Friday, 17 August 2018

Top 5 Beauty Products I can't live without

I haven't wrote a beauty post in literally years. Like we're talking actual years here, probably because I'm the kind of girl that uses baby wipes to take my make-up off and would rather sleep an extra 10 minutes than do a full morning beauty routine

However that does mean that when I use a product it's because it's literally amazing, if I'm losing sleep time in favour of applying a moisturiser you know it comes on good recommendation (for those that don't know me too well my favourite hobby is and will always be sleeping). So here's my top 5 can't live without products right now

Top 5 Beauty Products

Literally the only moisturiser I'll ever use now, it's the best thing on my skin. I have really dry flaky skin and occasionally suffer from eczema and can't recommend the formula of this one enough it's really luxurious but not at all greasy 

[2] Grace and Stella blackhead mask - £11.99
I adore a good face mask and this one is my go to right now. It's a peel off blackhead mask and unlike many others I've tried on the market it's not excruciatingly painful to remove! Winner. I find my skin to be really smooth after application and it really easy to peel away

A completely natural treatment for rough and dry skin. It's in such cute packaging too, it's a nice creamy balm that hydrates dry skin and leaves a barrier of protection, this is such a useful product! It can be used anywhere at all, think vaseline but better. I've been using it on my feet to get them nice and smooth for the summer holidays

[4] Garnier Skinactive BB Light - £4.89 (currently reduced from £9.99 at Superdrug)
Boots recently stopped making the 17 range which made my holy grail BB cream *sob* however that did mean I had to discover a new product, this Garnier one is really great. It looks like a lotion, mixes like a foundation and literally adapts to your existing skintone to give you a healthy glow without making you look 'made up' it's become my go to product for every day wear

[5] Bourjois Volume Glam Ultra Curl - £8.99 (Spend £12 on Bourjois get a free gift at Boots)
I naturally have quite long lashes but I do love Bourjois for mascaras, my newest edition is the glam ultra curl, I love the curled wand and how clean it comes out this literally never gathers any gunk on the wand. It curls my lashes and makes them have a false lash effect without the hassle

What's the product you can't live without?

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