Sunday, 3 February 2019

Valentine's Gift Guide

It's official! We're 11 days away from that day in the calender where we have to demonstrate our love for one another because it's only legit if it happens on valentines day!
I'm not going to lie I'm not usually one to love Valentines day but for the first time ever I've got myself a damn amazing boy and any excuse to show him how much I love him is ok with me. I've been browsing around finding the best ideas so you don't have to so here's my gift guide

Valentines Gift Guide 2019

Something for the both of you
Valentine's is all about celebrating together right? So why not pick a gift that you can both enjoy together an experience you can enjoy doing like a chocolate making workshop (£100 - Red Letter Days)* where you can come away with some yummy goodies to share and have lots of fun making it together. Why not top it off with a night away in a National Park Hotel (£89 - Buyagift)* to make it really special

Something Practical
Just because it's Valentines day doesn't mean the gift has to be cutesy, red and covered in roses. Why not use it to get something practical for your other half like a new Superdry bag* for work, my other half always has a practical laptop / rucksack bag so a new stylish one is something he'd really appreciate

Something Cute 
If you're of a soppy nature and your other half appreciates heartfelt presents then definitely get something like this personalised heart postcode jigsaw map (£34.95 - Notonthehighstreet) you can pick somewhere you met, where you got married, the first place you said I love you or even where you first started living together. It's a cute item that your other half will slowly realise makes sense as they build the jigsaw

Something for the long distance love
Not everyone's relationship is the same, and sometimes it's distance that proves the barrier around valentines. Maybe your other half is travelling or working away? Why not treat them to a bakerdays letterbox cake (£14.99 - bakerdays)* they don't even need to be home as this will fit through their letterbox. It's a gorgeous 5" cake with a completely personalised design and a choice of 6 different flavours including gluten free and dairy free options. It's such a cute way to let them know you're thinking of them - I personally recommend the lemon drizzle it's delicious 

Something for the singletons
Valentines sucks if you're single am I right? Trust me I did it, it sucked. Just because you're single doesn't mean you shouldn't get a present. Team up with your besties and do a gift swap or just splurge yourself because in the words of Ru Paul 'If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?' I recommend something delicious like pink champagne truffles and something relaxing like the gorge Unicorn Horn bubble bar

Something cheeky
Let's face it, Valentines day is such a cheesefest, it's so slushy it's sometimes unbearable. If you're not that couple then something a bit cheekier might be a better fit for a present. I've gotta say me and Connor are probably a fine line between ultra cheese and cheekiness we like to do both. Why not get something to make them giggle such as Penis Pasta or a Candy Bra (£2.99 / £5.99 - Findmeagift)* it's bound to make you laugh, extra points for making a valentines meal with these funny products and not telling your other half and seeing if they notice 

What are you getting your other half this Valentine's?

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