Wednesday, 23 January 2019

How to buy designer clothes on a high street budget

I love a bargain. 
Like seriously there aren't many clothes in my wardrobe that I've bought at full price because well I'm tight with my money and I also want quality items so finding good quality items but at a reduced price is my thing. That's why I thought I'd give you guys tips on how to buy designer clothing at a fraction of the price
Designer clothing rail

[1] Sign up to newsletters
Make sure you sign up to your favourite designers newsletters and also sites that combine lots of designer brands such as Secretsales, Getthelabeland Zalando. By signing up to the newsletters you'll be the first to know when sales hit on your favourite items such as the 60% sale at OD's Designer Clothing*

[2] Buy used
Vintage is definitely in! And buying used designer clothing can give you an older style but at a fraction of the cost. Use marketplaces like depop or ebay to check what people are selling. Your local charity shop or upcycling thrift shop is another option just make sure you keep your wits about you and check everywhere if the items used to make sure it's in good condition

[3] Holiday shopping!
On your next holiday be sure to check out the shopping districts, it's no surprise that native designers are generally cheaper in their home city so if you're visiting Paris check out your favourite french boutiques to get lower prices than the uk. I might even make a special trip to the Amsterdam for the Frocella coats - it seems as good a reason as any

[4] Patient Shopping
Outlet shopping centres usually fill me with dread! They're stacked to the rafters with tons of items in no order, crumpled clothes and just general mess but you really need to root through the chaos as there's bound to be gems hidden beneath. Shops like TK Maxx is stocked full of designer items you just have to find them

[5] Borrow Designer Goods
While I adore designer clothes I spend a lot of time going to work and spend the majority of my time in my pyjamas at home! So these beautiful clothes would be wasted in my wardrobe if it's not a functional item. So I've often borrowed clothes for an event from sites such as Bag Borrow or Steal - it's a fab way of wearing designer clothes but keeping it affordable

How do you save money on clothes?

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