Wednesday, 16 January 2019

What Insurance do I need as a blogger?

So you've done it, you've taken the plunge to become a full time blogger, you've made sure that you're all set up for self-employed or freelance work with the tax man so you're all set right?

Well not quite. If you're now going to start running your blog as a business there's other things out there that you should probably look into to make sure you're protected such as various insurance. Most of these might not be needed until you're making a solid income but it's certainly something to consider because as soon as you run as a business, handle other peoples data etc. you're liable so you better make sure your ass is protected
Blogger Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance
What Is Cyber Liability Insurance* you might ask, well if you run an email newsletter or collect any information and this is undefended it means that cyber criminals can access this data and you can be the one responsible for that breach. Rigby Financial offer a great range of insurances that can protect you if data is illegally accessed or manipulated by cyber criminals. It can also help you recover any costs if the worst was to happen

Health Insurance / Life Insurance
Just because you're self employed doesn't mean you should forgo traditional insurance you'd usually get from an employer. Health insurance can really help secure you if you become ill or require hospital care, if this turns into a period of ill health where you can't work it can have disastrous effects to your self-employed income so a little protection can give you that peace of mind

House Insurance
If you're a blogger, the likelihood is you're working from home on a regular basis so make sure everything within there is protected. This includes house insurance and content insurance, you don't want to be in a position where if you were a victim of crime it would negatively affect your working environment too

Travel Insurance
This is mainly travel bloggers, but also everyone in general ever. With the collapse of airlines and hotels disappearing on a regular basis, every time you move out of the country you need to make sure that you have adequate travel insurance, this should also include any extreme sports in case of injury

PMP is a pretty new form of insurance that's occurred due to the rise in social media influencers, it basically protects your words and pictures for those times you may accidentally misquote a celebrity, or offend a company and they decide to take it further. Or those copyright free pictures which actually turned out to be copyrighted and now you're being chased by the photographer for a huge bill. This insurance is ideal for an influencer on any medium, it gives you a wide range of cover and is tailored specifically to the industry

Do you have insurance? 
Have you ever thought about it?

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