Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Christmas at Home

As I'm winding down at work ready for Christmas this year it all feels very strange, I'm trying to be all festive and full of Christmas Spirit but something just isn't clicking, and I think that's because Christmas this year is going to be very different. 

Over the past year I've moved out of my parents home and I'm giving this adulting a go in my own home, I've managed to find myself the literal love of my life like he's basically the boy version of me it's amazing, I've also sadly also lost my Granddad which is where we went every Christmas night, so I've been feeling a little apprehensive around plans and what to expect.

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For me home has a very special meaning, just like Dorothy 'there's no place like home*'. I'm at my happiest when I'm cuddled up on my sofa with Connor and the cat, twinkling Christmas lights lit and The Grinch on TV (Old grinch is the best Christmas film ever)

I'm not an overly extrovert person, I'm not going to be out drinking all festive period or socialising with people who I don't like the rest of the year. I'm really happy at making new memories in my own home

It's been really tough deciding what to do on Christmas day and I'm sure that's a feeling everyone can relate to, who's parents house do you go to? Who's cooking? What order do you do the day? Who the hell hid the TV remote?

We've decided that while it is our first year in our own house, Christmas is a time for family, and as I'm an only child I know my parents miss me a lot. My Christmas routine is going to start with working Christmas eve unfortunately, but will then be followed by going out for a meal and pizza (because we always start Christmas having the most unChristmassy food we can) before heading back and watching Die Hard (another solid Christmas tradition). Then it's new pyjamas so you're all dressed up for santa's visit - Yes I'm 25 don't judge me!

On Christmas morning we'll have lots of Christmas music playing while we enjoy some pastries while opening presents before my mum cooks the Christmas Dinner (me and my dad are more of a hindrance so we stay out of the way!)

Before coming back together with Connor at our home on Christmas Day evening to have our own little Christmas full of presents and chocolate and xmas films, it's going to be a nice change to have a quieter Christmas night with just Connor as we normally go to my Granddads and play games. It's going to be tinged with sadness without my Granddad but I'll make sure me and Connor play at least one crazy game in his memory. I'm really looking forward to making memories with Connor on our first Christmas together and having our own little traditions

Home is subjective, home is where I live, and yet my parent's house is still home, my granddparents house is still home and it made me realise that home isn't necessarily 4 walls and a roof, it's more about the feeling of belonging, the feeling of happiness and comfort and to me that lies with family. Home is where the heart is and my family is where my heart will always lie

What are your Christmas traditions?

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