Sunday, 16 September 2018

8 Ways to boost your productivity every day

Hands up who needs to be more productive - all of us right? I'm sat here writing a blog post which was on my 'to do list' for over a week, it's so easy to put things off and faff around and never actually get anywhere with your lists and just feel really unproductive despite running around all day long. So I've spent this weekend planning a strategy, a strategy to be more productive and boost that every day so here's my action plan of 8 tips

8 ways to boost productivity

[1] Plan Ahead
Sunday's are perfect days to sit down and plan the week ahead. Grab yourself a weekly planner and make a note of all the fun things you have to do, all the boring work things you have to do and where that leaves spare time. A great way to make sure you use that spare time effectively is time blocking through the Pomodoro method  this gives you a set time period to get tasks done, I've been using an app called Habitica to make sure I tick off my smaller tasks and giving myself a self care reward when I've completed them. As well as blocking out time try to plan smaller things like your meals and clothes for the week, this takes a lot of hassle out of mornings and evenings

[2] Sleep
Sounds counter productive right? Be more productive by going to sleep but getting enough sleep can genuinely improve productivity because it means your brain can function at it's highest. When you're asleep your body goes into super power mode restoring and rejuvenating you so you can perform at your best the next day. Trying to get a solid bedtime routine is definitely the best way to achieve optimum sleep. I've also been trying out Benenox* which aids a better quality of sleep and increased energy levels the next day by reducing tiredness and fatigue. I've actually found this is great for when I have a stressful day coming up to make sure I'm on top form

[3] Fuel Up
Using your brain burns calories, so you need to make sure your brain gets all the food and nutrients it deserves. Now I suck at eating well - you don't get a figure like mine eating your 5 a day and living on water! BUT I'm making a conscious effort to try and increase my healthy food intake and maybe start looking at smaller more frequent meals as that's the best way to keep your mental alertness at it's peak. 

[4] Hydrate
I definitely need to increase my water intake, recommendations are 2L every single day. Water does so much from regulating temperature to aiding  digestion but most importantly is brain function. Not hydrating enough can lead to our thinking and cognition being reduced which does not aid productivity at all! Staying hydrated will keep your mind focused on the tasks at hand. 
Jordan and Judy Honeycomb Glass Bottle

I've currently been trialling the Jordan & Judy Glass Water Bottle* which I adore, the bottle is eco-friendly, durable and toxic free and can hold both hot and cold drinks. The honeycomb design on the sleeve is really stylish and I love the portable handle. I've been keeping it with me as much as possible to make sure I get enough water

[5] Start your day well
Make sure you've had a good nights sleep but also the start of your day can be crucial, make sure you've picked your clothes the night before, wake up to give you enough time to have a nice relaxing breakfast and assess what tasks you need completing that day. Make sure you assess your goals, see if anything needs altering and set a top 3 so that at the very minimum as long as those 3 tasks are complete you've had a successful day

[6] Positive Outlook
The 9-5 can be a hard slog some times and life can leave you feeling drained if that's all you do so really look into ways of improving that, maybe there's a way of simplifying your schedule? Or a new skill that could increase your productivity at work. Staying positive is tough trust me my outlook and depression can often cause  a more negative outlook but understanding these emotions and overcoming them by taking a little time out to refocus and giving yourself some love and positive feedback can have a big impact on your overall wellbeing

[7] Clear rewards
It's an innate response to want to be rewarded for tasks so make a list of cheap self care rewards such as watching your favourite tv show or having a long relaxing bath for when you've achieved your goals each day. Make sure you also have plans to work towards such as a night out or going to the cinema, this way you'll feel like being productive means getting rewarded so you'll be more encouraged to do it

[8] Don't stress
Finally don't stress! Life's way too short to stress, you can't be ultra productive 24 hours a day 7 days a week sometimes you need to just chill out, there's always tomorrow 

How do you stay productive?

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