Thursday, 10 January 2019

Body Positivity on Holiday

Back in August I wrote a blog post about being body positive in swimwear and while writing about it is lovely I had to put what I said into practice in November when I went on holiday to Orlando. Now while it wasn't a beach holiday it did involve numerous water parks which usually fill me with absolute dread, mainly because it's expected you walk around in swimwear all day, it's not practical to have kaftans on and off as you're going to each slide etc. so despite my concerns and worries (my gorgeous boyfriend was so supportive) I braved the Florida sun  and I genuinely couldn't believe the reaction
Plus Size Bikini

There I was in my polka dot 60s style bikini, high waisted to hide wobbly bits but also give me more shape (Good fitting bikinis* and swimsuits* are a god send) I took a deep breath and placed all my usual cover ups in the locker and do you know what happened? Nothing. No-one gasped, no-one stared. I was surrounded by people of all ages, shapes, sizes, ethnicities and genders and every single person was there to have fun.

I actually got a compliment from a complete stranger, while walking to one of the slides a lovely american lady told me she loved my bikini and called it very 60s, I was so overwhelmed at the positivity. I shouldn't be surprised that humans can be nice but it's such a rarity especially when it comes to women and how they look that I didn't know what to do. Another lady complimented my Alice in Wonderland tattoo on my shoulder, which normally would be covered up.

I left that day absolutely full of confidence and beaming at how I overcame my fear and truly embraced myself and other humans to be bloody nice. I had such a fun day at Typhoon Lagoon, the slides are awesome the biggest wave in America was hilarious and overpowered me numerous times as I'm only short

But the biggest thing I took away from my day at the waterpark? There will be some people who look, there are always going to be bad eggs but on the whole people can be amazing and it's really encouraged me to keep pushing myself forward and embracing my body

Tell me your body positivity stories


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