Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Swimwear and Body Positivity

I recently wrote a post about what to wear to the beach, within that post I wrote about how stressful it is sorting an outfit and it got me thinking about why - what is it about the beach that gets me so worked up and stressed? 

I realised - it's other damn people.

Body positivity in swimwear

It's quite simple really it all stems back to being a 'bigger girl', we naturally don't take to showing our bodies off too well, if anything I spend the vast majority of my time trying to find ways of hiding my lumps and bumps not wearing Swimwear* to show it off. It's not necessarily how I feel either it's more the shit beauty standards placed on women, if you don't have a drop dead bikini body then people look at you like you don't belong, whispering and sneering at the beach whale who dares to flaunt their curves.

I adore swimming, I always have I just feel ultra calm floating around a gorgeous pool on holiday, but that's the only place I ever wear swimwear, and even then I normally have a kaftan covering me and then slide into the pool hidden away. Normally in an ill fitting costume or bikini because lets be fair girls finding swimwear that fits your boobs and all your other jiggly bits properly can be pretty difficult.

The crux of it all is I don't swim anywhere near enough, not because I don't want to but because I think as a plus size girl I shouldn't and that's complete crap. I SHOULD be swimming, I SHOULD be enjoying myself and my size should have nothing to do with it at all. If anything I'm quite comfortable, especially wearing Plus Size Swimwear* because it just fits in the right places. Made specifically to hold you in and flatter all the right places. What holds me back is others opinions but you know what? I've had it giving complete strangers any influence over my life

I'm going to Orlando this year, and I'll be spending at least 2 days in water parks and I'm beyond excited, I'm ordering lots of different styles of swimwear and I'm going to learn to love my body and I'm going to have as much fun as I can living my life, laughing and splashing around because at the end of the day life is for living not hiding away in the shade

Tell me your body positive stories

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  1. Thank you for being so real and honest. I'm not plus size, yet I have feelings that you shared. As women we are told to look perfect and be perfect so the pressure is real. I'd love to hear about your trip to Orlando. Keep your readers posted.


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