regularly, following blog advice or recipes etc.

[44] Huge tidy of my bedroom, go for a more minimalist approach - Well as I moved I made sure not to move all the rubbish I'd accumulated with me so my bedroom is beautifully minimalistic now

[48] Once moved out rescue a cat / dog - My auntie's cat wasn't living a nice life she was terrified of the dogs she lived with so she's come to live with me now, she absolutely adores having so much freedom

[53] Get a caricature made of me - Had one done in Thorpe Park with Connor

[57] Tell someone I love them and truly mean it - This is the first time I've genuinely felt it and seen a forever with someone

[69] Order from every takeaway that delivers to me on just eat - Now I have a new address I've started working my way through the takeaways list

[76] Complete my Harry Potter Jigsaw - I'd say I'm roughly 1/3 of the way here 

[86] Be a bridesmaid - My mum and dad are finally going to get married next summer so I get to be a bridesmaid

[91] Go on a murder mystery weekend - I did a murder mystery task in Sheffield which was really fun, it was all via an app called CluedUp and was really interactive

[94] Have a walk in closet - My spare room is slowly being transformed into a walk in wardrobe / dressing up area which I love

So there we go at least 20 of my 101 goals have had a serious dent made in them which I'm really pleased with

What goals are you working on at the minute?



  1. Oh wow what an amazing thing to do! Good luck on all your 101 goals it seems like you have got off to an amazing start with your first 100 odd days!

  2. GIRL! I BOUGHT A HOUSE TOO!! How insane is that, right?! So many new responsibilities! WOOOOO! lol

  3. Awesome goals! We are currently waiting on appraisal to come back for the house we put an offer on! SO EXCITING!

  4. I recently read that creating 100 wishes was a great way to get us motivated to get things DONE!!

  5. That is so awesome. We are working toward getting either another rental property or a vacation rental home.

  6. Good luck on completing! Also, congratulations on buying a house! x

  7. I know someone who has an Alice in Wonderland tattoo. He likes it pretty good.

  8. They say if you write down your goals and envision them happening in your mind, they become more real and actually happen. This is happening to you and it's amazing. Help my find my true love too haha.

  9. Awesome set of goals! I look forward to seeing your Alice and Wonderland tattoo.

  10. Wow! Your goals are amazing! Hope you achieve all ur goals in no time!!

  11. This is such an amazing list to keep your goals set and motivated. Wish you all the best for it.

  12. Congratulations!! And this list is something, to make it without getting carried away says you'll achieve all of it. Keep going.

  13. Wow, so many goals and glad you are attaining most of it. Good luck on your work and I hope you get your promotion the soonest!

  14. I need to set goals like this for myself and write them down!

  15. I have never made a list of goals more than 4-5 things. I would be overwhelmed by this but happy that you are making such great progress.

  16. What a cool post! It's awesome to set goals, writing them down makes me want to complete them even more. Congrats on your progress. Thanks for sharing! :)

  17. way to go in the goal department! I should look at sitting down and finishing out my goals like this!


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