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Well... This isn't Wonderland is it?

(Pssst are you a PR? Or want to work with me? My terms are at the bottom but why not read about me first and make sure we're a good match!)

Hola, Hello and welcome to my wonderful world of well ME

Alice-Megan was born roughly around 5 years ago and has seen quite a few changes, and has evolved a lot. The most recent revolution starting in January 2018 as I start to take blogging a little more seriously. My blog is my happy place, it's an eclectic collection of lifestyle, personal ramblings, health, beauty, fitness and everything in between. My niche and approach is outside of the box. I never did do well with labels and now I insist this place must reflect my brain which is crazy and full so that's why I cover everything here!
Alice Megan Selfie

Born in 1993 in Sheffield, England, I'm a true yorkshire lass with an exceptionally strong accent that I refuse to change or tone down. I'm a creature of habit and can usually be found at the Cinema, Football or Sinking a few pints / cocktails in a local pub. I'm girly but boyish, sweet but sarcastic and the absolute queen of pessimism.

I did once go to university (twice actually) and am educated to Masters level - but my momma always tells me they can't teach you common sense! I'm now a recruiter and spend my day making people's dreams come true (lol I sell and make commission but dream maker sounds better right?) I'm an absolute clutz and likely to fall over my own shadow but I think it's endearing?

Currently trying my hand at this 'adulting' thang as I've just bought a house (screw you millenial curse of saving!). I now live with my fluffy little feline Tilly and my gorgeous forever boy Connor - this is all new in 2018 so I'm pretty darn pleased with myself at how quickly my adult pieces all fit together

Oh I also say fuck a lot and my thoughts are like word vomit and may not always fit a nice linear Queens english but hey fuck it you're all grown ups right!

Work with me?

You still want to work with me? Even though I swear a lot? You sir/miss are my new favourite person
I do have a few rules around here though so let's make sure we're on the same page

  • I'm pretty opinionated and like my own thoughts. Any product reviews will be done honestly and receiving a product does not guarantee a favourable review. (My readers value my integrity - you should too)
  • I disclose all sponsored / paid / review posts with a little asterisk *. Don't come at me with 'google rules' or that it doesn't need to be disclosed thems my rules
  • Unfortunately due to being a millenial and saving for an illusive house deposit I don't work for free. Exposure ain't paying no bills. Please feel free to approach with ideas but don't try and get free posts for a client or I'll shut you down in seconds

I am friendly I promise! And you'll love working with me because I'm cool innit pop me a message to or contact me on twitter at @Alicemegan1993 and let's make wonderful sweet blog posts together 

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