Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Should you censor your digital world?

Every little thing you do on the internet is recorded. No this isn't the start to one of those the FBI are watching you move to a cabin in the woods post (me and my FBI man are the best of friends he always gives me the best netflix recommendations)

But you do have a digital footprint, this means the trail of data you leave behind by merely using the internet whether that's visiting websites, sending emails or anything you post on social media and this can sometimes have an influence on your 'real world' 

As a millennial, it's very tricky. I'm constantly on my phone and always on some form of social media. Whether I'm tweeting or posting a picture to instagram I'm making a bigger digital story that people can access, now this could all be private of course, I could change all my social settings so only friends saw the content but then I wouldn't really be engaging all you lovely readers would I? I think our world's changing and a digital transparency is encouraged, because if embraced it can be a wonderful way of accessing advanced technology - why wouldn't we utilise the advancements we're making?

But I find my worlds conflict quite a lot, as a recruiter I know how often employers look at a candidates social media presence to help inform their decisions, as a blogger I rely heavily on digital influence and interactions, and I like to think I'm as brutally honest as I can be. With my online presence and in real life what you see is exactly what you get but I do sometimes wonder if I should censor myself or my opinions just in case someones looking

I've got ways around my digital presence, I make sure my facebook is personal and limited to only close friends and family and have it to the highest security levels, but I make sure instagram and twitter remain open. This way I have a little world I can share my personal stories to but my wider digital world and audience can engage with me on everything else, I find it strikes a really good balance - remember guys the internet is forever! Our parents were lucky in that there teenage and 20's embarrassments weren't magnified quite as much as ours so just think whether you'll be happy seeing that picture again on your 50th birthday before tweeting a drunken selfie. 

With my  digital presence being vital both to my blogging world and my job in recruitment (Linkedin is literally a lifesaver) it's crucial to me that my digital footprint and legacy is protected as much as possible, there are even digital legacy tool's now that can record your digital wishes or even just have a look at what would happen to your online accounts should you pass away. If you're interested in finding out more about a digital legacy Sunlife* has some great information on how this works

What's your thoughts on your digital footprint?


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