Saturday, 15 December 2018

Top 5 - Mens Christmas Gifts

Week 6 and it's so close to Christmas now it's almost scary!
If you're anything like me you've left the men in your life till last because lets face it they're SO awkward to buy for, like seriously how do we spend our lives with these people and every year be completely puzzled over what to buy? 
I've been working with Jacamo* to solve our male related Christmas problems and here's my top 5:

Mens Christmas Gifts

Every man wears watches, and this is such a beautiful one, with a black leather strap and silver face, large roman numerals he'll never be late to see you again - hopefully!

Does your man have a favourite pair of briefs? You know the ones, more holes than boxers and hanging on by a thread. Apparently it's a thing and they get new ones for Christmas to start the whole yearly cycle again, these firetrap ones are really cool and trendy and so affordable for 3 pairs

I love this idea for a gift! It's 100 of the best films ever made, and you scratch them off as you watch them, which is a lovely idea for the movie buff in your life, but also a really cute movie night idea as a couple as you scratch them off together over the year

Does the Pyjama Fairy visit anyone else? It's a tradition in my family that on Christmas Eve we all get new Pyjamas, this is a tradition I've told my boyfriend, it's his first year and he's definitely looking forward to new Christmas pyjamas - and who doesn't love the Grinch?

Male grooming has definitely become a staple for gift giving, my other half definitely still loves stealing some of my posh creams and toiletries so getting him some lovely smellies for himself will definitely put me in the good books. This kit covers everything too from shower, shaving, moisturising to smelling nice

What have you got the man in your life?

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