Tuesday, 7 August 2018

5 ways to beat the stress of airport delays

No one likes getting stuck in an airport for extended periods when delays are caused out there on the runway, in the air above us, or behind those strange partitions from where flight attendants look out at us so disapprovingly—we get it. The question is, though, what to do to fill that time besides glaring at the departure boards willing them desperately to reveal good news. Here are some suggestions that will keep you from heading for the nearest bar or overpriced restaurant to help make the time pass by.
Beat the stress of airport delays

Be prepared
Okay, it’s annoying to be told to know in advance that the airlines have let you down, but where is the harm in having something to do ready just in case? Why not use the time to listen to a podcast you've been meaning to or catch up on that Netflix series? You know, you could even feel productive while you wait and learn something! A language would be a good start to a trip, don't you think?

Try downloading MindSnacks or Memrise; for any bored passenger, these are really neat starting points because you can play games (and learn) while you wait! Alternatively, you might even be able to schedule an impromptu online class by going to www.listenandlearn.org* and you could actually practice with a native Spanish speaking teacher before your trip to Spain!—which has now been delayed by 5 more hours. Lastly, you could even dare to speak to a real-life person, like the one sitting next to you in the waiting lounge. That or just creepily listen in on the conversations around you and get your practice time in; how amazing would it be to find you can already understand them?

Comfort eat
Come on, indulge, you're about to go off and travel anyway, why not pass the time by filling your face with something delicious that catches your eye? This could be one of those meal deals there are always on offer in the generic stores every airport in the world seems to have, so you can chew angrily in the waiting area and not miss an announcement. Or, alternatively, you could indulge in one of those caf├ęs or restaurants that are overpriced yet always seem to be serving something appetizing. What are a few extra calories when you're already burning off more of them in fury at being delayed?

Old faithful
If spending all your money on food doesn't feel like your ticket to happiness, you could always hit the shops! Take advantage of the slightly cheaper prices on all your favorite scents and alcohol, loading up your carry-on before you even start! And why not use this time to stock up on the essentials, like that sunscreen and shower gel stolen from you at security when you forgot you can only take 100ml on board?

Reading corner
Because delays happen, isn't this the perfect opportunity to work through a chapter or two of your current book? And if you haven't one with you, those stores twinkling at you with all their offerings will have a great selection of airport reads and magazines to keep you occupied. You never know, you might lose a few hours of your holiday but gain a favorite new author at the same time!

As a last resort
Most airports have at least a few minutes of free Wi-Fi for you to use on your phones and tablets. Why not use those few minutes for last minute goodbyes, app updates, or even to complain on Twitter about your delay to get yourself some media attention?

Though if all else fails… we'll see you at the bar. Start off your holiday making new friends! Drinks are always a great bonding experience. Happy holidays wherever you are traveling!

What's your fail safe tip for coping with delays?

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