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5 reasons it's great to be from Yorkshire

Yorkshire. Gods own county in the simplest of terms. If you've ever met me or heard me speak you'll know I'm a proper Yorkshire lass, I drop my letters and say words you'll have never heard of unless you're from these parts and you know what? It's reet good. It even won awards from Lonely Planet once upon a time

I absolutely LOVE where I live, Sheffield specifically but Yorkshire as a whole is ridiculously amazing and here's why:

We eat and drink like kings and queens
Now I could go on here about all the Michelin starred restaurants in Yorkshire - more than anywhere else in Britain besides London! But posh nosh aside, people come to yorkshire for the down to earth food. I present you - a Yorkshire Pudding. If you've only ever had them made by southerners give me a bell and I'll make you a real one. We're innovative folk too, we made the yorkshire pudding which is a masterpiece already and then the folk at York Roast Co. saw that and bettered it and made the Yorkshire Pudding wrap, all the goodness of a sunday roast in a wrap.

Also if you're drinking anything other than Yorkshire Tea then it's absolute sacrilege - it's the only way forward, ask James Milner - some say it's the Yorkshire brew that's powering him forward in the Champions League 

Also - Hendersons relish is life that is all.

Alright cock. 
 We're a friendly bunch in Yorkshire, everyone is a friend waiting to happen, whether that's the crazy guy at the bus stop or the woman serving you in your local Morrisons ,  Now I try and not venture out of Yorkshire that often but on the occasions I have gone darrrn sarrf the people just don't seem as friendly, everyone's rushing, there's some unwritten eye contact rules for the tube that I didn't understand and a lost art of small talk.

If you call anyone out of Yorkshire a Cock or Duck or Love or Mi' old Mucka they're going to look at you with a rather confused face but here in Yorkshire these are ALL terms of endearment. I work a sales job on a weekend at my local football ground and I slip into my most Yorkshire of yorkshireness and every fan that buys a programme will hear a Thanks Luv or something similar. Because we're just nice. We pride ourselves on being friendly and you will never be alone in a pub. And if you don't want to make friends with strangers well you're just being a mardy arse

Have you SEEN it?

Like seriously? THIS is a real place. And there are hundreds of other breathtaking places too. With the boundaries of Yorkshire containing the vast majority of the peak district you will 100% find lots to explore. Away from the beautiful greenery there are also tons of historical sites and castles to take your fancy maybe take a trip to York Minster or Whitby Abbey - if you find yourself in Sheffield (my home city) then definitely make a trip to the Winter Gardens and Botanical Gardens 

We're hard as nails ups north
Yorkshire Grit is a real thing, we're tough as old boots up north we're determined people - look back at history and you'll find dogged fight from Yorkshire people the miners strike and Battle of Orgreave are testament to the fight. Away from that you only need to look at our sportspeople - in the 2012 Olympics Yorkshire would have come 12th all on their own! Riding high with Jessica Ennis Hill, The Brownlee Brothers and Lizzie Armitstead are just a few that proudly fly their Yorkshire flag and show that it ain't that grim up north

Soundtracks to life
While you're walking around in the peaks, chowing down on some proper Yorkshire grub being friendly to folk you will have an absolutely banging soundtrack ringing in your ears. Whether you're old school and listening to Joe Cocker, Pulp and Human League or maybe you're mellowing out the Arctic Monkeys new Tranquility Base album the dulcet tones of an indie revival that's seen the music scene in Yorkshire catapulted into the charts

Have you ever been to Yorkshire?
Where's your favourite place?



  1. Haha I love this post - I do love Yorkshire I have to admit it is a lovely place, I spent a while in Doncaster and got to explore a little.

  2. This is brilliant. Though I live in the south now, I was born and raised in North Yorkshire - Harrogate. There's no place like home... :)

  3. It sounds like Yorkshire is a friendly place with a friendly bunch of people. I love all the endearments you guys use they sound sweet.,

  4. Haha, I love this. I've been to Yorkshire many a time and it's definitely got character.


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