Sunday, 20 January 2019

5 Tips for getting a good nights sleep

Sleep, my favourite hobby. I'm definitely not a member of the 'I'll sleep when I'm dead' brigade, in fact there's nothing I love more than a lazy day in bed, but getting to sleep when I need to? Having a proper sleep routine so I'm productive and energised the next day isn't always as easy as it seems. But as a connoisseur of getting a good nights sleep I've definitely established a few tips along the way to help improve it

Girl on white mattress under pink quilt feet hanging out of bed
[1] Make sure your bed is fit for purpose
No seriously, we never refresh our mattresses as often as we should, most people wait until the springs stick through or it's lost all bounce but finding the perfect mattress* can really improve your chances of a good nights sleep. There's a whole host of different kinds of mattresses from memory foam to specific anti-allergy ones to ones that offer really good back support so make sure you have a read up and decide what your sleeping needs require

[2] Avoid Technology
Hands up who promises themselves an early night then spends hours scrolling through social media or watching cat videos on youtube? I know it isn't just me! But seriously technology is everywhere and it's scientifically bad for getting those sleeping hours in. Looking at your phone before bed exposes you to blue light which stops the body producing melatonin in the levels we need to fall asleep. Try and avoid technology and tv for an hour before you head to bed, maybe try reading a book or writing a journal to give your eyes some technology free time

[3] Reduce your Caffeine
Caffeine can have a similar effect to technology, while it gives you a boost of energy it does that by blocking sleep inducing chemicals and increasing adrenaline. Try limiting your caffeine consumption (in a tea loving country like the UK apparently we have far too much anyway). It can be found in coffee, tea, fizzy drinks, energy drinks and even chocolate. Make a few switches such as decaf or using less coffee when making a drink and definitely avoid in the evening so as to keep your sleep cycle as on point as possible

[4] Empty your head
Easier said than done right? But a lot of sleepless nights can be attributed to running through what's happened that day, figuring out what needs to happen tomorrow and stressing over things you've missed. Now you might be productive at 3am but it's unlikely so you need to empty your head of all of these thoughts before bed and have a plan for the next day. This will then relieve your stress levels because you know that XYZ job that you missed you've already scheduled in to complete the next day. Keep a journal to write down any random thoughts just to get them out of your head. Writing a journal of reflection before bed is a really good way of getting the days thoughts out and deciding a plan of action the next day

[5] Consistency
This is key, you'll struggle getting a good nights sleep if your body has no clue when 'bedtime' is. If your sleep pattern can vary from a 8pm sleep to a 2am sleep your body will be in a state of flux as to when it's supposed to feel sleepy. Try and keep your sleep and wake times within an hour every night, it really helps your body. I find myself waking earlier at a weekend now as my body's become tuned into my working week schedule of sleep. Gone are the full days in bed - well sometimes. Sometimes I wake up and just chill in bed because why the hell not?

What's your top tip for sleeping?


  1. There is nothing more I love than sleep. I am so glad I got a sleeping baby who has slept through pretty much since the beginning. Just means the nights she doesn't, I don't half feel it. Great tips on this post though. I need to do less screen time before I go to bed but I can't settle without the TV in the background xx

  2. I must admit that I have never had a problem going to sleep (now watch, I will) but I usually read a while before going to sleep and that puts me out right away.


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