Wednesday, 30 January 2019

WeightWatchers - Weightloss tips to stay on track

We're one month into the new year and as ever I made resolutions, one of those being to lose weight. I've tried this so so many times and fallen flat on my face but I'm very determined this year. I'm using Weightwatchers to help guide me as I find it the best plan to suit my needs and demanding lifestyle, I don't have to avoid eating out or restricting my favourite things I just need to make the right choices. I'm one month in now so how am I doing?
How I'm losing weight with weightwatchers

8lb Loss!
Seriously I'm really pleased with this, not least because I've had a few blips, there's been tons of holiday food still around and I wanted to share my tips as to how I've managed to stay on track and lose roughly 2lb a week throughout the most depressing month of the year

Planning and Tracking
This is definitely one of the most important changes I've made for 2019, I've started planning my meals. Not a week ahead because I always felt terrible as soon as I changed the schedule, so now I just plan for each day the night before, with a longer view if I know I have plans for that week to be a little bit better on other days. I track everything I eat on the WW app good, bad and indifferent and seeing it all written down in black and white and seeing just how many points I was splurging on my favourite things has led to me altering my habits and food choices

Drinking 2L of water a day genuinely makes me feel better I don't snack as much because the water fills me up, I'm getting less headaches and my I can feel myself feeling more energised during my usual afternoon slumps, I'm motivated to come home and blog (which is another one of my goals incidentally). One thing I've been adding to my fluid intake as XLS Medical Tea* , It's made from Japanese Matcha Green tea and LitramineTM which helps you lose up to 3 times more weight than dieting alone. Unlike many other similar teas it's laxatve free and low in caffeine. I'm finding this really makes me feel 'full' after my evening meal and it's definitely spurring my weightloss on.

Support Network
I don't go to a WW group because I genuinely don't have the time or capacity to sit in a room of other people struggling with their weight, but I didn't want to lose the support element so I've joined lots of facebook WW Flex groups and even have a whatsapp group full of lots of lovely ladies that help spur me on in the hard moments. We share recipes, no scale victories and even the bad nights too

Seems simple right? Surround yourself with good people, eat good healthy food made from scratch most of the time and drink lots of water. I've tried these things before and never stuck to it but I'm determined this time and I think using the XLS tea has definitely given me the boost I need to carry on during the next few months

How are your resolutions going?

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