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2019 New Years Resolutions

Happy new year to all my lovely readers
I hope you celebrated the night away and welcomed in 2019 with a bang, a new year always get's everyone reflecting on what to change and resolutions to be made (if you want to see how I did with my 2018 resolutions and goals check here)

I think I did pretty well in 2018, I definitely changed more from lost and pretending to adult to now lost with the responsibilities of an adult! Looking back over the year was really good for me and I saw just how well having resolutions helped me so I'm going to kick off my 2019 with 10 more resolutions. These will reflect different life areas again and fingers crossed 2019 can be even better than 2018!

2019 new years resolutions

#1 Personal Development - Say Yes!
This is one of my 101 in 1001 goals but I said I'd do it for a week but the longer I've thought about it the more it's a practice I want to adopt every day. It's about having more of a positive mindset and putting myself out there. So often I say no because I'm worried of XYZ but I think it's time I stop worrying about what could happen and get out there and live a bit

#2 Finances - Have £3k saved in house fund
Last year was a very expensive year, I bought a car, a house and went to Disneyworld so I think this year needs to be a much stronger focus on saving than spending. There's lot's of little renovations I want to do to the house, and I also want to have enough in my house fund for emergencies so I'm aiming for £3k saved by this time next year

#3 Family & Friends - Get to know my new family
In 2018 I met Connor, I'm planning on spending forever with him so it only makes sense to get to know his family more. I've got lots of his family still to meet and I want to spend more time with his immediate family too so I'm thinking maybe once a month getting together for a meal or walk somewhere

#4 Career - Explore a new business angle of my job
I'm going into January as a Senior Delivery Consultant at work, but our immediate team is changing a little from a permanent focus to chasing more new business. This isn't an area I've had much exposure too, and to be honest it's not one that my role is focused on BUT I want to learn about it and I'm aiming to have brought in one new business client myself 

#5 Fun - Explore!
This is pretty similar to my 2018 goal, I have the most fun when I'm out and about visiting new places and exploring my surroundings whether that's in Sheffield or further afield. I keep tracking everything on Tripadvisor. It's currently sat on 63 places visited in 2018 I'd really like to get this up to 100 in 2019

#6 Relationship - Enjoy Life
This is a tricky goal really, I love my life and my relationship is the highlight of that, I'm at the happiest I've ever been so I don't want to put timescales or expectations on it. We recently moved in together so for 2019 I want to enjoy my life with Connor, making memories and being in that new couple stage

#7 Wellbeing - Journaling and reflection
A new area for 2019! I've realised that with my mental health, a focus on wellbeing is really important to understand when I'm struggling, when I'm hormonal and when I might need extra help. I have depression and anxiety and it's something that now at 25 I'm happy to talk about and feel in a good place with it. I usually struggle a lot with seasonal effective disorder which definitely reared it's head in 2018 but not quite as much as normal. 2019 is going to see me using a mood diary daily and reflecting each evening on my day so I don't stress over the little things

#8 Health and Fitness - Lose weight
And here we are for the gazillionth time of asking - This year I will do it. I'm so bloody determined to actually do it (I said this last year shhhh!) I have a new fitbit and I've also signed up to Weightwatchers so I'm all set for the new year. Rather than putting a number on it I'm looking to drop 2 dress sizes, whatever that might look like

#9 Blogging - Twice a week
I managed to get back into blogging in 2018 and this year I want to work on improving the frequency to twice a week overall. I'm hoping that with that will see growing social media numbers and traffic. So fingers crossed you'll be seeing much more of me

#10 Physical Environment - Declutter 
I never realised how much stuff I crammed into one room at my mums, now I've moved out and Connors moved in with my we've got an accumulation of stuff that needs so much sorting out and selling off, donating, carbooting all of it! So I've started up my ebay account and hopefully I can earn a little bit of money for my savings by decluttering all my unwanted stuff

There we go! I think a lot of my resolutions this year are going to be works in progress all year as they're not as definitive as 'pass a test' etc. but I think that in order to grow this is a great way of pointing myself in the right direction

What are your 2019 resolutions?


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  1. Great Goals cheers to a happy healthy new year


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