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7 Beautiful Greek Islands You Need to Visit

The Greek Islands have long been Europe’s premier vacation destinations. Comprising over 200 islands, the Greek archipelago offers travelers plenty of choice. The islands come in all shapes and sizes, each with its own unique personality. But, one thing they all have in common is the sheer beauty they boast. From glittering coastlines to olive vineyards and craggy mountains, the landscapes are unparalleled.

Gorgeous Greek Islands

Maybe you want to find one of the most beautiful villas in Greece with a private pool* and outstanding views and spend your days chilling in the sunshine. Or, you might want to hike up a volcano or scuba dive with vibrant coral. Whatever you want, the Greek Islands have it all. The only tough choice you will be faced with is deciding which island you want to visit. To help you out, here are seven of the most beautiful Greek Islands you need to visit.


Often considered the ultimate getaway for honeymooners, Santorini stands out for its romantic vibe. Visitors often spend their days here meandering through the narrow streets before heading to Oia to watch the sunset. When the sky is stained pink by the setting sun and the only sound is the gentle lapping of the water below, you would be forgiven for thinking you had died and gone to heaven.

The most notable feature in Santorini is its white-washed houses with bright blue roofs that sit atop rocky cliffs. Glimmering under endless sunshine, they make for some great snapshots. If you are looking for adventure, there are day trips to the Nia Kameni crater and the Palia Kameni hot springs.


This island was used as the backdrop for Louis de Bernières’ famous novel Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. If you haven’t already read the novel, take it with you and read it while you’re there. It will make you fall in love with the island even more deeply.


Kefalonia, also written Cephalonia, is breath-taking in all respects. The beaches comprise white sand that runs into impossibly clear, turquoise water. There are secret, sandy coves to be found everywhere as well as plenty of hiking and exploring opportunities. Be sure to check out the magical Melissani Cave while you’re there to see Mother Nature’s work at its finest.


While Zakynthos has a reputation as a party island, the bars and clubs are confined to one small part of the island: Lagana. The rest of the island comprises vivid green slopes that plunge into the twinkling blue Ionian Sea. It is an island of rugged landscapes and pine forests that invite you to hike through them.

If you’re looking for excitement, spend the day visiting the island’s eco park, wildlife sanctuary or the Venetian castle. Or, check out the bubbling hot springs at Xigia beach.


The Old Town of Corfu is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. This alone should entice you into visiting the island. Its cobbled streets lead visitors past quaint tavernas and colorful markets all the way down to the ocean. It is easy to while away an entire day just exploring the town and picking up souvenirs. Beauty permeates every corner of this wonderful island.
As for the rest of the island, there is no end to the list of delights you will find in Corfu. From the five star resorts at one end of the island, to the beach clubs and parties in Kavos, every demographics is catered for. Scuba diving and snorkeling are on offer for those who want to admire the flurry of underwater activity. Otherwise, you can just don your swimwear kick back on the beach and catch some rays.


Often overlooked in favor of the bigger islands, Symi is a microscopic island in the Greek archipelago. But, don’t let its size put you off. Symi may be small but it packs a punch and is often thought of as the most beautiful of all the islands. Its main bragging point is its colorful harbor, which totes neoclassical mansions in all different colors, accompanied by the smells of freshly fried shrimp.

One benefit of the island being so small is that it is easy to get everywhere by bike. This means you don't have to squish into an overheated car to get around. You could visit the Panormitis monastery in the morning before cycling down to the calm waters of one of the many beaches in the afternoon. Or ditch the bike and climb the 500 steps to the island’s acropolis. However you choose to spend your days, you are guaranteed to be blown away.


Just a stone’s throw from the Turkish town of Bodrum, Kos is filled with both man-made and natural beauty. The island boasts ancient temples and medieval castles that will dazzle even the most cynical of history buffs. A day spent exploring the island’s Asclepeion and Neratzia Castle is one you won’t forget in a hurry. Once you’ve built up a sweat, you can fling yourself into the sparkling ocean to cool off.

If you are traveling with kids – or are a big kid yourself – the island also has water parks. While these might not be the most scenic parts of the island, they are good fun and allow you to soak up some of that golden Greek sunshine.


Don’t worry, we hadn’t heard of Naxos either until recently. But, that’s what makes this island so beautiful. It has a distinct lack of crowds and miles of uninterrupted sandy beaches that are virtually empty. For those with a daring streak, galloping across Plaka Beach on horseback should get the adrenaline pumping. Or you could try kitesurfing or windsurfing.

When you want to get away from the water, the mysterious hills provide respite from the blazing sunshine. Sleepy villages are hidden away between the trees, many of which have their own local specialties you simply have to try. Homemade wine, cheese and lemon liqueur are just some of the treats on the menu on this island.

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