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Once upon a time in god's own county of Yorkshire the world completely changed - why you ask? Well I was born duh! Twenty-three years later and here I am telling you lovely lot all about it.

It's all about me...

So as I mentioned above I'm 23 years young and still residing in Yorkshire - Sheffield to be exact. I've spent my time here primarily getting educated and have thus far achieved a BA in Early Childhood Studies and an MsC in Developmental Psychology but don't let those accolades fool you as my mother always reminds me they don't teach common sense at university!

Since leaving university I've been spending my time doing supply agency work at various schools but I've also done other jobs mainly in retail including working at Next and B&Q plus I still work at my local football ground (Sheffield United) every home game. Not to mention keeping the blog running for two years phew! I've now begun a new chapter of my life in the world of recruitment and thus far it's the best decision I've made

I'm currently still living at home with my darling mother, stepfather and three pussycats Leo and Domino and Casper. I'm hoping to be moving out in the next few years but at the minute I'm thoroughly enjoying the perks of being an only child living at home such as home cooked food and a lack of bills.

Why Blog?

So as I progress in the blogosphere I'm often asked Why. Why do I do it? Why do I lay my life out for complete strangers to read?
Well here's what motivated me: As a girl I always kept a diary (I've got journals all over) and as I've got older I found it really difficult to maintain a written diary as I didn't fancy writing every day as often I wanted to include other things like pictures which I didn't have readily accessible so I decided to start a blog as kind of an online journal. I've had numerous blogs but recently my life has changed drastically so the blog had a complete refresh in September 2016. I've realised that the thing I enjoy most of all is writing. I could write about anything (which I do!) and I love writing informative pieces that lead to engaging comments and feedback from complete strangers it's a kind of validation of my own crazy world
My blogs genre is 'lifestyle' but it's actually more than that, I don't really fit into a box but lifestyle is the closest. I blog about anything or everything that pops in my head because I don't like to confine myself to certain topics although if you check the sidebar I've tried to split them up into slight genres for readers ease!


Get In touch! 

You've made it all the way through my mini biography and you're still interested? Congratulations we could be a perfect fit - I work with brands regularly on the blog and hope we can collaborate too here's a few things you should know.
  • I operate my site with an honesty policy, I'll say what I want on my blog because it's my corner of the internet, if you're proud of your product and would like a completely 100% honest review then I'd love to work with you
  • We can work together in numerous ways I currently offer: Sponsored posts, Reviews, Sidebar advertisements and Giveways - get in touch to discuss your project
  • Any work I agree to is on the understanding that I have a month to complete the work (although most times It's within the week or even days) I keep an editorial calender so will tell you what date I can publish the post 
  • All sponsored links or review items are marked with an asterisk * so my readers are kept informed and to maintain my integrity
  • As lovely as 'exposure' is it don't pay no bills so please don't try and make me work for free as you'll only get one answer
  • On the subject of money once a project is complete you have 28 days to complete the transaction and send payment. A late fee of £2 per day applies beyond this date unless otherwise negotiated
If you'd still like to work with me please don't hesitate to get in touch either via one of my social media channels (to the right) or email me on alice-megan@outlook.com to discuss options or to see my media kit

Alice Megan


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