Sunday, 25 November 2018

What to wear this winter

Have you guys been outside?
It's cold. And I mean absolutely freezing, I came back from an Orlando holiday and a drastic change from 25° degrees to -1° degrees has meant that while shivering away Black Friday was a great time for me to stock up on some winter attire and give my wardrobe a refresh

What to wear this winter

Now I love Fashion World* because it means I can split my purchases and pay monthly which was perfect because my winter wardrobe attire was looking seriously bad so here's my favourites winter outfit

Winter Clothing Ideas
So first up, my outfit choices have a very distinct dark theme. I love wearing blacks and greys and have so many monochrome pieces, I know I need to start venturing out into more colours but we'll leave that till next year (I can feel a resolution I'll never stick to coming on!)
Anyway the first thing that struck me was this gorgeous Joe Browns Herringbone Coat, I normally have big fluffy parka style coats so I love how tailored this one looks, I'd team that up with this tunic jumper which has a lovely velvet tie back detail which I think really gives it character and of course a pair of knee highs because lets face it anything that keeps my legs warm is good with me, these quilted boots come in an extra curvy calf for those with bigger legs like me, or those who want to wear snuggly socks underneath (also me)

Winter Accessories
Woooo some colour! I actually found something colourful I like this Accesorize fluffy scarf is super cute and I'd wear it always. While thinking about knee highs and fluffy socks I thought why not go the whole hog and wear woolly tights? With fluffy socks because yano - It's freezing

After checking the weather report (rain, always and forever for the foreseeable future *sob*) I thought an umbrella would be a perfect addition to every outfit, and while the outfit is quite chic and adult, I couldn't possible resist the colour changing Harry Potter umbrella - because I will forever be a child at heart

What are you wearing this winter?

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Top 5 - Experience Christmas Gifts

Week 3! And you're all starting to get right into this Christmas spirit aren't you?
This weeks gift guide focuses on those 'wow' presents that are experiences. It's a weird one, because experience gifts are usually a nice envelope and don't look much, but they contain the most amazing gifts that allow you to make wonderful memories and do experiences you would have never thought of

Experience Christmas Gifts

I've never been to a west end show and this sounds absolutely amazing, it gives a choice of show and also a delicious 3 course meal at Marco Pierre White's Steakhouse for 2 people - just under £50 each that's absolutely fantastic value

Did you know that national trust membership gives you access to over 500 national trust sites across the UK. It's such a wonderful present as it gives the gift of nature and exploration and really encourages you to get outside and explore our wonderful country

This is the perfect gift for anyone wanting to explore London, it incorporates 3 really big attractions from Sea Life to Madame Tussauds and lots of other choices in between it's excellent value for money for making lots of memories in the big smoke 

This is really a once in a lifetime gift that gives a couple a magical experience, drifting peacefully over our gorgeous country reaching 2000ft in the air all enjoyed with a chilled glass of Champagne. This is a gift I've always dreamt of, and would definitely adore for Christmas. There are lots of other gifts for couples available and I think giving that gift of memories is definitely the way to go

If you can't quite decide what kind of experience you'd like to give don't let you stop you, the activity superstore gives the choice of over 70 experiences which is perfect for the undecided 

What's the best experience gift you've ever received?


Saturday, 10 November 2018

Top 5 - Secret Santa Christmas Gifts

Week 2 of my 'it's never too early to Christmas' Christmas gift guides, because lets face it, the more you buy in November the more alcohol you can afford in December at the Christmas parties!

This weeks focus is on those cumbersome secret Santa gifts for Sandra in accounts who you've only said hello to twice (Seriously? Who's idea is it to do company wide secret Santas). 

Secret Santa Christmas Gifts

I'm in a very lovely situation of a small team where I could probably buy for anyone and be confident  they'd like it but I know that company wide secret Santas are becoming the norm and finding a really nice present for under £10 can be tricky so here's my top 5 picks

I love this cute little water bottle! It's super small and has an adorable knitted cover and is perfect for that colleague who's always cold, you know the one they have their hand permanently on the radiators and jumpers in the summer. This will give them a little heat all year long

Every office has the 'beer o clock' people and this is the perfect gift for them! It's funny but functional and means they'll never be caught short without a bottle opener again

For the joker in the team, who doesn't love a little friendly competition? Added bonus that you get to look like a fabulous unicorn. This is one of those novelty gifts that actually should have lasting power 

For the baby of the group, every office has one and it doesn't always relate to age. Think the person who would ask how to make scrambled eggs or who just needs a little help escaping the student life and embracing their adulthood

Beer and Popcorn. Together - do I need to say anything else? This is a great gift for the movie buff or the foodie who likes something a little different

What's the best Secret Santa Gift you've received?


Saturday, 3 November 2018

Top 5 - Homeware Christmas Gifts

Ok so I'm early but go scrooge yourself Halloween is over and I'm all about the Christmas cheer now I'm in full on holiday mode as I plan everyone's presents so I thought I'd start a weekly series on present ideas for your loved ones starting with Homeware

Not everyone will want homeware presents, definitely check the Mrs wants an iron before buying one as a present but I LOVE anything to do with making my home amazing, I recently bought a house so I'm at the very early stage of making my house a home so my Christmas wishlist is full of homeware goodies this year, here are my top 5:

Copper Pans - £19.99 - £29.99 - JML*
Ultra non stick meaning you use much less oil and fats, built to last with a scratch resistant coating they look really professional and stylish and you can be a masterchef in no time

Cranberry Gin Candle - £10.95 - Valley Mill
It's Winter and that means I've been burning candles to make my house smell delicious and create a cosy atmosphere. Plus cranberry scents just scream Christmas and I love the gin undertones of this one - perfect for all the gin lovers out there

Phoenix Gold FreeFlight Iron - £49.99 - JML
So I know what I wrote above about checking if your Mrs wants an iron but I would be over the moon with this as a present. Cordless and ceramic coated it will really make a rubbish chore much easier and quicker and I'm all about that life 

Big Cat Duvet - £30 - Urban Outfitters
Does this even need an explanation? It's big cats on a duvet and it's beautiful. It's cute while still looking very chic with its monochrome effect. Anything with cats is always going to be a winner with me

Kenwood Hand Mixer - £29.99 - Lakeland
I love baking, like completely adore it and since I got a mixer I've enjoyed it even more because it makes it just so much easier. This mixer is really good value for money as it has 5 speeds, a pulse setting and comes with both beaters and dough hooks

What Homeware items do you want this Christmas?
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