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How to drink while dieting - The best low calorie options

It's January!
Or as the crazies are calling it Dryanuary... I am so not about that life. January is already depressing enough as we all try and get through to the millionth day of the month on 52p while eating cardboard because we over-indulged at Christmas, why would you then add a no alcohol rule to that? Voluntarily?

No no, I'm all about enjoying a little tipple every now and again, but I am dieting so I've been spending lots of time working out the best low calorie alcohol options so I can still have a drink while sticking to my diet

10 alcohol options for dieting

If Cider's your thing (my drink of choice if I'm avoiding spirits) then I can't recommend Cranes Ciders* enough, they come in 3 deliciously fruity flavours of blueberries and apples, raspberries and pomegranate and cranberries and limes. They utilise the natural sweetness of the fruit making them a really good diet alternative. With 30% less calories than brand leaders this bottle will only set you back 220 calories
Cranes Cider Blueberry and Apple

Wine can be a really great option when dieting as a small glass of either red or white can generally be just under 100 calories, with options such as champagne and prosecco being similar. You could even mix it with diet lemonade to make a spritzer, it will make your drink last longer without any additional calories

Due to the nations need to cut calories a lot of the major players in the lager market now have lighter versions to their full caloried brothers. Whether you have a Coors Light, Corona Light or even a Bud Light you're looking at between 80-100 calories. 

330ml guinness 125
Coors light 102
Corona light 99
bud light 89

Surprisingly Guinness is up there with the better choices in beer at only 125 calories for 330ml it's often mistaken as a bad choice due to it's rich nature and taste but due to the process in how it's made it's definitely a good choice

We all know the spirit rules of the clearer the spirit the lower the calories right? 
Gin and Vodka come out at around 104 calories a serving, team it with a low calorie mixer such as diet tonic or lemonade, cola etc. and with gin the addition of raspberries give it a nice kick while not adding too many calories

There are some bloody lovely people out there who've spent time planning out some fantastic low calorie cocktail options here's my top 5:

Strawberry Daiquiri

Cranberry Margarita

The Paloma

Moscow Mules

Sparkling Sunrise

What's your favourite low calorie drink?

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