Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Can Blogging be a full time occupation?

It's 2019 and now rather than a Doctor, Fireman or Teacher our children and teenagers want to grow up to be Gamers, Bloggers, Youtubers and Influencers but how realistic are these careers as an actual job? Now I don't game or Youtube so I'll be looking at this from a blogging perspective of course
Blogging as a career
I personally don't blog full time, I hold a full time job down in IT recruitment and blogging is my safe space, it's a hobby that I've grown and nurtured to a level where I'm happy with my content, I'm happy with my social media and I'm lucky enough to be able to collaborate with some fantastic brands while doing it

But to get to that point that's taken a solid 3-4 years of hard work, graft and sheer love for writing and creating. I don't think there's a get rich quick scheme where you become an insta famous blogger and influencer overnight but there are definitely ways of increasing your chances of success

One aspect of all of the potential careers above is that they're freelance and self-employed which honestly sounds like a dream doesn't it? Work when you want, make your own hours etc etc. but there are so many pitfalls to being self-employed from motivation, to having to do your own taxes (check out my tax guide if you're stuck with this) to loneliness from consistently working alone

Of course there's ways round this such as Co-working office space in Liverpool* where lots of freelancers and start ups come together to create an office environment while enjoying the perks of self employed work. This is fab as there are offices to rent in Liverpool* that are 24 hour, flexible space and the ability to hot desk for as little as £125 a month. 

Even working part time I could afford that with the income I get from my blog so it would be a fantastic way to get serious about blogging and start making a more serious full time occupation while also surrounding yourself with other creative minds. It's something I'm considering in the future, right now I'm happy keeping blogging as a part time hobby but I think in the future when I need more flexibility a hot desk office would give me that balance between self employed and office that would keep me motivated

Do you blog full time?
How do you stay motivated?

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